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Lindsay Lohan: Let Me Take A Lie Detector Test!

2/9/2011 11:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan offered to take a polygraph test to prove to the L.A. County District Attorney she did not steal the $2,500 necklace that triggered the felony grand theft charge ... but the D.A. refused.

Sources directly connected with the case tell TMZ ... when Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, met with prosecutors Danette Meyers and John Lynch last Monday, she told them Lindsay wanted to submit to a polygraph test -- to prove the necklace was given to her on loan and that she did not steal it.

We're told the prosecutors shot down the offer, because they didn't think polygraphs were scientifically sound.  They also believed there was a significant amount of evidence proving Lindsay did indeed pilfer the jewelry.


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john smith    

@34 It's the dumb ass affirmitive action hire DA DAAAA Nettte Lindsay lawyer is hot and odes;nt look or speak like James Brown!!!

1317 days ago


It's hard not to reach a conclusion that Lohan does, truly believe in her sense of entitlement and superiority. i have no doubt she could pass a polygraph for this (and other) reasons.

It's also possible (though I'm not a lawyer - but speculating, offering conjecture and opinion just like everyone else commenting here) that the idea may have been suggested to her as a long shot (I don't think Holley's too smart, but Lohan has others around her) thinking that if she failed, it would be inadmissible (and thus somehow negate other evidence?) or if she passed it would be flung at the court of public opinion hoping it would have an influence.

Perhaps I'm way off base, but this offer is rather weird...

If she had *anything* significant to provide as provenance of her innocence, it would be a receipt, a signature, any sort of record that indicated she was given permission to put on (not box or bag, lease or purchase) and simply walk out with over $2K worth of merchandise...

Now THAT would be meaningful. An attempt at persuasive manipulation (which this looks like, sorry) doesn't cut it I don't think.

PROVE it was a loan or with enough evidence that indicates you thought it was such - and I'll believe you.

Acting like a toddler doesn't give you credibility, "Did NOT!! Waaahh!!"

1317 days ago

Stevie B    

Although the results of a Lie Detector Test are inadmissible in court they are used by the US government and the CIA for Top Secret clearance. I have taken 7 polygraph tests in my career and although I passed with flying colors the stress during and prior to the test is extreme.

I say let her take it but the questions can not be shared prior to the test nor can the test be limited to the most recent theft of this jewelry.

If they are not limited to this theft maybe a polygraph test can shed some light on her previous accusations and alleged thefts.

1317 days ago


OMG!!! How the hell do the Lying Lohans come up with this ****??

This is got be one of the most patetic bullsht story I have ever heard

Mikey boy is definitely behind this laughable crock of sht!

1317 days ago


Someone who feels entitled isn't going to trigger a lie detector. Besides as I said before.. even IF she thought/planned on getting the piece on loan she did not fill out the proper paperwork, she didn't return phone calls.. she did nothing until she heard there was a search warrant .... then suddenly she's ready to talk to everyone.

1317 days ago


So she used to work at Disney - was she Mickey Mouse?

1317 days ago


Oh, boo hoo, I do not feel sorry for Shawn Holley. She was part of the s***sucking team that got OJ off for murder, she is a lowlife black bottomfeeder who is used to helping the guilty escape the law. Karma is a bitch, and so are she and Lezby. They deserve each other. I hope she never has an easy night again in her life, knowing that she got OJ off and is aiding and abetting this retarded loser.

1317 days ago


the reason she was denied the polygraph was that they were afraid she would pocket the machine and there is no money in the budget for a new one...

1317 days ago



1317 days ago


LOL!!! I LOVE reading all these funny comments!! :-D

1317 days ago


All you have to do is take Propranolol an hour before your test and you pass.

1317 days ago


LOL@ Brakfast... but they 'gave her the lie detector test' .. surely that includes the machine.. yes??

1317 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

You can say what you want about her and some of it may be true however that does not mean everyone else in the world is an angel and there is no way this store is not profiting from this. I bet their webpage has more hits in the last few days then the entire history prior to this.

Posted at 6:07 PM on Feb 9, 2011 by anyjoe

1317 days ago


@ 53 Hecate

That has got to be the dumbest comment I have ever seen on this site. Perhaps we should just get rid of all defense attorneys, it would make it so much easier on the poor procouters. If you ever actually dealt with the legal system you would know that not only does everyone including Lindsey have a right to a defense but you better have a good lawyer ready to fight for you because some of the DA's are ruthless and give little or no thought to the truth, only to what they can get a jury to believe.

1317 days ago


The police should have let her take the test.

1317 days ago
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