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Shia LaBeouf

Had Been Looking

For a Bar Fight

2/7/2011 11:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shia LaBeouf has been a constant irritation at an L.A. sports bar recently -- with patrons complaining about his drunken, violent behavior ... even before a fight left him in handcuffs this weekend.


TMZ spoke with sources connected to Mad Bull's Tavern in Sherman Oaks, CA -- who tell us, the actor has been hanging around a lot lately ... but, "Every time Shia comes to the bar, he's a problem and it's starting to get old."

We're told Shia was the instigator in another testosterone-fueled incident just a few weeks ago -- in which bar staff had to break up close to 15 people before an intense pushing match turned into an all-out brawl.

As for Shia's fight this weekend, Mad Bull's owner Richard Disisto tells us, "The boys were out drinking, boys had too much to drink, one guy comments to the other and the next thing you know someone gets punched. Whattya gonna do? It happens."

As we previously reported, cops arrived to the scene and put Shia in handcuffs -- but he was never arrested.


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I think he forgets there's a difference in outcome between a staged fight, and a real-life bar fight.

These actors loose all perception of reality. "All the world's a stage," and then you get your ass kicked.

Grow up. Your turds are no different than anyone elses...

1324 days ago


Sissy DaBeef needs to go back to the ***bars in West Hollywood where his friends won't kick his sorry arse when he gets drunk. They will just kiss him all over and put him to bed, face down, as he likes.

1324 days ago


Did he stop in the bar on his way home from buying tampons?

1324 days ago

Chun LI    

Shia's a little punk trying to act like a badass.

1324 days ago


"...boys had too much to drink?" Shia nor any of the other Mad Bull patrons is supposed to be a boy. They are expected to be acting like grown @ss men, but evidently "I'm a drunk American sports fanboy" is a valid excuse for the numbskulls who frequent such dives.

1324 days ago


Smack him AGAIN! He's got that KOOK look in his eyes...

1324 days ago


He's had so many drunken run-ins in the past. He's clearly an alcoholic. I hope he gets help soon.

1324 days ago


Here is another one of Hollywierd's entitled punks. Let's hope he picks another and the one chosen gives LaPunk what he deserves.

1324 days ago


He's so small though. Is it little man's syndrome?

1324 days ago


It's going around. Almost everyone in the valley is in a bad mood. I work at a sports bar and wanted to fight a few people last night.

1324 days ago


He just married Neil Patrick Harris and they have a baby together. How sweet. Oh, oops, that is another girly man, sorry, but he looks and acts just like him!

1324 days ago


He must not be alone when he acts up. He looks like someone you could tell to go sit in the corner and he would.

1324 days ago


The "little man" syndrom.
Alot of little dudes need to puff up to show they have game.
Add booze and celeb and you have "show me la beef".

1324 days ago


Hey Shia... fund my campaign and I'll handle all your fights for you. Screw the bodyguards I don't need a license to lay fools down.

1324 days ago

Conservatives are Cowards    

Meh...I doubt it happened that way. Give some of the pansy-ass posters here some liquid courage, and a few of them might even have the balls to step to a 5'7" 135# dude to prove how bad they are too, and maybe even hit the lawsuit lottery.

Society is so full of bottom feeders and self-loathing losers (like most of the posters here), that it wouldn't surprise me that one of these losers might take their online persona into real life with enough liquid courage (and a dozen friends backing them up) long as their victim is the size of Shia LeBouf (or smaller). Sad, but true.

1324 days ago
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