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Lindsay: 'I'm Not Guilty Because I'm NOT!'

2/8/2011 10:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is telling friends ... she's pleading not guilty tomorrow with vigor, because she says, "I honestly feel I did nothing wrong."


Lohan is saying privately, "I'm pleading not guilty because I'm NOT!"

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay will be charged Wednesday with felony grand theft for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace.

She'll be arraigned at 1:30 PM PT... and TMZ will livestream the hearing.


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JAIL Lindsay Lohan-JUSTICE!! Lindsay is a CRIMINAL and LIES!!!

1320 days ago


Can she just for once in her life accept responsibility for her actions?

1320 days ago


Well, I guess they have enough evidence to charge her. I can't believe this girl couldn't keep herself out of trouble at least for the duration of her probation. I wanted to give her the benefit of doubt (wanted to see her change it all around), but I truly think this girl has fried every brain cell in her head. Seriously...

1320 days ago


I am confident that Lindsay will be exonerated and cleared of all charges. However if she was found guilty and sentenced to the maximum term of 3 years in state prison which would be absurd. Due to the crime being a non violent felony she would do 50%.

1320 days ago


As if.....she would plead guilty if she were?

Sure thing, Miss "those aren't my pants."

1320 days ago


You gots a perdee mouth there Lindsay, I likes da way it opens real wide,I'ma gonna make ya fergit all 'bout that Samantha, it's been a long time for me so I hopes ya kin hold yer breath reel long sweetheart Momma's awatin.
Sincerely your furture cell mate
Large Marge

1320 days ago


For all the trouble she's been in, her attorney's fees have to be at least 10 times more than that silly necklace was. Was it worth it Lindsay?

1320 days ago


GUILTY as charged !

( sound of gavel hitting wooden desk )

Would the last person out, please switch the lights off.

1320 days ago

Good riddance!    

So much for accepting your guilt and showing the court there could be the slightest, most remote chance that you even had a clue that you did wrong. Lie, cry, fight, and scream and just make it worse for yourself. See where that gets you! While you're at it, get another fancy FU manicure and show the judge how you feel again. Keep digging that hole!

1320 days ago


She can't admit guilt because she believes she is entitled to whatever she wants whenever she wants it..NO ONE says NO to Lindsay Lohan! "Don't you know who I am?!" pfffft!

1320 days ago


I'm confident you're wrong Nicole, because how can anyone here possibly take you seriously with your unabashed a$$ kissing of Loser Lie-ho no matter what crimes she commits? BTW, I'm going to take a wild guess and say your math will be a little wrong on how long she goes away for, seeing as how she's also (once again) violating her probation. But either way, a year and a half of this entitled, enabled waste getting a harsh dose of reality is better than nothing.

1320 days ago


Oh goody!

Lindsay's court hearing will be LIVE streamed by TMZ. It looks like the "Lindsay Lohan division" of TMZ will be out in force tomorrow.

I'm sure TMZ knows the drill about how to cover Lindsay's court cases ... it seems like she's been in and out of court or jail about 10 times in the last year or so.

When is this girl/woman going to get her life together? How does Lindsay keep getting into these situations? Are people REALLY "out to get her" or is she just incredibly foolish? It's probably both.

Who knows, maybe Lindsay is doing this all on purpose for publicity. How else does one person get into trouble with the law over and over and over in just a matter of months. Lindsay's attorney must be making a TON of money of of her these days.

1320 days ago


It's always someone elses fault and they are out to get her because she Thinks she is all that. Well she is not all That. Its time that California gets it right this time, punish her as if she was a regular person and stop letting her get away with anything and everything!!!!

1320 days ago

LA me    

If they Jeweler really wanted the "exposure" of LieLo wearing their product....Then why didn't they let her "borrow" the ring that she kept coming by to covet??

IMO.. LieLo kept dropping by to look at the ring in hopes that they would let her "borrow" it. Doesn't look like the Jeweler wanted her type of publicity.

LieLo was probably pissed off that they weren't "appreciating" her for the "A-Lister" that she (links) she is and decided to show them by lifting the necklace!!

How DARE THEY slight her!! The nerve!!! Don't they know she's LINDSAY FUHKING LOHAN!!!!!!

1320 days ago


Doing something wrong and feeling like you've done nothing wrong are mutually exclusive.

1320 days ago
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