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Lindsay Had Enough Cash For Jewelry Purchase

2/8/2011 2:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan had more than enough cash on hand when she took the $2,500 necklace out of an L.A. jewelry store ... sources tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... the L.A. County District Attorney's Office will file felony grand theft charges against Lohan any day ... though we're told it won't be today.

Sources connected to the case tell us ... Lindsay had around $6,000 in cash with her because she had been eyeing a ring in the store, which was going for $3,400.  Lindsay had gone to the store several times previously, debating whether to buy it.

Short story ... Lindsay had enough money to buy both the ring and the necklace on the day in question.

We've learned the surveillance video shows Lindsay walking out of the store wearing the necklace, without paying.  In the video, the necklace is partially hidden by other jewelry Lindsay is wearing around her neck.



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Zach Swan    

Good thing she couldn't get her sticky fingers on the ring or it would have gone missing too. Lohaned to her, I suppose.

1316 days ago


Where did LoHo get six grand in cash?
Does she know Charlie Sheen or someone like him?

1316 days ago


Can anyone tell me why this necklace was $2,500?? It looks like a tiny gold chain, and nothing more. What's so special???

1316 days ago


Prove it!!$6,000 my ass then why are you begging for free ice cream ?you E.O.E are killing this slut.

1316 days ago


Most times stealing is not even about the lack of cash, it's about the 'thrill' and 'power', by thinking they got away with something (as if 'unseen' eyes aren't watching), Duh!!!

Just another freaking sinner in need of repenting and being Baptized!! Ha-ha!!

1316 days ago


"Lindsay had gone to the store several times previously, debating whether to buy it...."

No, to scope the place out.

Posted at 10:20 AM on Feb 8, 2011 by Sam


1316 days ago


GOLD is well worth $1100 an ounce!!!!!! There is NO disputing the cost of that necklace! Time and craftmanship, and retail value count too.....

1316 days ago


TO: No. 14. “WhyNot” who wrote:
“What it comes down to is this... tabloid speculation, trial by press, and a whole lot of guess work and inconsistencies. If I was the prosecutor, I'd walk away. There is a he said/she said/she said going on. If she walked out with the necklace, and the assistant did not do the paperwork, and the jeweler knew that on that day, why put it out to TMZ when they knew where she lived? There is a whole lot of 'reasonable doubt' here as to what really happened…”


Have you forgotten about the video? They have the whole thing on tape.

We have maps to the movie stars homes, so knowing where Lindsay lives doesn’t mean that Lindsay didn’t steal anything.

1316 days ago


If I were lucky enough to have a girl as special as Lindsay in my life, it would be a genuine pleasure to buy her expensive jewelry just to see her gorgeous smile.

Posted at 10:26 AM on Feb 8, 2011 by SheisHot

You'd be broke cause she'd rob you blind.

1316 days ago

Politico Pablo    

So they just let her walk out of the store while wearing the necklace?

Most jewelers account for all items in the hands of a customer, and won't unlock the door until everything is received back.

I think there was a verbal "on loan agreement" in place, and someone changed their story.

1316 days ago


Seems like she thought the store would give it to her if she wore it around. Why else were there these shots of her wearing it? They didn't feel like they were getting enough PR for it and wanted it back. She blew them off. That's when it snowballed. It's probably hard to prove one way or other so she'll walk.

1316 days ago


TO: No. 25. [John] who wrote:

“So she's broke but has 6k cash on her…”


They had to say “cash” because the cops can verify that she didn’t have $6,000 worth of credit available on her credit card OR on her debit card that day.

1316 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

From a legal perspective, if this goes to trial, Lindsey's lawyer better refrain from making this argument. It may open the door to bring in evidence of the other seven theft allegations against her.

1316 days ago


Lohan being charged or not, is like what I thought. The word is out. Worse than being charged.

Lohan has been giving every break, every benefit of the doubt. What has been and still is constistant, when questioned She always blames someone else.

1316 days ago


Shop lifters often have the money for the items they steal. It's not the desire for the object it's self that makes them take it, it's the thrill of trying to not get caught.

1316 days ago
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