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Lindsay: I Sent Flowers to Jeweler To Be Nice

2/9/2011 9:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has cracked a horticultural mystery -- Lindsay Lohan is the one who sent flowers to the jeweler who has accused her of stealing the $2,500 necklace.
Lindsay Lohan

If you watched Lindsay's arraignment on TMZ Live, prosecutor Danette Meyers told Judge Keith Schwartz ... she wanted an order prohibiting Lindsay from having any contact with Kamofie & Company, because the store owners were freaked out after receiving flowers ... presumably from someone in Lindsay's camp.

Well we found out ... Lindsay sent the flowers herself.  Lindsay told friends, she sent the arrangement "to be nice" -- and to say sorry the necklace was returned late.

It's all around a bad idea for criminal defendants to contact alleged victims, so Judge Schwartz told Lindsay she can't have any contact with the jeweler.

She loves jewelers ... she loves them not.


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wrong board for that..sorry...

1297 days ago


LOL@ Soetoro ..hey noting wrong with cash ;P

1297 days ago


Could her lips be any more inflated - her hair and boobs any more FAKE and to top it off she sat in court and SMIRKED ... Lord help us all if this is what are youth are turning into ... future leaders of the country - I'd rather be pushing up daisies!!!!!!!!!

1297 days ago


Nothing wrong with cash, but when your purse is your bank account its a bad sign.

1297 days ago


TMZ you crack me up!

1297 days ago

Johnny P    

Vegas has running bets:

5:1 odds Lindsay will start doing porn in the next 5 years, if not in jail.

1297 days ago


This is sooo ridiculous! The LA DA's office apparently has a lot of free time on its hands being that LA is in such good shape (not). The DA, the jeweler and the Judge all want publicity. Leave this girl alone. In the big scheme of things this whole thing is much ado about nothing. This is the kind of thing that should have been worked out either behind the scenes with the jeweler or with the DA's office. Jewelers like this know that they attract, deal with and NEED quirky celebs to keep them in business. Lindsay's people obviously thought they would try and test the resolve of the jeweler who might have just decided not to press charges or not to cooperate with the DA (on second thought). Send them some flowers... see if they contact us about working all this out.
I haven't heard anyone describe how this whole visit to the jeweler played out. $2500 necklaces are not hanging on counters ready for the taking. Someone gave it to her and then what just walked away! Try that at Macy's... Then they didn't know where it went? Give me a break!!!

1297 days ago


Did you hear Mike Lohan is trying to start a boycott of the jewelry store next week, to make them pay for what they've done to his little girl? What a douche, even when she is the midst of plea bargaining, they still claim that she's innocent and that everyone is out to get them. All that coke has left them paranoid as hell. They need to go away, we're tired of your insignificant selves!!!

1297 days ago


Kamofie & Company are going to pursue you, Lindsay, both criminally & civilly, and sending flowers wouldn't change that.

1297 days ago




1297 days ago

normal person    

If that girl gets through this and remains clean she is very strong. I am sure it has been very difficult to be hated on such much. Everyone knows that bullying and picked on someone harms them.
I watched her bio on biography. She has been working since she was very young. You could see the spirit in her. Seems that that spark was with her today and she looked whole and not strung out. Artist are different than you and I . Once she finishes with her current problems she should clear out of there. LA is no good for her.Too many haters . If she test clean she is stronger then most addicts.

1297 days ago


I agree with your post. It's not a very flashy piece so it could be worn out of the store pretty easily.

As far as jumping to conclusions and accusing someone who has not been convicted yet. Everyone of is jumping to conclusions based on the information we have and for all we know the information is completely wrong and she is completely innocent but that is the point of all comment on the information that WE DO HAVE and discuss our opinions and in my opinion, LL is a spoiled, self entitled thief who thought she could get away with saying she borrowed the necklace or better yet IF she had been caught walking out the door, she could have just claimed that she forgot that she had it on!!!

1297 days ago


@ Cecilia - you said: "If she had ANYONE giving her good advice that she actually LISTENED to - these sorts of antics would have been done 5 years ago and she'd still have a pretty good career going.Posted at 4:38 PM on Feb 9, 2011 by Cecilia"

Lindsay Lohan was given good advice by a prison minister back in 2007 and again in 2010 but you are right .... she did not LISTEN.. either times.

Coulda, shoulda .. woulda... .the story of a drug addict's life.

She wasted thousands of dollars, precious work time, drove most of her fans away, has thousands of people hating her, created a wedge within her family, etc. etc. etc.

The only person Lindsay Lohan is kidding ... is herself. She is her own worst enemy.

1297 days ago


Sounds like something a mafia hitman would send to their victim before the hit.

1297 days ago


I say sending flowers was a very smart move and shows that Lindsay might be growing up and getting a little class.

And - IT WORKED. Good one.

1297 days ago
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