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Halle's Race War with Gabriel:

Our Daughter IS Black

2/8/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry says it point blank ... her daughter is Black -- a direct message to her ex Gabriel Aubry who, according to sources, "went nuts" anytime someone called Nahla Black.

Halle says in an upcoming interview with EBONY magazine, "I feel she's Black. I'm Black and I'm her mother, and I believe in the one-drop theory." The one-drop rule was used during segregation to describe anyone who wasn't 100% Caucasian.

As TMZ first reported, sources connected with the former couple say Gabriel insists Nahla is White.

Truth is, they're both sorta right ... and both sorta wrong.

So, we gotta ask ...         

Halle Berry


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my user name is a pun on words so don't go all nuts.
I can't stand this *$(#@ never have. As several of you pointed out her MOTHER IS WHITE so HALLE, your child if you want to be specific is more "white" than "black". Facts are the child has only a "bit" of black in her. She is MIXED BOTTOM LINE.
YOU yourself are not FULL BLACK. You disgust me actually i am white & for you to sit there & pull the "i'm black card" is not only insulting to both black and white people it's STUPID.
A woman of your age acting like a child. She is deff RACIST. The little girl is beautiful, stop insulting the FATHER & GROW UP. YOUR CHILD IS MIXED SO ARE YOU GET OVER IT!!!!!!

1315 days ago


#25, they are not both morons, Gabriel hasn't even dignified Halle's statements with an answer. People need to stop blaming him. He hasn't said anything and so far is doing exactly what he should be doing: keeping quiet.

1315 days ago


Sincerity, I agree that race is still an issue and that there exists a significant bias against people of color in the entertainment industry. So you think that justifies her insistance that her daughter is black only and her belief in the “one drop theory”? The very fact that race IS still such an issue makes her behavior inexcusable, because she, in her high profile position, is perpetuating racism. Her words and actions prove that she is the racist one while at the same time playing the race card. I have to say I’m really surprised and disappointed that she would do this. She must be so terrified of losing her daughter that she’ll do anything to keep her all to herself. She's not embracing reality at all, she's denying it. She can insist her daughter is black if she wants to, however the fact is, Nahla is 25% black and 75% white, period. Halle Berry is making a fool of herself.

1315 days ago


"174. Medically what ever the moms race the baby is that race, so baby is black if mom is black.

Posted at 5:37 AM on Feb 8, 2011 by Bobbie

Bobbie. If what you say is true, than Halle Berry, being born to a WHITE mother, is WHITE and since she's WHITE, her daughter is WHITE.

1314 days ago


What is going on in Hollywood?...I'm married today, divorce tomorrow....Here today, gone tomorrow.
If you want to do you, then do you, but don't get children involved. They are the ones that I really care about.
I keep hearing....she is black....she is white....NO!!..NO!!...she is a beautiful "HUMAN BEING"...she can feel and hear what is going on.
Please Miss Berry and Mr. Aubry..."GROW UP"...and let that child learn the positiveness from you both.
Why were you guys attracted to each other to begin with?
Posted at 6:33 AM on Feb 8, 2011 by Suzette Kerr
Why are you telling Mr. Aubry to “grow up.” This is all coming from Halle Berry, not him!

1314 days ago

C. Magnus    

Unfortunately the one drop rule still exist today. I don't think we should be involving this little girl in all of this but it is what it is. This just go to show you that, meeting and having a baby 20 minutes later was a bad idea. I doubt they even knew each others last name. It was mostly about all the pretty people and not about compatibility or love.

1314 days ago


I have mixed children and will give my two cents on tuesdays morning show

1314 days ago


I love how this topic and all others bring out those Caucasian CLAWS!

Gotta love it!

1313 days ago


She can be Caucasian or she can be Mixed... I don't give a ****... Nahla's mother and father are not black, so how could she possibly be black.

1313 days ago


What is this "Race Card" often spoken of?

Racism in America is now a game... you can hold um or fold um.

I have grown up an African in America and I have NEVER seen this deck of cards... So I guess Caucasians hold all of these infamous cards they often talk about. They hold the Economics card, the Political Card... The Employment Card... The Judicial Card... ect ect ect...

1313 days ago


Since when do articles, either verbal or written, refer to the race of a person, especially a public person like Nahla? Has anyone out there seen articles where a person's race is mentioned? I haven't. WHEN is this baby being called black and WHERE?

Have I just not paid attention when magazines say something like "Halle Berry and her black daughter, Nahla, are town for a movie."

I don't believe this race suggestion for even a millionth of a second.

1312 days ago


Berry is a nutcase. But then we've all known that for some time
She decided it would benefit her to be Black some time ago so she began denying her mixed heritage. Fine, her choice to act so absurdly racist but it's not her choice to bring her child into her little fantasy. The child also has a father. She chose this man to father her child, she doesn't get to take that back now.
We all need to carefully consider who we make babies with, if we don't think they make a suitable parent we shouldn't make a baby with them.

1312 days ago


Wasn't it Halle who thanked Vincent Cirrincione (the only father she'd ever known) and her mother when she got an Oscar?

This is all so ridiculous, Halle is slagging off her own mother and Vincent by denying she's got white in her. In Halle's own words:

"After having many talks with my mother about the issue, she reinforced what she had always taught me. She said that even though you are half black and half white, you will be discriminated against in this country as a black person. People will not know when they see you that you have a white mother unless you wear a sign on your forehead. And, even if they did, so many people believe that if you have an ounce of black blood in you then you are black. So, therefore, I decided to let folks categorize me however they needed to."

By saying what she has she's not letting "folks" catergorize her and her daughter, she's done it herself. Her mother wasn't saying "Don't be ashamed to be mixed race" she was saying "Idiots will try and say you're not when you are"

Halle is carrying it on by not fighting against it by denying her own mother and the man she called a father. She doesn't want to be mixed race, she's ashamed of it. Being mixed race is a bad thing. That's what I'm getting from her.

I remember when Tiger Woods got **** for acknowledging that he was mixed race and not just black. Cablinasian? How dare he!!! Oprah, I'm talking to you!

I remember Tiger Woods getting s*** for marrying a white woman. How dare that mixed race dude marry a white woman when he looks black! (from black people)

President Obama gets the same "if he's so mixed race, why did he marry a black woman??" (from white people).

People need to get their s*** together when on the one hand complaining about racism and then on the other saying "so and so can only go out/marry with so and so"

Halle Berry ain't helping with her saying "We're just black". There's no shame in being mixed race. Stop acting like there is.

1312 days ago

me llamo Mark    

whack (white/black) or blite (black/white)

1312 days ago


Halle Berry is going by the one drop rule back in the 1800's. Does Halle Berry consider herself to be 3/5's of a person?
That is what blacks were counted as back in those days along with the one drop rule.

Actually, I think the rule was that one had to be 1/16 black in order to be considered white. I'm willing to bet that there were people 1/4 or 1/8 black who passed themselves off as 100% white, but back in those days, one was better off in doing so.

1312 days ago
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