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Dallas Mayor, Councilman Squabble Over Michael Vick

2/7/2011 7:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Vick got a key to the city of Dallas this weekend -- but the Mayor of Dallas is not only washing his hands of matter ... he's a little pissed Vick got the honor.

Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway (who is actually a Councilman who can fill in for the mayor in a pinch) gave Vick the honor -- stirring a post Super Bowl controversy in Big D -- but did so without the knowledge of Mayor Tom Leppert.

Leppert says, "The action taken was not sanctioned by my office and was not an official ceremonial honor on behalf of the City of Dallas. [This was] done without my knowledge or approval."

Caraway said the gesture was more ceremonial than official, though those "keys" really don't do anything anyway.

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anybody that sick is not capable of changing , it wont be long till his true colors are shown yet again .

1291 days ago



Sorry, I forgot to add the link to the video everyone in here defending this sorry POS should see.

AND forgot to add he spreads genital herpes to unwitting sex partners. Such an all around stand up guy..PUKE

1291 days ago


Vick may have done his time legally, but clearly he still has much to pay for in the court of public opinion. What he did was an abomination not soon forgotten by many of us and seeing him glorified as some kind of hero is immoral. The best PR move by anyone or any entity associated with Vick is to keep him as hidden as possible.

If you defend him, you condone what he did. Stop making excuses for him.

1291 days ago


To those who would like to express their disgust with the man who gave this POS the key. Here is his email address. I'm typing my email now.


1291 days ago


ty im also writing him now!

1291 days ago

Joe the bus boy    

MV is a waste what kind of idiots are in the city hall in
Dallas. Should've gave the key to the city of Dallas to Lindsay Lohan she's innocent and Vick is a pig.

1291 days ago


Wow, most of you have relatives that have harmed chidren or women but you say he is the worst human ever...what a small mind we have!!!!!!

1290 days ago


“As that dog lay on the ground, fighting for air, Quanis Phillips grabbed its front legs and Michael Vick grabbed its back legs. They swung the dog over their head like a jump rope then slammed it to the ground. The first impact didn’t kill it. So, Phillips and Vick slammed it again. The two men kept at it, alternating back and forth, pounding the creature against the ground until, at last, the little red dog was dead.” – from Jim Gorant’s book – “THE LOST DOGS”

It's called "psychopath" and it does not change. Psychopaths get off on abusing others who can't fight back. This is not a desire or drive that magically disappears after they get caught and penalized.

Forgiveness does not even enter into this equation. Vick WILL abuse again.That's how his brain is wired.Please familiarize yourself with the specific details of this case. It is not possible for Vick to do what he did to those dogs without being a full blown psychopath.

Mayor Caraway is a pathetic joke of a human being. Too bad he had to take Dallas down with him.

1290 days ago


I am a fan of Michael Vick and I watch the news about him every day. Guess what? Michael Vick has herpes!!!

OMG!!! Shocked!! Even celebrity can get STDs. No wonder why more and more sexy girls and guys join the largest STD dating site PositiveFish. com to look for dating and support. My friend who found his wife on positivefish told me that this site is created by plenty of fish and it now has more than 650,000 members. Unfortunately, STD rates soar worldwide and most people with STDs don't even know that they have them.

1290 days ago


fcking idiots, no sense of forgiveness, those were just fcking dogs ...screw them... no need for any keys

1289 days ago


That Mayor is a complete idiot! Hmmm... way to promote your city - hand an animal killing monster the keys to the city. Makes me want to visit - NOT!

1288 days ago


That Mayor is a complete idiot! Hmmm... way to promote your city - hand an animal killing monster the keys to the city. Makes me want to visit - NOT!

1288 days ago

Common Sense    

JULIE HALL and Elle0375

You got to love you guys!! First the girl lied and her lawsuit was dismissed (so called herpes issue), Second their are more white families on "welfare" then black, Three if people really cared the Engels wouldn't sell out every game he's played in Philly nor would the TV ratings for his game be the HIGHEST for the NFL this past season. At the end of the day he doesn't care what u think or how u feel!!

It has nothing to do with being black or white but right and wrong.

1288 days ago


Vick is an utter s***bag. What the hell is wrong with Dallas, there are so many good people to honor and they give the key to the city to that sick twisted loser? Michael Vick, I hope you rot in hell!

1286 days ago


Unfortunately the dogs that suffered at Michael Vick's hand will never be able to "GET OVER IT". They have been physically and mentally brutalized. From where I sit Michael Vick is only remorseful about being caught. The dogs have no voice, but we as caring humans do. I will always speak loud and strong for humane treatment of animals and against those like Michael Vick.

1281 days ago
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