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TMZ Live -- Lindsay Lohan's Arraignment!

2/9/2011 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Today on TMZ Live: We covered Lindsay Lohan's arraignment, including her now infamous arrival in THAT dress!!!

Our resident lawyers, Harvey and Jason, answered your questions and provided the color as LiLo pleaded "not guilty" to felony grand theft ... and then listened as the judge nearly ripped her a new one!


AND ... if you want to ask a question live during the show via Skype, email us your info (name, phone number, Skype ID) by clicking the pic below!!!



(0:00) And we're off! Harvey and Jason break down Lindsay's felony grand theft case from start to finish.
(5:50) Lindsay's big arrival ... in that sexy, tight white dress.
(21:00) Anna gives us her opinion on Lindsay's court-inappropriate, "tacky" outfit.
(25:00) Twitter questions and comments from our viewers.
(26:40) Time for Lindsay's close-up ... and she's definitely too hot for a hearing.
(51:50) The hearing begins!!! And Lindsay pleads not guilty as expected.
(53:00) prosecutor Danette Meyers asks that Lindsay's probation be revoked.
(54:20) It's Judge Schwartz's turn ... and rips Lindsay a new one. He then issues warning #1: If she messes up again, he'll lock her up with NO BAIL. Then warning #2: "DON'T PUSH YOUR LUCK."
(59:30) We replay the hearing ... and Harvey and Jason walk us through it.
(1:05:30) In closing ... the Lindsay Lohan/Sharon Stone side-by-side.


No Avatar

who dat    

This is what fat mike in the newsroom mean, when he stated linds was going to win the academy award. This is going to be her walking the red carpet for her arrival, to receive the award. I hope her acceptance speech kills.

1297 days ago


the charges filed by the DA says she took money AND personal property. not OR and not AND/OR. does that mean she took more than just the necklace?

1297 days ago


When they arraign her, can the State ask that her probation be revoked and require her to do the jail time already ordered if she messed up on probation?

1297 days ago

Y do he got    

TMZ steals all it`s fake storys for a living who cares if a little girl gets some jewels as perks for doing thier add work.The FN store should get sued for setting her up with a network coverup.They FN gave her those as she gets rocks for free everywhere.SETUP network toad`ss kickin her tass out of h beans.F hollywood stinks of puke and dead street people and than earth quakes.Place sucks cookie cutters out of goofies but crack

1297 days ago


Harvey, when you're not feeling well you whine and complain and we have to tolerate it. When Jason doesn't feel well you basically told him to buck up! Way to care about your employees!

1297 days ago


SHE JUST ARRIVED per CNN Headline news. She's not out of the SUV yet however.

1297 days ago


Hiya Harvey,
I have a quick question. How is it that none of the other alleged thefts that have happened to Lindsay in the past few years had no consequences? And why were none of them ever prosecuted? This is not the first time she had this accusation made… Thank you. Nicole

1297 days ago


Harevy, how does she keep getting away with 'stuff' without seriuos jail time??

1297 days ago


I wonder what she means with her white dress...

1297 days ago


Her boobs look great in the white shirt. Maybe she could pose for Playboy. Va va va voom.

1297 days ago


She's there. TIGHT light blue dress - hair in a ponytail

1297 days ago


@MightyMad They're not the only ones! Put this bitch on ice!
She's 'skated' by for far too long - it's time for some REAL JAIL TIME to wake her up!

1297 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Wow lindsay looked hot as hell. Love the dress girl.

1297 days ago


Hmmm. Someone who commented made a good point. Doesn't the store review the video on a timely basis? Shouldn't they have noticed this "alleged theft" way earlier. They could have called her and asked about what was this all about. Was their a misunderstanding or miscommunication. This a a deliberate attempt at I don't know what by the jewelry store. And I don't even like LaLohan.

1297 days ago


If Lindsay becomes a convicted felon can she leave the United States or will other countries deny her entry eg France? great coverage TMZ thank-you

1297 days ago
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