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TMZ Live -- Lindsay Lohan to be Charged!

2/8/2011 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Today on TMZ LIVE: We broke a HUGE story about Lindsay Lohan -- she's gonna be charged with felony grand theft tomorrow -- Harvey and Charles have all the details!

Plus ... we answer all your questions on the biggest stories around, including Halle Berry's controversial statement about the "one drop rule." Also, viewer Tamre joins via Skype and we hold another Twitter lightning round ... we don't want to spoil it for you, but "poo" is mentioned! 


AND ... if you want to ask a question live during the show via Skype, email us your info (name, phone number, Skype ID) by clicking the pic below!!!



(0:00) Harvey calls TMZ "The Zed" because it's a "little Jewish." He tries to explain.
(1:30) Halle Berry's baby ... is she Black, White or mixed?? Harvey and Charles argue -- a little too long -- about it.
(6:15) Our first interruption of the day -- leaving Charles to answer an "X Factor"/"American Idol" question all by himself.
(7:20) We broke the story -- Lindsay Lohan will be charged with felony grand theft -- and we have all the details.
(8:45) Why isn't Courtney Love being charged with grand theft like Lindsay?
(12:50) Tamre joins in via Skype -- and thinks Charlie Sheen's at home rehab may be a sham.
(16:50) Interruption #2 thanks to Mike -- and there are a lot of hand signals involved.
(17:50) Twitter questions galore ... including an incredibly important one about poo.
(22:10) Harvey attempts to gain some street cred ... and it somehow ties in to the movie "Airplane!"
(23:20) Interruption #3 ... and Harvey decides to call it a day. But stay tuned for tomorrow's TMZ Live ... because we'll be livestreaming Lindsay's court hearing!!


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Is Charles a Jehovah's Witness? Heard him mention Jehovah at the beginning of tmz live.

1316 days ago


I used to be a daily viewer, but I hardly ever watch TMZ Live anymore. First of all, BRING MIKE BACK. Second, the camera "finding" various TMZ staffers is a waste of time. Get to the news, inform us, answer questions, and stop the nonsense.

1316 days ago


I am a highly educated women who is raising a biracial child and my child is biracial, NOT "Black" nor is she "WHITE"..she's a child...plain and simple.

Posted at 1:38 PM on Feb 8, 2011 by Annoyed

"White" isn't a race. I'd be interested in knowing if you consider yourself white of black since you consider your child to be biracial. I'll bet you a $1 you're "white."

1316 days ago


Stop attacking charles,he is a very nice person.His personality speaks volumes about the kind of man he is. He knows how to present himself in front of the camera. He shows respect to not only the viewers but to the person the show discusses.I applaud Charles on how he trys to discretly get Harvey Back on track to the show when Harvey starts to babble on and on and starts talking about himself ect.Yesterday it was Harvey was the one going on and on about race.All Charles was stating were the facts.You dont refer to anyone as mixed they are biracial. I am a caucasion irish/hungarian female but do not walk around stating that to everyone like Halle Berry needs to affirm that her daughter is black.Halle is wrong when saying her daughter is black because like herself her daughter and her are biracial. Biracial means having parents of two races.She is so wrong and disrespectful that she disgards the fact that she and her daughter are both half caucasian.To me it shows me that Halle is racist not her daughters husband.When he stated that their daughter is not black he is 100% correct because their daughter is 100% biracial.It makes me sick to think back in history of the men and women (Martin Luther King,Rossa Parks,Jane Pittman just to name a few of many)that faught and those who lost their lives to bring equality to this country to have someone like Halle Berry segregate races all over again.

1315 days ago


What's with all the complaints about Harvey and Charles arguing? LOVE IT!

1315 days ago


no need for ankle bracelet theft.. the court will give her one free

1315 days ago


if lilo be on her game da right way, she be hookin it wit Kayne , dey is be shottn a vid with some bling bling and be all stylin hard, den she be uppin herself biggly .
then when she be hangin wit her crew at the Kibutz room wit Harvey and his crew den they is all be havin a party. Bein smooth and that skinny chick an ger be talkin smackdown on the b side
Then dat surfer dude on you show be drivin her back to his pad n be gettn him some love wit her
all nice like butt dont forget to be stoppin an gettn you some Boones Farm den you be gittn you some a dat lilo luve surfer dude! just sayins all

1315 days ago

Rudy Tidwell    

Lindsay Lohan has so many different looks that is hard to recognize her at times. She is also absolutely gorgoeus with a drop dead body! When she came into court that day in a white skin tight dress, every eye and every camera was turned here way! Her hair may be blonde, black, red or some other color, and she at times looks sad and shy. It makes my heart go out to her!

678 days ago
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