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Lindsay: 'I'm Not Guilty Because I'm NOT!'

2/8/2011 10:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is telling friends ... she's pleading not guilty tomorrow with vigor, because she says, "I honestly feel I did nothing wrong."


Lohan is saying privately, "I'm pleading not guilty because I'm NOT!"

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay will be charged Wednesday with felony grand theft for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace.

She'll be arraigned at 1:30 PM PT... and TMZ will livestream the hearing.


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"I'm not guilty!! Because I'm Not!!! is a valid defense in California, just like
"He needed killin'" is a valid defense in Texas

1355 days ago

Soiled Midget Panties    

She's guilty, simple. If I remember correctly, she tried it on, walked around the store for a while, supposedly told "her people" to figure it out then walked out, plus, it's on video.

I wish I could use that excuse in any store. "What? I told my people to handle it." Also she's done this pity "in-your-face-revenge" thing before with the fingernail thing in court.

She should get the maximum sentence in a maximum security prison for women.

1355 days ago


hey missed a spot with the spray tan up near her receding hairline,

Posted at 9:33 PM on Feb 8, 2011 by Carvey

She's going bald!

1355 days ago


Likely she won't get prison, the three year max is for repeat felony offenders ordinarily. Usually one doesn't go to prison on the first felony conviction. She'll likely get probation and probably 6 mos to 12 mos in county jail, with county probation, which means she'll get out early. The really pesky part is that she'll be on probation for 36 months, which is very difficult to get off of successfully. With each violation, she could end up in prison for the full term of 3 years, or whatever the judge decides.

1355 days ago


Lindsay is about to have her Sunset Blvd "All right, Mr. De Mille, I'm ready for my close-up" moment.

1355 days ago


1) The mugshot photographer is only in it for the publicity.
2) The mugshot photographer should be grateful LieHo would pose for him/her.
3) Mugshot photographers all over the world are begging to take LieHo's picture.

1355 days ago

RJ Hunt    

Getting sober is sooooooo much fun...I want to believe Lindsay, I think this is all just a big mis-understanding, and the shop owner sees and opportunity for some publicity.

1355 days ago


May 2008 … Lindsay Lohan accused of stealing fur coat from Masha Markova, a twenty-two year old Columbia University coed while at a NYC private party.

May 2008 … Lauren Hastings claims that Lindsay Lohan stole clothes from her closet during a party.

June 2009 … Lindsay Lohan accused of stealing jewelry and clothing that was loaned to her while at a shoot for Elle magazine in London. Rumored to have urinated on the dress before surrendering it when she was told she’d have to return the frock.

August 2009 … Lindsay Lohan had jewels loaned to her by Beverly Hills jewelry XIV Karats for over two months. When asked to return the jewelry she said she didn’t have them. Claims they were stolen from her safe.

October 2009 … Lindsay Lohan allegedly stole jewelry yet again. Reportedly that Lindsay made off with jewelry and accessories from Arielle de Pinto’s showroom in Paris while she was there for Fashion Week.

April 2010 … Lindsay Lohan named as suspect in stolen Rolex watch case. Had apartment tossed by LA County Sheriff’s Dept.

June 2010 …Beverly Hills boutique suing for $16K+ for unpaid clothing.

February 2011 … Venice Beach has video implicating Lindsay Lohan to stolen jewelry.

1) Salivates at store for weeks, plans on stealing necklace.
(2) Walks in, waits until right moment, steals necklace.
(3) Waits a few days, parties at Hotel Marmot until 3 AM..
(3) Following day, wears necklace in public. Forgets and then freaks when realizes cameras see her with it on. Hides neck in attempt to make necklace vanish (she's not so good at that end of things when she's not actually stealing.)
(4) Freaks to high and holy Heaven when she gets the call from Shawn that the cops are on the way. Swears to Shawn that she was never in the store, then recants when Shawn informs her she was caught on tape.
(5) Flushes stash down toilet, rings up stupid gopher and has them return the necklace to the LAPD.
(6) Runs away from the still-drug-infested apartment at top speed, fearing that she's busted.
(7) Search warrant never used, due to Radar's nice little advanced warning to the druggie's lawyer.
(8) Next day, when asked, yells, "I never had the necklace!"

now, we can insert your steps, and we're good to go.

Posted at 12:30 PM on Feb 8, 2011 by lou

1355 days ago


Walking out of a jewelry store with an item can be a mistake. Keeping the item until the very moment you find out the cops are on the way to your house to search for the item is an indicator of obvious theft.

1355 days ago

Carol Yount    

Let's see IF I got this right...she puts on a necklace and walks out still wearing the necklace and she says she was only borrowing it...without my thinking that's call shoplifting aka STEALING!

1355 days ago


" I honestly feel I did nothing wrong. "

I believe, that Lindsay probably does feel that she did nothing wrong. That's part of the problem, . . . entitlement to a point that she believes that she's invincible ! ! !

Reality Check , . . . Tomorrow ! ! !

1355 days ago


Trollhans are all past out for the night. Will Michael Lohan fake another heart attack tomorrow? Stay tuned!

1355 days ago


Haha, I knew she wouldn't make it. All she had to do was be good until 2/25, then after that - back to her party girl mode. This girl has got to be the most self important sociopathic stupid starlet of all time. WTF is wrong with her? If she wants to win her Oscar by 30 - as she's said, she's way off in the wrong direction. LL is a joke, the butt of jokes, nobody in Hollywood takes her seriously anymore. She's like the Pratts - thinks she's famous because she gets so much press. She gets press because she's an effed up idiot and people love a train wreck.

1355 days ago


Lindsay could always blame her personal assistant or
lack of a personal assistant.
Lindsay could say that her
assistant told her she could wear it for a day or two.

If Lindsay does not have an assistant, her lawyer could argue
that Lindsay is used to having someone else take care of things and Lindsay has no real knowledge of what needed to be done.

1355 days ago

lil harvey    

Shine on you crazy diamond!!!

1355 days ago
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