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Lindsay: I Sent Flowers to Jeweler To Be Nice

2/9/2011 9:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has cracked a horticultural mystery -- Lindsay Lohan is the one who sent flowers to the jeweler who has accused her of stealing the $2,500 necklace.
Lindsay Lohan

If you watched Lindsay's arraignment on TMZ Live, prosecutor Danette Meyers told Judge Keith Schwartz ... she wanted an order prohibiting Lindsay from having any contact with Kamofie & Company, because the store owners were freaked out after receiving flowers ... presumably from someone in Lindsay's camp.

Well we found out ... Lindsay sent the flowers herself.  Lindsay told friends, she sent the arrangement "to be nice" -- and to say sorry the necklace was returned late.

It's all around a bad idea for criminal defendants to contact alleged victims, so Judge Schwartz told Lindsay she can't have any contact with the jeweler.

She loves jewelers ... she loves them not.


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Marmot... just curious:

What is your point/goal/agenda? Clearly, I disagree with you on quite a lot (or more) but I have no idea what your rationale might be. That said, I'm sure I haven't read every comment you've posted, but you seem to fall into the Nicole/Puckett et al camp - and I don't understand their reasoning either.

Do you think this is all a targeted attack on an innocent person? If so, WHY? Or that Lohan is just unlucky? Or her parents are to blame (if she was a minor, that might be an arguable point, but she's an adult, chronologically), Or that she is mentally ill/victim of addiction who is therefore exempt from being held responsible for the same crimes/laws that others with like conditions and actions face consequences for?

Or do you know her personally and care more about her cheating fate than her very welfare and health?

I just don't understand... but I'm confused on a regular basis, so its not a surprise. Do you (or other defenders) can or have offered a valid, unemotional, fact-based argument for your position?

1319 days ago


The Trollhans will just make up new handles and continue with the lying and deceit.They are running out of options why would Lindsay send flowers with personal contact numbers if she was not trying to influence a witness.

1319 days ago


Loveth if she didn't steal the necklace than she should have a receipt yes?.. or a loan agreement maybe? IF the store wanted free publicity by loaning their stuff to Lohan than they simply would have done that. Why do you supporters disregard all the previous claims of theft against this girl? Is everyone lying for publicity?

1319 days ago


Having this routine down to a science by now, she wasted no time in posting $40,000 bail with the help of a bondsman and was driven away from Los Angeles Superior Court's Airport Courthouse in a black SUV.

Read more:

Anyone who doesn't understand what this means, it means the Lohan's don't have 40k to post her bond. They have to pay a bail bondsman 4k to do it for them. Lilo is the definition of BROKE. She stole the necklace because she couldn't afford it. GHETTO

1319 days ago


#136: people are hideous. How exactly do we KNOW Lindsay stole the necklace? Jump to conclusions...why don't you jump off a bridge?

Posted at 5:25 PM on Feb 9, 2011 by Loveth
REALLY!! ... so... how do you KNOW we/they/... are hideous? Care to join the conclusion jumpers on aforementioned bridge?
'kay, cool.

1319 days ago


To #128:
"How exactly do we KNOW Lindsay stole the necklace?"
Posted at 5:25 PM on Feb 9, 2011 by Loveth
Well Lindsay's actions have pretty much been indicative of her being guilty of theft. I mean--why would Lindsay send flowers to a store owner that just accused her of stealing from their store?

If someone accused me of stealing their property and I was innocent...I would feel wronged and would be pissed. I certainly wouldn't be sending flowers to them!

1319 days ago


Wow I don't get this. What was she thinking? To be nice? There is no logical train of thought here.

1319 days ago


She may very well be retarded.

Who the F sends someone who is charging you with FELONY some flowers...

If this is not drug induced insanity she has to be at the very least borderine retarded.

1319 days ago


Their first clue that something was wrong was when this weird bunch of flowers arrived. It was made up of Venus FlyTraps, Poison Ivy and had an array of dead birds and frogs. It was surrounded by a nice ring of dog poop and sprinkled with killer bees and it had a lovely aroma of Roundup Bug Killer. This is one of Teleflora's most popular arrangements, its called the "F**k You Very Much, I Hope You Die" and Lezby charged it on her overdrawn credit card. The card was signed, Mommy and Daddy Say I am innocent and perfect, so screw you! Love and all that, Lezby

1319 days ago


C'mon, all you naysayers, Lindsay was just trying to say "thank you" to the store for loaning her the necklace (LOL).

1319 days ago


This retarded Ducklips needs to be in jail.

1319 days ago


Sending flowers is pretty creepy!

1319 days ago


You people are so ignorant. The picture is even labeled with "composite". Why do you all assume the picture shown has something do to with the text?

1319 days ago



1319 days ago

Hey Now    

"No....your just a squirrel"

just trying to get a nut, so move your butt!

1319 days ago
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