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Jewelry Shop Owners 'Sad' About Lohan Prosecution

2/9/2011 4:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The jewelry store owners who blew the whistle on Lindsay Lohan now say they feel bad Lindsay has been charged with a crime for which she could go to prison.

Kamofie & Company

Geoff Kaman, owner of Kamofie & Company -- the jewelry store where Lindsay allegedly pilfered the $2,500 necklace -- tells TMZ he and his wife "are extremely sad on how all of this has turned out."

Nonetheless, Geoff and his wife have cooperated with authorities, which led to the criminal case.


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1331 days ago


Beverly - I have to agree with you and Justsaying - Seems these days alot of people think publicity is good at another person's expense - think Oksana and her lies about Mel Gibson - think - porn stars and their stories about Charlie Sheen -
This Mom & Pop operation knew who Lindsay was - it's not like she could disappear - so they called her the next day and couldn't get an answer - then immediately filed the theft report - Over-reaction much? I don't get back to everyone that calls me within 24 hours either - sometimes I have other business to attend to - But they got the publicity didn't they?

I'm only interested in this story because that chain with a few citrines set into it is so overpriced - an ounce of 24 kt. gold can be stretched a mile!!!! The chain would not be worth $2500. even if every link was hand made - and citrines are one of the least expensive stones - Oh yes you can charge whatever you want for handmade articles - but it does not mean the value is there - IMO when the article was returned they should have dropped the charges if in fact they are "sorry" - but they just want publicity -

I'm NOT a Lindsay fan - could care less about her - but this to me is bogus!

1331 days ago


Why didn't the store bill her? Just another person to take advantage of Lindsey.

1331 days ago


"Free publicity, their storefront on the front page of TMZ, *and* they got a thief off the streets and into jail where she belongs. A round of applause for Kamofie & Company, everyone!"
Posted at 11:41 AM on Feb 9, 2011 by vellocet

Well said, vellocet. A standing O right here for Kamofie!

1331 days ago


at this point, is there anyone out here that really cares about what happens to her. time for her to fade away . . .

1331 days ago


Dear Store:

Why are YOU sorry? Lindsay is the one who made the decision to steal a $2500 necklace from you.

Please be aware you are not responsible for Lindsay's criminal record - only Lindsay and her enablers are to blame.

1331 days ago


Looks like it's Loony Lohan hour here, I guess they couldn't get front row seats to Lindsay's latest "show" and have to content themselves from bashing from Longuyland.

1331 days ago


Well said, themare and Brian. Pretty sad when the victims are sad to see things come to this but Lohan is still defiant and playing "linnocent" (to quote Nicole.)

Will be interesting to see if Nicole or Susan blog here during the time of the court hearing...

1331 days ago


I hope after she is found Not guilty..That she sues them..and forces them to pay her attorney fees. Enough to put them out of business.

Does anyone here remember the Photo of her and the owner? He was ALLLL about using her for publicity with a Photo of him with her....

Your telling me he isnt going a step further for themselfs?

If any of you honestly beleive she stole something of this small of value knowing not only cameras are on her all the time for being who she is, but from recent problems YOUR the crazy one! And need locked up..and not in a prison.

The world is losing its common sense...Were doomed! DOOMED I say!

1331 days ago


didn't lindsay carjack someone??? chick thinks everything is hers for the "borrowing." How can one be surprised, she was raised by wolves.

1331 days ago


Posted by Frances:

"I don't condone what Lindsay did if she really did take the jewelry. I believe the store saw an opportunity to get the publicity and used Lindsay to do it,

I feel bad that Lindsay seems to be trying to get her life on track, and this will destroy the fragile Lindsay.



oh PLEASE........... stop with the stupidity.

Anyone who thinks that Lindsay is not guilty and that the store framed her to get some publicity, is seriously stupid.......

Unfrigginbelievable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1331 days ago


Saying your sad is a thinly veiled way to coax an offer from LL's team to make a monetary offer not to testify against her.
On the plus side if she goes to prison she cant help but find a better looking girlfriend than Sam. Plus, the court will probably give her an ankle bracelet when she bonds out- good luck getting that back.

1331 days ago


They pity her, they don't feel sorry for her. Big difference. It IS sad to see a person with some talent turn into a junkie & thief with prison on the horizon.

1331 days ago


angeleyes Well put!!!

1331 days ago

Jason Shepherd    

With our young damsel in distress, of her own making, loving precious metals so much, will certainly be in heaven shortly surrounded with vertical jewelery of bars!

1331 days ago
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