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Dallas Mayor, Councilman Squabble Over Michael Vick

2/7/2011 7:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Vick got a key to the city of Dallas this weekend -- but the Mayor of Dallas is not only washing his hands of matter ... he's a little pissed Vick got the honor.

Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway (who is actually a Councilman who can fill in for the mayor in a pinch) gave Vick the honor -- stirring a post Super Bowl controversy in Big D -- but did so without the knowledge of Mayor Tom Leppert.

Leppert says, "The action taken was not sanctioned by my office and was not an official ceremonial honor on behalf of the City of Dallas. [This was] done without my knowledge or approval."

Caraway said the gesture was more ceremonial than official, though those "keys" really don't do anything anyway.

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Most of you guys got about 20 guns in your homes and about 60 stuffed animal heads on your walls. How many of you went to jail for it? I guess as long as you eat them its cool. CAVEMEN!!!

1293 days ago


The problem #14 is Michael is Black and unless he" lifts that barge and totes that bale" a whole lot of white and uncle toms aint gonna be happy.Run Mike,you're in Texas, they have a busy electric chair there.He paid his dues, lighten up,doing all kinds of community service. Lean on the hero of the super bowl, Rothlinberg and his lawsuit that keeps pending.

1293 days ago


daveyboy since you have no arguement you resort to calling people racist but I don't have a problem with black people I have a problem with sadists. Go punch yourself in the nuts and spare the world your stupid children!

1293 days ago


Hmmmmm what does vick rhyme with?

p rick

His name is appropriate for describing the type of person he is, indeed.

1293 days ago

Big Al    

No, OoooooNooooo. All this means is if you're a BLACK celebrity, you get a pass for anything you do! Don't believe me? Charles Dutton, Ray Lewis, Don King, Michael Vick, OJ Simpson, the list goes on.

1293 days ago


Michael Vick is a big time choker.. but he is still a good regular season QB.

1293 days ago


i hate his gang look like he is a bad ass the stupid jerk. he deserves nothing, nothing at all.

1293 days ago

Bob Frapples    

How can this Filth Still have Priveleges and be revered in Society..Thug Trash...Strung Dogs up and Electrocuted them..Shoved them underwater in a Barrel if they weren't dead yet....This is beyond Animal Cruelty and borders Insanity Territory..

We revere this? We should exile this...

S***...Vick Fans should be ashamed of their ignorant reverance.

1293 days ago


The Mayor Pro Tem (mayor for a time --- not the elected mayor, but the elected mayor's substitute, or stand-in, when the elected mayor is unavoidably indisposed) clearly abused his office by doling out an official award without proper authority. He pulled a stunt, a sneaky stunt, for reasons that defy easy explanation. While one reasonably could argue that Vick's present attempt to rehabilitate himself is sincere, one cannot reasonably argue that Vick deserves a key to any city at all, when far more deserving athletes, and many far more deserving everyday citizens, who've dedicated great bounties of personal time and treasure to their fellow human beings, go unrecognized.

Vick should have known better than to accept such an award. He should have seen the obscenity of it. The fact that he didn't bodes ill for the sincerity of his rehabilitation.

And the "Mayor for a time" should have his time in office shortened to zero next election day.

1293 days ago


For those of you who think Vick is truly sorry for what he did, and that he's "changed", check out the link below. He's still a thug, surrounded by other thugs. One of his high-class (sarcasm) cronies stated that they "don't care about the dogs." Vick himself used foul language ... yeah, he's great role model ... for hoodlums.

1293 days ago


Last I heard Michael did hit time, is genuinely remorseful, and is changing his life. What's the problem?

Posted at 3:45 PM on Feb 7, 2011 by Davey Boy

Genuinely remorseful, bull sh*t, He will say what ever if takes to make it back in the NFL. Lose that BIG F*CKING Money and it hurts doesn't Vick. I hope the Hounds of Hell are waiting for VICK and you.

1293 days ago


I am a citizen of Dallas and Dallas is known as being the most corrupt city in the US. The black politicians are very racist toward the other groups. This doesn't surprise me at all. What an embarrassment!

1293 days ago


People who hate Vick are more of a Pig than He ever was.
At least he is paying a price.

It's too bad you can't see that

1293 days ago


People who hate Vick are more of a Pig than He ever was.
At least he is paying a price.

It's too bad you can't see that

Posted at 7:03 PM on Feb 7, 2011 by Arthur

Yes Arthur I do hate this man. The only reason he paid the price was that that HE WAS CAUGHT.

1293 days ago


He should be in solitary confinement for life and hell for all eternity. He is a DEVIL.

1293 days ago
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