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Michael Moore to Harvey Weinstein: You Screwed Me!

2/7/2011 3:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Moore claims movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and brother Robert cheated him out of millions of dollars in profits for the movie, "Fahrenheit 9/11," by secretly diverting profits ... even using Michael's money to fly one of the Weinstein bros. to Europe by private jet.

Michael Moore Harvey Weinstein

In a lawsuit filed today in L.A. County Superior Court and obtained by TMZ, Moore's company, Westside Productions, claims Moore had a deal with the Weinsteins' company -- The Fellowship Adventure Group -- to split profits 50/50 for the flick.

In legal docs filed by Moore's celebrity lawyer, Larry Stein, he alleges the Weinsteins used "bogus accounting methods to hide the true amounts due Westside."  Moore also claims the Weinsteins secretly diverted a fortune in profits to themselves.

"Fahrenheit 9/11" is the top-grossing documentary of all time, pulling in $222 million worldwide.

The lawsuit seeks in excess of $2.7 million.

UPDATE:  Weinstein's lawyer, Bert Fields, tells TMZ, "Michael Moore has been paid over $20 million on this film.  Under the contract he's not entitled to another dime.  His claims are baloney and the timing is very suspicious."


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I thought Michael Moore was doing this strictly as a do***entary and not to make money. It's wrong of him to want to profit off of people's struggles...kind of like what the Republicans do (in Michael Moore's opinion anyway).

1322 days ago


What happened to sharing the wealth and a socialist society Michael you HYPOCRITE.

1322 days ago

GET A LIFE!!!!    

All these turds need to start their own little country, if they don't like America, then get the frack out. No one is putting a gun to your head to say.

1322 days ago


Should Michael Moore, a man who I admire, allow himself to be exploited because he is a liberal, a humanist, smart and funny in his exposure of the corporate world? I think not. If Mr. Moore says this guy ripped him off,my tendency is to treat that with regard. There are few among us who have so creatively exposed giants of greed and contributed hope to the nation and world by hitting the bad guys right between the eyes. Many of us can't wait to see who he hits next. Rock On Michael. Also, who the **** cares about how much he weighs?

1322 days ago


I never saw so many backwards, stupid, ignorant, pieces of **** on this website. Seriously these comments make me want to hate America. Oh and by the way before someone responds back with their typical ignorant inbred conservative comment, just so you know, don't tell me to move out. I say lets round up all the ****ing stupid people and send THEIR ASSES TO ANOTHER COUNTRY.

This is not about opinions, many of you conservatives on here ARE FACTUALLY WRONG. I am FACTUALLY RIGHT in these statements.

Stop calling Michael Moore a hypocrite because he makes a movie criticizing the flaws of capitalism. Just because he points out flaws in Capitalism doesn't mean that he is anti-capitalist or pro-communist or socialist. It means that he understands that no system is perfect and unlike 90% of America which are mostly just fat **** rednecks who claim Capitalism is as perfect as Jesus Christ. Moore actually uses some logic. For **** sake, you make it sound like he's some evil person because he points out corruption in our government and in our corporate society. That doesn't make him a bad guy and this doesn't make him a hypocrite, it actually proves his point, that Harvey Weinstein is some ugly greedy corporate ****hole who robbed money from Michael Moore like most corporate leaders do.

And by the way, stop calling him fat because I bet more then half of you on here are from the south and weigh over 300 pounds and you are all a lot fatter then him because most fat smelly people are stupid, ignorant, and conservative.

1322 days ago


Michael....just call it "redistribution" and you should feel all better.

Posted at 11:21 AM on Feb 7, 2011 by Amazed
BWAHAHAHA!!! Great comment!

1322 days ago

Norman Peters    

Come on - people love Moore. He didn't get fat by being a failure. Most of these people who here seem to hate him couldn't be locked out of a Moor do***entary.

1322 days ago


Hey - I thought you were against capitalism and profits.. so shut the hell up and share the wealth or better yet - go to Cuba and share everything..
If you love communism - act like it..... hypocrite....

1322 days ago


And all of this is news to Moore?! For a "do***entary" filmmaker, he sure isn't too wise about how those Weinstiens work. It's called their standard operating mode.

1322 days ago


And by the way, stop calling him fat because I bet more then half of you on here are from the south and weigh over 300 pounds and you are all a lot fatter then him because most fat smelly people are stupid, ignorant, and conservative.

Posted at 3:18 PM on Feb 7, 2011 by JC
lol... I cant stop giggling at your comments. stereotype much? perhaps you should turn off msnbc and your computer and take a much needed walk outside of your mothers basement.

your love of moore is understandable, ya know, the whole birds of a feather.

now take your meds before the men in their white coats come and haul you off... on second thought, rant on with your ignorance.

1322 days ago


Oh my gosh #77, you're right! Moore just got his first lesson in income redistribution! Hey, Thanks Harvey and Bob!! Apparently Moore only likes the IDEA of communism. lol.

1322 days ago


Loose Change is a superior 9/11 film to any dreck from Moore.

1322 days ago


Loose Change is a superior 9/11 film to any dreck from Moore.

Posted at 3:48 PM on Feb 7, 2011 by Ryan
which version? every time they are proven to be full of chit, they put out a different version. I call B.S.

1322 days ago


Michael Moore got his start highlighting the assault on middle class jobs. Now all you unemployed barely getting by rightys attack one of the only people who actually gives a crap about you. It's a testament to the effectiveness of the right-wing propaganda machine.

1322 days ago


I hope the Weinsteins DESTROY the traitor Michael Moore.

1322 days ago
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