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Jewelry Shop Owners 'Sad' About Lohan Prosecution

2/9/2011 4:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The jewelry store owners who blew the whistle on Lindsay Lohan now say they feel bad Lindsay has been charged with a crime for which she could go to prison.

Kamofie & Company

Geoff Kaman, owner of Kamofie & Company -- the jewelry store where Lindsay allegedly pilfered the $2,500 necklace -- tells TMZ he and his wife "are extremely sad on how all of this has turned out."

Nonetheless, Geoff and his wife have cooperated with authorities, which led to the criminal case.


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Don't feel bad, Kamans. Lindsay needs to serve time for stealing. I commend you for having the courage to help put her away.


1251 days ago

Lisa bad...Article didn't say they were sorry - just that they felt bad. If they are good people I'm sure they do feel bad. Nobody likes to be stolen from, and I'm sure they might have a tad of empathy of Lindsay even though she is a klepto. I mean, I feel sorry for her even though she brought this all on by herself. Not sorry enough that I don't think she needs jail time for stealing - she definitely does. But we're human. What happened at Kamofie is a very unfortunate situation for all parties involved.

1251 days ago


She gave the necklace back, I am sure they told her to take it for awhile and see if she likes it, then caused this big ruckess that she stole it....come on...

1251 days ago


If those jewelry store owners thought for one moment that the necklace was loaned to Lindsay, as she claims, they would certainly be asking for the charges to be dropped, along with whatever apology they feel is appropriate. Like good ol' Davy Crockett once said in his journal: "If you're sure you're right, then go ahead!". So Mr. L.A. Prosecutor, full-steam ahead.

1251 days ago


she broke the law. the law doesnt get sad.

1251 days ago


The necklace was not ugly it was delicate and pretty, one of a kind with hand workmanship.

A much better value then Lindsays $4.99 synthetic made in china or guatemala leggings. Gold and gemstones hold value.

Anyway likely did the crime, can't wait to see the video.

Cannot believe Lindsay went to the Salon yesterday, she is not serious.

1251 days ago


When they reported her they probably didn't know it would be a Felony with a possible jail sentence. That is probably all being "sad" about it means. The punishment was more then they were thinking it would be.

1251 days ago


They shouldnt feel bad about charging a criminal with a crime she committed-unless of course, they made up an untrue story. Then they should feel bad and step forward and admit they made a false accusation.

Otherwise, the jewelry store folks are better off just keeping thier mouths shut and allowing the justice to run its course with a criminal. There is no need for them to talk unless they are in court.

1251 days ago


sad because they screwed up more like ...if they had handled it right it would not have come to this ..they will be closed up in the year ..
kick ass Shawn ..

1251 days ago


#8 Sam well said

Heres to Kamofie & Company with a job well done!

1251 days ago


people feeling sorry for her is why she has done sooooo many things that would have landed any of us in jail. If she gets caught, she lies and strikes a deal with the victim and all her fans go "see she didn't do it." Most of us don't know anyone who has had so many run in's with the law; arrests, lawsuits and contempt of court(nails and f***y** written on them)that are still out and have people proclaiming they are being picked on.

1251 days ago


He is afraid Lindsay or Dina will make trouble for them now but Lindsay and Dina are just trash and he has nothing to be worried about. Hopefully, the judge will not be afraid of her like all the other judges have been and doesnt let her off.

1251 days ago


Come on! You're a store owner in business to make $$$ not to have patrons walking out of your store without paying for items.

What's sad is that LL decided to be one that allegedly walked out without paying. I bet you would press charges if a non-celeb walked out with that necklace!

1251 days ago


Sure, videos don't lie... BUT, you can't HEAR them can you.

Maybe they told her she could wear it for an event but to bring it back. Maybe THEY are the ones with egg on their faces for letting her borrow it in the first place! Now they are crying "foul"!


1251 days ago


#36 I agree that they would drop the charges already if this was just an misunderstanding. I think they just feel sad because of what this has turned into. Truly good people don't get pleasure in seeing another person go down like this. It's just a sad situation, but after Lindsay pays for her behavior - maybe she can get some help!

1251 days ago
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