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Dr. Murray's Defense: MJ Was In Failing Health

2/8/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson was in such a weakened state before he died ... it's unfair to blame his death on Propofol ...and we've learned this is precisely what lawyers for Dr. Conrad Murray will argue to a jury.


Sources familiar with the case tell TMZ ... Dr. Murray's team will argue that at the time of his death, Jackson's body was failing him ... partly because he  was "driven over the edge" by AEG to rehearse for his upcoming tour.

We're told Murray's lawyers will call witnesses to testify that Jackson was not showing up for rehearsals -- and when he did show, he was exhibiting "clear signs" of failing health.

The upshot of the defense ... even if jurors believe Dr. Murray administered the fatal dose of Propofol, Jackson was already in failing health.

But as TMZ has already reported ... Dr. Murray's lawyers will argue Jackson himself administered the fatal dose of Propofol to himself when Murray was out of the room.

The trial begins in April.



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Exclusive: Michael Jackson, even in death, remains in the middle of the current musical chairs deals in the declining record industry.

For all these years, Michael’s MiJac Publishing has been administered by Warner Chappell, part of what is now Warner Music Group. MiJac includes not only Michael’s hits that he wrote, like “Billie Jean” and “Beat It,” but a vast number of other hits including those of Ray Charles, Curtis Mayfield, and Sly and the Family Stone.

Warner Chappell doesn’t own MiJac but it administers the rights to it and collects hefty fees. With WMG for sale, and talk of Warner Chappell being sold off, MiJac would seem like an integral part of their story.

But there’s a hitch that I can reveal to you: MiJac is leaving Warner Chappell and going to become part of Sony/ATV Music Publishing, the company that Michael Jackson’s estate co-owns with Sony and contains the Beatles catalog.

According to sources, this arrangement was written into the MiJac contract with Warner Chappell years ago. It would be triggered by the release of the next Jackson album–in this case, the recent “Michael”–and the repayment of loans.

The move by MiJac to Sony/ATV is a big deal for many reasons. With both WMG and EMI Music for sale, Sony

Sony/ATV could be kicking the tires of each company’s publishing divisions for purchase. But Warner Chappell might be less interesting to Sony ATV considering they’re already getting Mi Jac. And without MiJac, Warner Chappell–which just had a down quarter–might not look so good to other potential buyers.

What may happen now: the newer, and very hot, BMG Music Rights will likely make a play for EMI Music Publishing. EMI Music–the record company, which has the Beatles albums in its catalog–the physical albums and box sets–could then be merged with another record company like Sony Music or, more horrifyingly, Warner Music. Stay tuned.

1343 days ago



1340 days ago

Robyn Hope    

It was pretty obvious to me that Michael was ill-equipped to do fifty shows --- maybe he could've done ten, but it would not have been what fans expected.
If you're familiar with the DANGEROUS TOUR in the early nineties, there's no way Michael could've matched these Super Performances --- and he knew it.
We all know he battled drug addiction, but no one ever mentioned Michael had lupus, an auto-immune disease, which can be quite painful.
I think Dr. Murray's defense will hold up in court --- I don't know if MJ self-administered the propofol, but I certainly believe he had reason to opt out of this life.

1339 days ago


So if Micchael was sick murray made him sicker gy the day, starting rrom day one.

1337 days ago


Excerpet new song of Michael Jackson with Barry Gibb (Bee Gees) -- All In Your Name - Barry Gibb e Michael Jackson

1335 days ago


If Michael had a chronic insomnia he would apply with this problem to the necessary expert as he always did throughout the life. He is rich enough to afford himself the high-professional specialist's service . Michael knew danger of propofol, and he nevver would agree to apply it in house conditions without the appropriate equipment. I don't believe what murray tells

1332 days ago

michaels angel    

trish you are a moron there was nothing wrong with mj an he didnt do it to himself murray murdered him. mj had camaras every where even in his room so id murray was not the killer why did murray have ppl take everything out an place things? why would he not want that camara to prove he didnt do it? ill tell you why cuz he killed him

1325 days ago

Daniel Asamota    

I want to know why they've brought this man so quickly to trial and former district attorney Tom Sneddon isn't on trial or being pursued for prosecution when it is known that he purposely and willfully tried to manufacture evidence against Michael Jackson to get him thrown in jail. He should be in jail and right now he's in retirement enjoying his life. Yet Dr. Murray was swiftly brought to trial and had his medical license pulled so he can't even make a living. Tom Sneddon should be the one on trial.

1324 days ago


Now lets be for real who in the hell can put a iv in there own arm and give them selves drugs? come on people the quake killed him and is now trying to get away with it.All you have to do is look at the movie of this is it. He needed to be at rehersal for something he has done for decades all the same music steps and all come on now. Dr. Murray gave him the over dose. And after taking the doctors oath to save peoples lifes he's wrong and he needs to go to jail for the wrong he did. If they let him get away with this someone else is gonna die by the hands of a quake.Look at Elivs, Anna Nicole Smith and now Michael something needs to be done. The doctor is wrong

1323 days ago


So murray got off in 2007 by this manouver,!patient alredy too sick(to survive) when he bothded up a cardiac surgery having failed to notice that the victim had been fatally wounded .So now he tries to bring Michael back to good heath by pouring gallons of Propofol into his veins.Good try,Doctor!!

1319 days ago


murray was hired so Michael would be safe, and safe from accidental OD´s.BTW there were no syringes big eough for Michael to have "accidentally" given himself an OD.
The sheer amount in his body had to be given by a spiked bottle which required more sophistycated technique than what Michael could have mastered. And that in a few minutes.Whoa!Michael should have specialized in coronary surgery and forgotten the tour!

1319 days ago


Omer Michael Bhatti 'O-Bee' Interview. Speculation and rumors...

1298 days ago


MJ killed himself!

1156 days ago
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