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Halle's Race War with Gabriel:

Our Daughter IS Black

2/8/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry says it point blank ... her daughter is Black -- a direct message to her ex Gabriel Aubry who, according to sources, "went nuts" anytime someone called Nahla Black.

Halle says in an upcoming interview with EBONY magazine, "I feel she's Black. I'm Black and I'm her mother, and I believe in the one-drop theory." The one-drop rule was used during segregation to describe anyone who wasn't 100% Caucasian.

As TMZ first reported, sources connected with the former couple say Gabriel insists Nahla is White.

Truth is, they're both sorta right ... and both sorta wrong.

So, we gotta ask ...         

Halle Berry


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Their baby is stunningly beautiful. Both need stop fighting for the sake of the child.

1319 days ago


None of this that she is insinuating is even the truth...she is just trying to nastily malign his character and refuse his parental rights. Ebony is dumb enough to go along with this entire farce. She really needs to shut up.

1319 days ago



I totally agree with you as far as race goes.
But really, what does it matter? Personally, I feel the child already exhibits far more sense than both her childish, superficial parents.

1319 days ago


Posters, please! You are falling for this pack of gibberish? Saying they BOTH should be quiet? I have not heard him SAY ANYTHING about this, only that her allegations are hurtful. That is all.
Don't be so gullible to TMZ.

1319 days ago


He didn't insist the girl was white, he didn't agree the girl was called Black - if we believe the story HB planted in the media, so who knows if HB is playing the race card as she always does. Pity as a mother, disgusting is the word indeed.

1319 days ago


So now the truth comes out.
It's Halle Berry that is causing a Magazine write up about her feeling the daughter is Black.

She's the one who keeps emphasizing it and getting him upset.
What a trouble maker.
If she has to referred to her race then she is considered Mixed Race/Multi-racial and not just black.
Technically she is only 25% black.

Halle is the one that is MORE then Borderline racist.

Poor Dad wanted his share of shared custody but Halle probably kept throwing it in his face. Halle thinks she needs to be with mom FT and control her daughter cause she's black. She's black She's Black.

She will Lose not only in the Public's eyes but with her custody arrangement.

1319 days ago


What's up with this dude's wonky eye?

1319 days ago

Captain Balls    

Halle Berry is a moron.
Halle's mother is white, her father is black.
Halle's ex and father of her child is white.
That makes her child 75% white, 25% black.

1319 days ago


Both of these stupid dumbasses need to F*CK OFF. And, Halle Berry just proved she's a racist as well. One drop theory? Shove that up your dumbass, Halle. Your daughter is Mulatto (a mixture of black & white); more importantly, she's a beautiful little girl. That's what you should be telling her, instead of acting like a demanding attentionwhore & making statements to tabloids...

1319 days ago


They are both morons.

1319 days ago


Maybe Halle she was knocked up by a black guy.

1319 days ago


So Halle is adhering to racial laws of the 50s huh? This bitch is crazy beyond all get out. If she wants to go the old school route a mixed person with a white partner would have a child that would be considered white if she wants to get technical with this crap. Though I don't agree with this, it's called "screwing the black out" by many southerners and I am sorry if this offends anyone this is just something I heard growing up in the south and again I don't condone this belief but it is what it is.

1319 days ago


For Halle to believe in the 1-drop rule is so unbelievably pathetic it makes me want to shout in her face. Allowing that kind of stupidity to fester in 2011. Shame on you!

Besides, when a kid is only 25% black, like Nahla is, they no longer look black to begin with. Stupid white racists who started that "rule" wouldn't even be able to tell that the kid is black anymore, so the rule stops applying. She can go for many races, including white. Nahla is beautiful, no matter what her genetic makeup. It is highly upsetting that her mother is so stupid and backwards-thinking... and it is more than clear that she just doesn't want Gabriel to have a say in raising his daughter.

When 70% of BLACK children grow up without a father, what kind of mother REFUSES to allow her daughter a willing parent????
She is WORSE than ghetto! She didn't even sign his name on the birth certificate, not because she didn't know who the father was, but because SHE didn't want him to have a say!

1319 days ago


I have no problem with Halle Berry referring to her daughter as "Black" because we don't live in a "color blind" society and "race" is still an immense issue among too many people, period!!! Anyone who still believes otherwise, isn't being completely honest about the society in which we live. Both Halle and Gabriel work in professions in which a considerable bias against "people of people" is prevalent. She's only acknowledging a reality that she, herself, deals with on a daily basis. Perhaps, she should have chosen a "sperm donor" in which she had considerably more in common with intellectually, culturally and professionally. Just because Gabriel Aubry fathered a child with Halle Berry doesn't mean he was compatible with her on many levels which is probably the reason why they went their separate ways.

1319 days ago

Inouno Nyx    

This woman is crazy and manipulative. She plays the race card bcs she has nothing else.

1319 days ago
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