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Lindsay Lohan

Accused of Burning

Tanning Company

2/8/2011 6:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is being sued by a mobile tanning company that claims they bronzed the actress up from 2007 to 2009 ... but she stiffed them on the $40k bill.

Lorit Simon claims Lohan hired her Nevada-based company, Tanning Vegas -- and the job required interstate travel when Lohan was craving a color change.

In the lawsuit filed last week in Nevada, Simon claims Lohan racked up $41,031.60 in unpaid charges -- and even now, she refuses to settle her debt.

Simon wants Lohan to fork over the money -- plus attorney's fees and interest.

Simon has sued Lindsay before -- accusing the actress of stealing her secret formula for a spray tanning product and selling it under her own Sevin Nyne label.


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Lindsay honey, if this is true, and the lawsuit is against you. pay the bill. If the lawsuit is against the company you publicise Sevin Nyne, kick their asses and tell them to pay the bill. Good luck tomorrow sweetie.

1355 days ago


her hair looks like sh*t.

1355 days ago


lorit's a douchebag anyway. she think's she's the tan queen and makes everyone look like an orange. who the HELL does business w/a drug addict then you expect she'll pay you money she owes you??? yeah, you know a lot about business--super smart!

1355 days ago


@Lisa 80

Guilty? jail? Nevada? lol this is a civil lawsuit

1355 days ago


TMZ, go back and check your facts cos they are WRONG! Lorit Simon has NEVER sued Lindsay before, tell us when you reported it? it didn't happen. Do some fact checking, you have got everything wrong.

Posted at 2:28 PM on Feb 8, 2011 by gloday1

I'm really not trying to be ugly or bust on you, but TMZ got this one right. There are court do***ents online that prove it. The link is posted twice upthread.

1355 days ago


#84 thanks Richard. I don't know what I was thinking. Thought she could go to the slammer for owing that much. So if found guilty they will just make her pay?

1355 days ago


One would think that they would stop the tanning with Lindsay ```` when the first bills weren't paid. I own a business ```` I bill people for different things on a monthly basis. WHAT?? This tanning Co. didn't bill her on a monthly basis``` Or were they ``z`listed` star struck?? ``` Plus they sued her before```` Who's conning `` who,, here? out

1355 days ago


@Lisa 86

Yes, but it won't go that far. It will be settled before court.

1355 days ago


i dont think 2 years is too long to sue either, that's usually how long it takes once an account goes into collections and they try to settle. i hope this teaches companies to stop giving celebs free stuff and extending them credit!

1355 days ago


As we all know...
Lohan is on supervised probation for a 2007 drunk driving conviction. The judge overseeing her case told her in October that he would send her to jail for 180 days if she violated her probation rules before her next court appearance, set for February 25.

Lindsay will be arraigned on the charge at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Los Angeles Airport Superior Court, Deputy District Attorney John Lynch said.

Could that "stolen" necklace be her ticket back to the hoosegow?

Stay tuned y'all...

1355 days ago


OMG This skank is just a nasty Piece of Trash! Pay your Bills skank and quit stealing from hard working people! Man your parents should be so proud of the morals they instilled in you!

1355 days ago


Mmmm....I don't know. Two years sounds like a long time for a debt to be paid - unless it was already put into collections and collections has been working on it. Maybe that's the case. My father's lumber company expects payment within 30 days on credit lines. If the company doesn't get payment within 90 days, he starts the collection process. It usually sits in collection for 3 months and if that doesn't get results - he takes it to the courts. AND...he doesn't give anyone a credit line until he has run a full credit history. Simple business sense. It's too bad that this tanning company is out of their 41K, but didn't they realize Lindsay was a huge risk? I hope they can recoup some of their money, although 41K in tanning services sounds bit much!

1355 days ago


As big of a loser LL is-these companies that let her rack up thousands in charges are equally as stupid. After the first 5,000 without any type of payment why would you let her go on to get more services without seeing a dime? Idiots

1355 days ago


Poor Lindsay, she doesn't get any love... how can you screw up so many times in a year... and why do we even care.. she is a waste of time and energy, just another star on the down side of life. She should be having the time of her life, she is young, pretty,still has a little money and she has talent.
I am 50, fat and broke. I would trade with her in a heart beat and turn her life around. I wouldn't be wasting time of drugs and booze, just living my life and enjoying every minute of it.

1355 days ago


I've got a magazine cover from a few years back. Her body is covered in freckles. I would think her body would be a walking time bomb for skin cancer with a brief exposure to sunlight. We love you L , stay out of the sun!!

1355 days ago
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