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Dallas Mayor, Councilman Squabble Over Michael Vick

2/7/2011 7:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Vick got a key to the city of Dallas this weekend -- but the Mayor of Dallas is not only washing his hands of matter ... he's a little pissed Vick got the honor.

Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway (who is actually a Councilman who can fill in for the mayor in a pinch) gave Vick the honor -- stirring a post Super Bowl controversy in Big D -- but did so without the knowledge of Mayor Tom Leppert.

Leppert says, "The action taken was not sanctioned by my office and was not an official ceremonial honor on behalf of the City of Dallas. [This was] done without my knowledge or approval."

Caraway said the gesture was more ceremonial than official, though those "keys" really don't do anything anyway.

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#25 "L"...

What the F are you talking about? One black person don't speak for every other black person. The last time that came close to happening was MLK fighting for civil rights. This woman made that statement She made a based on her OWN experience. And that's not even what she said. That was her own opinion. I don't know this woman nor do millions of other black people...so she can't speak for anybody other than who lives in her home. In my opinion...black people loves there animals just as much as anyone else. But in my own opinion they don't place them above another human being like PETA and all those types. Most of them would rather see Mike hanging from a tree as opposed to one hair on a dogs a/s/s clipped.

1168 days ago


Mike Vick is a low life dirty s*** bag..he needs to tell his daughters why they can't have a dog! He is adog murderer, what kind of sick person does that?! MikeVick that's who! He needs to starve and have to fight in a cage..i hope he gets his!

1168 days ago

Buck Boy    

Carraway is crooked as a barrel of snakes. He thinks that animal torture is cool and is a great way to teach kids about love. Even though Vick is on probation and had a shooting at his recent party, the officials seem to support him in his abuse.

Dallas deserves the biggest black eye in the history of cities.

Now we are known for the worst superbowl, awarding criminals and killing a Kennedy.

Maybe Texas SHOULD remove itself from the rest of the United States.

1168 days ago


I'm frankly glad that Dwaine Caraway guy did what he did, hopefully it will squash any chances he might have had to serve in any future office, HOPEFULLY. I find it interesting how some people are quick to forgive and forget criminal behavior, because of their race, or because they're a sports figure or both. Could explain why the inner-city is infested with criminals, because nobody wants the law to be enforced because that'll send their relative up the river, and there goes the cable TV.

1168 days ago


Why can't black people ever see the crime and not be color blind? Only reason Vick is acting reformed and doing community service about violence against dogs is for his NFL career. Don't be fooled this leopard will never change his spots once his career is over.

1168 days ago


first n foremost mike vick did NOT serve any time at all on animal cruelty!!!!!!!!! so therefore he has not served his time for what was done to these poor innocent animals . he is the lowest form of a lowlife and will pay for it oneday although it will never be soon enough! yeah , hes a "star" QB .....with the IQ of a wet mop . whats next mike ? beating children ? or how about women ? rape? i wouldnt piss on him if he was on fire!

1168 days ago


#40...Julie Hall

You got Mike confused. Mike is no Charlie Sheen or Big Ben. Charlie is the one who beats up on every women he's ever been with, bought and paid for more prostitutes and porn stars, and smoked so much drugs that his teeth fell out and Ben is the one who raped not 1 BUT 2 women in the bathroom stall. And guess how much time these choir boys spent in jail?

1168 days ago


#28 VA REB...

White inmates huh? I guess that brings back fond memories of your time in Reform School huh? Getting TB'd by your buddies? Go on and admit it...

1168 days ago


Burn in Hell Dog Killer

1168 days ago


And Julie...no he didn't serve time for animal cruelty. He had to be made to be some sort of Dog Fighting "Kingpen" just so that they justify giving him 2 yrs. If it was only about the dogs...he would have gotten 6 months.

1168 days ago


By the way,

Michael Vick is -not- a dog killer.
Michael Vick IS a reformed dog killer.Posted at 3:52 PM on Feb 7, 2011 by Davey Boy

Davey Boy F+ck yourself and do Michael Vick while you are at it.
There are nine circles of hell, hope you and Vick enjoy each one.

1168 days ago


f*ck this piece of sh*t, and the nerve to show his ugly mug in public!! BOO THIS MAN!!!!! the ONLY reason why he even has a so-called comeback is simply cause he's black, shocking no one has "off-ed" this dude yet!!!

1168 days ago

summer days    

Okay. The guy who gave him a key is named "Dwaine."

That says it all. He thinks his "brotha" Mick Vick got a raw deal cause he was black. Not because he tortured defenseless animals with nervous systems who feel pain.

As other people said - just cause he went to jail does not mean people should be honoring him.

But of course. Certain people will.

1168 days ago



Michael Vick wants to own a dog again in the near future.

May you bleed to death

1168 days ago


How worthless do you have to be to kill a dog?

1168 days ago
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