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Lindsay Lohan -- Felony Grand Theft Charges Filed

2/9/2011 10:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been officially charged with felony grand theft ... TMZ has learned.  The case has just been filed.

Lindsay Lohan Felony Charges
Lindsay is accused of stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Venice, CA jewelry store on January 22. Surveillance video from the store shows Lindsay walking out with the necklace, which is partially hidden by other jewelry around Lindsay's neck.

Prosecutors recommended Lindsay's bail be set at $20,000. If convicted of felony grand theft, according to the charging documents Lindsay could face up to three years in state prison.


Lindsay will be arraigned today at 1:30 PM PT -- we'll livestream the hearing so stay tuned.

Judge CRUSHES Lohan -- 'Don't Push Your Luck!'

Lindsay Lohan was just remanded into custody -- following a STRONG warning from Judge Keith Schwartz -- "You're no different than anyone else ... please don't push your luck."

Lindsay Lohan News
Moments after Lohan entered a not guilty plea in her felony theft case -- the judge came down on her like a ton of bricks ... telling her "things will be different" this time around because she's on the hook for a felony.

During the hearing, Judge Schwartz said Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, and prosecutor Danette Meyers, were going to meet to possibly reach a plea bargain.

Lohan -- alongside attorney Holley -- was then remanded into custody ... and is currently being booked.

Judge Schwartz set her bail at $20,000 -- but warned, "If you violate the law, I will remand you and there will be NO BAIL."

The judge also revoked Lindsay's probation in the DUI case and set bail at $20,000 -- so total bail is $40,000.

Lohan was also ordered to refrain from contacting the jewelry store during the case, after Meyers said someone had sent the store owners flowers, which kind of freaked them out.

UPDATE 2:48 PM PT: Lindsay has posted bail.

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No Avatar


Why do we waste our time following the life of Lindsay Lohan. As happens with all white, spoiled, well-known young ladies, she will beat the rap by blaming her poor choices on her bopoze and drugs....and the judge will fall for it. So she returns to some sort of rehab center and after her discharge, she heads for the booze.

1262 days ago



1262 days ago

johnny Angel    

Hey World! As history repeats itself she'll only get a slap on the rest.
Picking up garbage or painting fences.
The American form of justice is out of balanced when it comes to the Elite and Celebrities.
This weakness needs corrected ASAP.

1262 days ago


Lohan should have neeb locked up a long time ago. She broke parole more times than she can count. UM, can she count?
The way the courts have handled her is outrageous. The judge needs a good swift kick in the robes!

1262 days ago


Pffft! She won't spend a day in jail. Just another case of justice for the rich, the poor get screwed. Our justice system has become a joke, doesn't do what it was intended to do anymore. If you have enough money, you can buy off anyone, even a judge. She just needs to drop off the face of the planet and do us all a huge favor.

1262 days ago


I don't mind to do this little bytch for $5,000 plus tax so she can have enough to buy 2 necklaces!

1262 days ago


Instead of blasting a star gone wrong, why don't you all go take an English class and learn to speak and write correctly. That's the real crime, that our education system has failed you all. How sad. They have night classes you know. This star gone wrong can be fixed and rehabilitated, can you? Calling her names only makes you all look like uneducated pathedic fools. Maybe you should be locked up in a class room for a few years to learn a lesson. Drugs are her problem, what's your excuse?

1262 days ago


The store loaned her the necklace, her assistant simply forgot to return it on time. Lindsay Lohan did not do anything wrong.

1262 days ago


Actual sentence she'll face? A couple days in a private cell to keep up the appearance of justice; a slap on the wrist fine easily paid by a multi-millionaire and a public relations campaign by her agent to say "Lindsay has really learned her lesson this time and she's getting help." Welcome to the land of the free...where justice depends on who you know and how much you own.

1262 days ago

Flagrante Delicto    

Celebrity? Like, what has she done lately, like?

1262 days ago


DJ my dear, before you berate others for their spelling and use of syntax, perhaps you are the one who needs to go back to school. It is spelled pathetic, not pathedic, lol.

1262 days ago


Just lock up the trash and throw away the key!!!

1262 days ago


what a complete loser, lock her ass up, duh!!!!!!!!!

1262 days ago


well lindsy if the judge gives you a fair trial you will get just what you deserve time in a jail cell you twit ,congrats on being an idiot lindsey lohan

1262 days ago


This brat needs to go to JAIL. She obviously has mental problems, most likely from the way she was raised. When the child is the breadwinner in the family, it's always WRONG!
Linday was used by her own family as the CASH COW! Now she's a MESS, too bad.

1262 days ago
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