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Kelsey and Camille Will Divorce Today

2/10/2011 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer and Camille Grammer will be divorced Thursday ... sources connected with the case tell TMZ.

Kelsey and Camille Grammer Divorce

As TMZ first reported, Kelsey's lawyer asked the judge to grant an immediate divorce decree, leaving the property settlement issues for a later date.  The judge did not issue a divorce decree at a hearing last week because certain issues had not been resolved.

But we've learned lawyers for both Kelsey and Camille have now agreed on all the prerequisites for an immediate divorce, and the judge will issue the decree today.

The divorce decree will allow Kelsey to marry his girlfriend Kayte Walsh according to plan -- by the end of this month.



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He really needs to learn to live by himself before he lives with anyone else. Like: Get to know yourself, you have issues, why do you have to have another woman lined up before you let go of the current one, etc.,ect.

1360 days ago


Camille still looks plastic, now with a fake tan.

1360 days ago


There is a picture of camille walking out of the courthouse last week. It looks as though she pooped her pants.

I'll bet this divorce has her IBS acting up again. This would explain the poopy on her nylons.

I hope she finds solace, and some immodium.

1360 days ago


It's official then: Tomorrow, Kelsey Grammer will be the HAPPIEST MAN ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!!!! He deserves it after living with that for over a decade. Now I believe the children will get a proper mother and not a rotating nanny.

1360 days ago


My God I could drive a car through her pores!

No more close ups! Paaaalease!

1360 days ago


I noticed her large pores too sadly. I wasn't going to say anything because God knows I have flaws too, but dang...I never noticed those on her before. I recommend Smashbox Foundation Primer immediately!

1360 days ago


who is interested in these two old farts. one dresses in drag (kelsey), the other needs to check her birth certificate..coz she is 55 yo. one robs the cradle (kelsey), other is robbing the bank (ex husband). talk about fakeness..weren't they all hand in hand at an award ceremony, before he dumped here. welcome to america

1360 days ago


Pay attention Kate, I think that's her name. What he's doing to Camille he will do to you.

1360 days ago


It really pissed me off when said ibs kept her from having kids
What a load of Crap
It was the herps

1360 days ago


I read somewhere that once you experience some kind of a severe shock or tragedy in a young age and don't recover - you stay there, mentally, you never grow. After he lost his sister in his early twenties - in such a brutal and violent way, he started with alcoholism on top of everything else (he also lost brother(s?) and his father), and addiction does the same thing, people freeze developmentally. His behavior with women definitely shows no maturity and just plain fear. It's sad, really. I'm certain if he dated this woman for a year or year and a half - they'd split. Instead, he's gonna end up in another disfunctional relationship. He was broke when he married Cammille, she actually got his finance in check, something tells me this woman is not gonna do that. Poor guy, at the end of the day, he deserves pitty, nothing else...

1360 days ago


No fool, like an old fool. Camille is a good woman. She was there for you, for eternity. Now you've got some stupid girl-woman, swayed by your celebrity posture, you stupid *******. God bless your children, Camille has done well to protect them from all of this.

1360 days ago


Lest us not forget you being brought up on charges of raping your baby sitter years ago. Eh, makes sense you'd get a child bride. You're a pedophile, working within the constraints of the law. I'm sure you dress her up, to be your little girl.

1360 days ago


Kelsey is a bigger fool than I first suspected, He never got a prenuptial with Camille and he is gonna lose a lot of cash. This new chicky-poo doesn't have to sign one either....I say take him to the poor house instead of the Opera house.

1360 days ago

go home!    

Camille, as much as this must hurt, honey, you are better off without him. He seems like a weirdo and the remarrying so quick and barely knowing this "flight attendant child bride" shows how weird he is and lack of character. Protect your children and make them know that the way Kelsey throws out women is not the way a real man has relationships. And girl, you are too hot and beautiful to be married to a man who sex is not enjoyable with. After you heal and feel like yourself again, go find yourself a real man who can be a good role model to your children on how a man should behave. Good luck to you.

1360 days ago


Hope Camille got what she wanted.

1360 days ago
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