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Lindsay: I Sent Flowers to Jeweler To Be Nice

2/9/2011 9:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has cracked a horticultural mystery -- Lindsay Lohan is the one who sent flowers to the jeweler who has accused her of stealing the $2,500 necklace.
Lindsay Lohan

If you watched Lindsay's arraignment on TMZ Live, prosecutor Danette Meyers told Judge Keith Schwartz ... she wanted an order prohibiting Lindsay from having any contact with Kamofie & Company, because the store owners were freaked out after receiving flowers ... presumably from someone in Lindsay's camp.

Well we found out ... Lindsay sent the flowers herself.  Lindsay told friends, she sent the arrangement "to be nice" -- and to say sorry the necklace was returned late.

It's all around a bad idea for criminal defendants to contact alleged victims, so Judge Schwartz told Lindsay she can't have any contact with the jeweler.

She loves jewelers ... she loves them not.


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Who is giving this girl advice? Or if she is acting on her own, then she needs someone to give her good advice.

This was an absolutely retarded thing for her to do!

1359 days ago


The money she is paying her attorneys to try to get her out of this latest fiasco, she could have bought 20 necklaces. Unbelievable.

1359 days ago


Yep, courting them to get the charges dropped. Experienced criminals do this kind of stuff.

1359 days ago


Yep, courting them to get the charges dropped. Experienced criminals do this kind of stuff. I saw the snicker she gave the judge when he brought that up and it's obvious she's still not taking this seriously. That dress and the duck lips were her "FU" to the judge this time.

1359 days ago

Davey Boy    

The delivery of flowers seems like a non-issue to me. Eh, so she sent flowers, NOT that big of a deal. Who knows why Loony Lindsay did it. Much ado about nothing it seems.

1359 days ago


Once she finishes with her current problems she should clear out of there. LA is no good for her.Too many haters . If she test clean she is stronger then most addicts.

Posted at 6:15 PM on Feb 9, 2011 by normal person

Yes! That's a good way to get even with all those mean people in LA who pick on her. Move away and completely destroy their economy! It's about time they learned a lesson!

1359 days ago


2. the store hires amateurs and therefore they should quit or hire professionals, but I think that they should quit and go to sell vegetables instead.

Posted at 5:52 PM on Feb 9, 2011 by marknyc

It's still stealing! Didn't your parents teach you anything? They did catch her and have the video and the photos of her wearing the necklace days later. Lindsay THOUGHT they were amateurs and a easy mark but she thought wrong. She has absolutely no money now and no career and she is desperate to stay relevant.

1359 days ago


So a salesperson helped Lindsay by getting the necklace out of the jewelry display for her to try it on, this necklace allegedly worth $2500. Lindsay then sashays out the door with the necklace, while the salesperson says "Excuse me, but you forgot to pay!" and the security guard does nothing? No one follows her outside to the parking lot? Yeah, right. This really didn't happen.

Posted at 5:04 PM on Feb 9, 2011 by marmot

Lindsay's "friend" distracted the salesperson while Lindsay stole the necklace. When it was discovered missing they knew exactly where it went. They have the store video of her stealing it and the photos of her wearing it days later. THE STORE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LINDSAY'S CRIME. The craftiest person doesn't get to keep the prize. Lindsay stole the necklace and she is completely responsible for her actions. No excuses period.

1359 days ago


Freaked out by flowers? My my how sensitive we are. Imagine the mental anguish a hang nail would cause.

1359 days ago


Add a florist to her creditors!

1359 days ago


Wow all U haters??? She has more money than you could handle in a lifetime!!! This store made a huge mistake cause now Lindsay can & should & will I'm sure take her business elsewhere!!! Smart move they wanted FREE advertising!!! They don't deserve her business or her thoughtful act of sending flowers!!! PEACE Lindsay :)

1357 days ago
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