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Lindsay Lohan

Accused of Burning

Tanning Company

2/8/2011 6:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is being sued by a mobile tanning company that claims they bronzed the actress up from 2007 to 2009 ... but she stiffed them on the $40k bill.

Lorit Simon claims Lohan hired her Nevada-based company, Tanning Vegas -- and the job required interstate travel when Lohan was craving a color change.

In the lawsuit filed last week in Nevada, Simon claims Lohan racked up $41,031.60 in unpaid charges -- and even now, she refuses to settle her debt.

Simon wants Lohan to fork over the money -- plus attorney's fees and interest.

Simon has sued Lindsay before -- accusing the actress of stealing her secret formula for a spray tanning product and selling it under her own Sevin Nyne label.


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I assume this company is out of Vegas or the surrounding area. I can't find any court docs on this case in the Clark County court house records. Can someone point me to them?

1262 days ago


Leave this poor girl alone. She made mistakes in the past but is doing what she needs to do to correct them. If i were her i would be going crazy right now! Its always something.

1262 days ago


wont these companies ever learn that she is a dead

1262 days ago


Geeez girl needs to get it together. I hope she makes it thru all this without resorting to the drugs and alcohol again.

1262 days ago


Jeez...she is basically the worst person alive. She seems to stay a float on having no talent and getting money from dirt sheets for interviews or idiotic pictures. Why do you people keep paying this woman? There should be a black list for paps. NO ONE TAKE PICTURES OR INTERVIEW THIS WHORE LOHAN! EVER AGAIN. She literally has zero talent and just barely made a big enough splash to get recognized and now shes exposed the business, shown the world what kind of evil **** she is, and exposed her family as fame whores who make no real money of their own.

This entire family should be black listed to teach these people a lesson. They thrive off of bad press and make tons of money off of it. Although they eventually go broke bc no one cares anymore or barely cared to begin with BUT YOU PEOPLE ARE FINANCING THESE NO TALENTS LIVES!!! STOP FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FOLLOW A GIRL WITH REAL TALENT like a Amy Adams or Blake Lively. These wannabe Paris Hiltons are so untalented in all fields and so full of bull**** I'm not sure what the appeal is. I just had to comment bc this whore is getting away with murder basically while regular people are getting busted for lesser crimes and have no record yet are put in jail...This **** should be put away for 10 years. Maybe then she'll realize she was never meant to be an actress and should of stayed being the school slut that gets by on her mouth talents.

1262 days ago

george clooney    

Well, I know Octomom recently made some money spanking some guy who had a mustache, who was wearing a baby diaper and she was using a Lohan, there is always employment for you.

1262 days ago


now the problems began, 1st stealing, now a tanning company wants in, but since 2007 come on, now. who's next?

1262 days ago


I found the records. The suit was just filed in Clark Co. Here's a link to the do***ents online:

1262 days ago

george clooney    

#58 Lisa....

I have counted how many times you have come to Lohan's defense; wow...sure would appear you are family. Amazing that even family sticks by this girl any longer. Do a search on Lohan and look how many times she has either stiffed someone OR denied it and then moved onto someone else. I cringe just thinking about the deceit...just cringe!!! ewwwwww

1262 days ago


They may have been trying to collect since 2009 and gotten no reponse. The article dosn't say they didn't get paid from 07 to 09. It says they worked with her for that period. They're fed up now and they're suing. They aren't the first that have had to sue to get a bill paid by Lohan.

1262 days ago


Listen George Fake Clooney, You can KISS MY littly white arse. I am not coming to Lindsay's defense at all here. there are more than 1 Lisa's on this freaking forum you poser!

1262 days ago


See Court Do***ent:

1262 days ago


Hey Poser George Clooney wannabe. What's wrong...does your real name embarrass you?

1262 days ago


This is nothing short of Grand Theft as perpetrated by Ms. Lohan and she needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Good thing this is the ONLY charge of Grand Theft she's facing or she could easily be accused of being a serial Grand Theft offender having even more dire consequences...


1262 days ago


What will happen if she is found guilty? Will she have to serve time in Nevada or just pay up?

1262 days ago
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