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Lindsay: I Sent Flowers to Jeweler To Be Nice

2/9/2011 9:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has cracked a horticultural mystery -- Lindsay Lohan is the one who sent flowers to the jeweler who has accused her of stealing the $2,500 necklace.
Lindsay Lohan

If you watched Lindsay's arraignment on TMZ Live, prosecutor Danette Meyers told Judge Keith Schwartz ... she wanted an order prohibiting Lindsay from having any contact with Kamofie & Company, because the store owners were freaked out after receiving flowers ... presumably from someone in Lindsay's camp.

Well we found out ... Lindsay sent the flowers herself.  Lindsay told friends, she sent the arrangement "to be nice" -- and to say sorry the necklace was returned late.

It's all around a bad idea for criminal defendants to contact alleged victims, so Judge Schwartz told Lindsay she can't have any contact with the jeweler.

She loves jewelers ... she loves them not.


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Soetoro I think I remember something about that with football players. That once they retire they even lose health insurance and often have life long issues with health because of injuries ect.. can't work regular jobs because of the beatings from football years. They just don't plan for the future and are too busy living the high life in their prime.

1321 days ago


I wonder...What made the store owner think that the flowers came from Lohan??
Posted at 5:11 PM on Feb 9, 2011 by Jeanie
Unfortunately I don't immediately recall where I read it yesterday, (ROL - even TMZ, perhaps? I'll look for the link so I can cite it), but the flowers were accompanied with a note (or something) asking them to call her (Lohan) so she could apologize further.

I don't pretend to have perfectly accurate facts in this post, but the article I read was similar enough. I'll cite when I find it. It was very clear who sent the flowers.

1321 days ago



Its going to be the downfall of our country. From the top down nobody looks past tomorrow. Guys going bankrupt making hundreds of millions of dollars, the media championing the lifestyle of Lilo and her ilk, its just sad. This girl needs a bail bondsman just to get out of jail. No different from a ghetto thug and she walks around like she's a billionaire. Its delusional and sad at the same time. I mean, if these people cant live 5 years past their employment who should be able to?

1321 days ago


@ by Jeanie

I wonder...What made the store owner think that the flowers came from Lohan?? If I received a batch of flowers outta nowhere...I wouldn't of jumped to the conclusion that it was sent from someone that just allegedly stole jewelry from me.

Ummm probably because she signed her name and said call me.

1321 days ago


I don't think that LA is the right place for Lindsay, at least at the moment. Everybody can call the COPS on her and they'll get free publicity, regardless if it's true or not. Look what happened with this store in Venice... they called the COPS, they get instant free publicity, it's a win win situation for whoever needs their name on the news and TV networks without paying for ads (and advertising on the news nationwide is much better then placing an ad, and it's free!!!! ) . She should move to NYC.

1321 days ago


She sent flowers to the store owner after telling media that the store owner was "NUTS?" Just another lame gesture by the "crybaby crook" in an attempt to wheedle her way off the hook.

1321 days ago

Loveth people are hideous. How exactly do we KNOW Lindsay stole the necklace? Jump to conclusions...why don't you jump off a bridge?

1321 days ago



1321 days ago

tippy katz    



Posted at 5:17 PM on Feb 9, 2011 by Jeanie

wonder when marmot will realize that posting support comments for lowhand
is like trying to bail out the titanic with a dixie cup!
does he really think he's going to convince anyone that she's innocent
with despicable racist slandering of the store? how desperate and despicable!
Lowhands are bullies.

1321 days ago


Just when I think Lindsay Lohan can't get any lower..yikes. She's been given so many shots to get her stupid a$$ together in rehab. Seriously, how long has she been out of rehab, like a month? And she couldn't last that long without committing a felony? Enough with the rehab - send her a$$ to jail!!!

1321 days ago


TO #123

Thanks for clearing that up for me...I kept thinking that perhaps the flowers were sent anonymously.

1321 days ago


TMZ's photoshop work is always hilarious. LMAO

Posted at 5:19 PM on Feb 9, 2011 by anonymous

They are funny, lol.

1321 days ago


#120 Um, no, I'm not a Lohan. LOL.

Posted at 5:19 PM on Feb 9, 2011 by marmot

No....your just a squirrel, or a slimy sick person who likes to taunt others into acting out on your sick ideas, like equating a jewelry company to a money laundering front for a terrorist organization, and suggesting people contact homeland security on them, which would only serve to harrass unfairly people who don't deserve to be harrassed that way in America. You also want people to harrass them via their contact information. In case, and then to top it off, you reply to cake and say you're serious.....You are the one who should be looked at seriously for charges because you are being the hate monger here. So in the future, I hope all the people who read your hate filled comments tell you to stfu, and i also hope that tmz declines your comments in the future.

1321 days ago


Stop making excuses for her she is a kleptomaniac plain and simple. How do I know because I used to be one. U steal because you can get away with it. It has nothing to do with having momey or not having money. Its the thrill of it all. She needs counseling and jail time period!

1321 days ago

Annie people are hideous. How exactly do we KNOW Lindsay stole the necklace? Jump to conclusions...why don't you jump off a bridge?

Posted at 5:25 PM on Feb 9, 2011 by Loveth

Maybe 'cause it was taken and NOT paid for and NOT signed out as a loan. That would equal theft. If today's hearing was not enough proof for you, go to your local jewelers and try the same scheme and see how far you get.

1321 days ago
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