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TMZ Live -- Lindsay Lohan's Arraignment!

2/9/2011 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Today on TMZ Live: We covered Lindsay Lohan's arraignment, including her now infamous arrival in THAT dress!!!

Our resident lawyers, Harvey and Jason, answered your questions and provided the color as LiLo pleaded "not guilty" to felony grand theft ... and then listened as the judge nearly ripped her a new one!


AND ... if you want to ask a question live during the show via Skype, email us your info (name, phone number, Skype ID) by clicking the pic below!!!



(0:00) And we're off! Harvey and Jason break down Lindsay's felony grand theft case from start to finish.
(5:50) Lindsay's big arrival ... in that sexy, tight white dress.
(21:00) Anna gives us her opinion on Lindsay's court-inappropriate, "tacky" outfit.
(25:00) Twitter questions and comments from our viewers.
(26:40) Time for Lindsay's close-up ... and she's definitely too hot for a hearing.
(51:50) The hearing begins!!! And Lindsay pleads not guilty as expected.
(53:00) prosecutor Danette Meyers asks that Lindsay's probation be revoked.
(54:20) It's Judge Schwartz's turn ... and rips Lindsay a new one. He then issues warning #1: If she messes up again, he'll lock her up with NO BAIL. Then warning #2: "DON'T PUSH YOUR LUCK."
(59:30) We replay the hearing ... and Harvey and Jason walk us through it.
(1:05:30) In closing ... the Lindsay Lohan/Sharon Stone side-by-side.


No Avatar


She violated her probabtion, will they take her immediately to jail?

1322 days ago


Are we going to find out if she goes to prison today?

1322 days ago


The man on the left in the pink and white striped shirt is kind of a butthead. Let the people inside do their work!

1322 days ago


We shouldn't have to wait on trial.... this should revocate her just on the arrest.

1322 days ago


This craziness Lindsey dose needs to stop! She needs some serious jail time, no two weeks and out you go. Because nobody takes a serious hand with her she just keeps going back to old behavior. I pray this judge takes a serious hand and will not let her get out of this serious crime she has commited. After all they have it on tape!

1322 days ago

lil harvey    

GutsyGirl~~~ totally agree. Harvey is a little pvssy. JASON is really not my typical type but I find him hot as hell. There's something about him. Yum Yum Yum.

1322 days ago


TMZ.....yeah right. If you kids out there don't realize it or not even got the experience to realize it, TMZ survives (money to keep show on tv) on this stuff. Come on, even there is a buck to be made on anything someone will take advantage of it. You'll just have to live and learn on this one. Lohan should just say f--- it for awhile and get away from the hollywood life. Go somewhere where life could bring her back to her beginings. Slow donw Lindsay.

1322 days ago


Harvey you were sort of annoying today. Stop getting so annoyed with your staff for taking a little longer to do things. It's not that big of a deal. Oh yea, and I rather watch you guys talk, not the camera man turning the camera in all different directions and at random people.

1322 days ago


Harvey - Next time.. Use a "Director" and you Be Quiet about what 'shots' to show while you are LIVE, ie. "Go Full Screen".. etc.. IT'S SO IRRITATING !! ! ! !

1322 days ago


Harvey.... Leave the production/directing to others next time... you acted so DUFUS on this LIVE!

1322 days ago


I'm sorry, but Harvey was extremely irritating in this video. So rude to the crew. "Why's is taking so long it is a 30 second clip". Harvey, do you do any production work at all? I mean, how would you know how long it takes to do?
I also want to say that you guys talked wayy to long about her dress. It wasn't that bad, a little inappropriate. I feel her hair should have been pulled back because it was in her face.
That judge was talking to her like she is a moron! But she acts like one, so I guess she deserves it. And last thing, her lips look awful. Getting your lips done NEVER looks good! Too unnatural.

1322 days ago


Comment #9: The expression is, "Woe IS me." Woe is to suffer or have misery.

More importantly, i want to know how TMZ is even able to film during her court hearing. Is that legal?

It seems that stealing is her new drug. But i agree, how did they not stop her if they KNEW she had it on? It seems that the sales person is an idiot and the one who should be in trouble. NOT Lindsey. I think they took the opportunity to gain a little press and money because they are just going to end up settling to get the money they want. $100 they settle. After all, that's why they are prosecuting her in the first place. To get money. If they are smart, they know that Lindsey's defense can't really come to that conclusion because of her probation and other offenses. If here lawyer is smart, she'll some to the conclusion anyway and fight for Lindsey. Not just settle because she has the money to do it. I hope this goes to a jury trial so that her lawyer can question the store clerk as to why she just let her walk out AND if they are doing this for money and publicity.

1322 days ago


TMZ you should give Lindsay a break and stop picking on her, she's in real trouble this time. I feel she was set up. The store gave her the necklace, they knew she had it, they had it on there store video and they didn't report it stolen until a day. Something is not Kosher here. You should be picking on the store as I feel there the ones not being honest? I think there just looking for publicity..... think about it

1322 days ago

Question For Harvery    

Harvey, isn't your entire business really "Reish-Kaf-Yod-Lamed"? For those who don't know, "Reish-Kaf-Yod-Lamed" is about gossip and Jewish law. Harvey should bring in a rabbi to explain to the audience how or not how his business involves "Reish-Kaf-Yod-Lamed".

1321 days ago


Did the store have price tags on their merchandise? If so when LiLo got home she should of seen the tag meaning it was not paid for and didn't return it is still stealing.
Has the Ditz defense ever really worked, Ignorance of the law usually does not work.
Also if she is used to receiving items from stores she knows that paperwork is always involved for expensive stuff.

I think you are being to generous, I think LiLo doesn't have a leg to stand on if there is no paper work and that is the standard procedure at that store and they can prove it.

1321 days ago
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