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Keith Olbermann Takes Gig With Al Gore's TV Network

2/8/2011 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Keith Olbermann has a brand new home -- Al Gore's Current TV ... where he'll take the position of "Chief News Officer" and host a new 1-hour nightly show.


The show is set to debut in the spring -- it'll be the first time Keith will host a show since he abruptly parted ways with MSNBC last month.

Gore -- who serves as Chairman of Current TV -- says he's "extremely honored and delighted" about Keith ... calling him a "great fit with Current in every way."

Gore also said Olbermann will be able to make political donations in his new job -- explaining, "We believe at Current that every citizen has freedom of speech, and that freedom of speech includes the ability to donate to candidates of your choice."


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Christian Wuerth    

It is about time to see and hear Mr Olbermann again! After he was summarily fired from MSNBC, I was in shock, but finding out about Mr. Olbermann's (Keith's) success I felt elated. Now I am waiting with "baited breath," to see the truth come out about the news. Further, I had no incling that formere Vice-President Al Gore was on this network; only until today when I found out thar Keith was taking a "gig," on "Al Gores" old network, I think this stinks that, Al Gore and now almost Mr. Olbermann have bee buried by the corporate execs of the TV/Cable industry! Go Keith!!

1315 days ago


How did you find all of these right wing nuts.

1315 days ago


My understanding is that all 900 veiwers will be waiting in there telephone boths around the world. next stop china.

1315 days ago


This is good news. Not only is Olbermann off a pseudo-new channel, but he's on Al Gore's which I wouldn't watch in any case. Seems like a marriage made in Hell!

1315 days ago

Lisa B    

Great keep his ass off of real TV. Now only 100 viewers will have to suffer.

Lets all vote for "Fair abd Balanced views" from the rest of the real TV

1315 days ago


Their perfect for each other. Both are overpaid,egocentric idoits.

1315 days ago


I will now become a daily viewer of Current TV - Keith is a CLASS act and a sign that American freedom and democracy is alive and well.

1315 days ago


And we believe in selling books and tickets to movies on bunk science theories as well. Here we love capitalism...nevermind the words that come out of our mouths criticizing it.

1315 days ago


nothing like two nitwit et's together..joke ! al's reaping in a fortune on alternate energy progect's and laughing all the way to the bank ! dispicable lowlife loser.
hey mz. osama? how about you stop meddling in how people dine and our choice's. no socialist goverment will ever tell me nor my family what we should eat.
how about bo burger's frie's, icecream? go away!! you try to tell another country what to do? worry about the usa first. entire so called bo goverment a big friggin joke !!!

1315 days ago


sure as hell does not take much to entertain left winger's.
corrupt union's also control the yellow house and the downfall of the usa.smug lowlife's posing with bo arm around him. what's wrong with these photo's...the problem of these fatasses cozying up to get what they want..and they do! screw these lowlife's and the horse they rode in on.

1315 days ago


This is a good fit. Current TV focuses on intellingent issues, directed at an intelligent audience. The market may be small, now, but watch it rise.
BTW, to all the climate change folks. It may be above your pay grade to know this, but changes in weather are local. Climate change is worldwide. As for the strange weather we're having, even you people must be asking yourselves why?

1315 days ago


mz. obama said bo has quit smoking ? probably about as truthful as the "foodnetwork" portraying veggie's used on one of their show's came from the wh lie !! none were used on that show!!!
another propaganda from the wh."oh please people eat healthy" grow your own garden. sure!
al's red rimmed eye's look like he has toked a few? just askin?

1315 days ago


there is not a better fit in the world other than peanut butter and jelly. when's the wedding?

we just have to wait for TMZ to release a statement from both about their true relationship. olbermann just broke up with his beard and tipper just got sick of al finally.


1315 days ago


Science Teacher

Update your education, fool!

1315 days ago


That's exactly where that hack douchebag belongs! His audience will fit in a phonebooth.

1315 days ago
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