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Lindsay -- My WHITE Dress Stands for INNOCENCE

2/9/2011 8:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan wanted to make a statement during her arraignment today -- a fashion statement -- and consciously chose her solid WHITE dress to symbolize her innocence ... TMZ has learned.

Lindsay Lohan White Dress

Lindsay claims the white get-up -- a Kimberly Ovitz creation -- also stands for purity ... which would make a lot of sense if the damn thing weren't so short.

Innocent or not -- she looked pretty hot.



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Everything she is wearing was stolen.

1331 days ago


oops posted accidently....sorry

121 dreamon

she loves the attention?

what is this? a joke?

that's what she does for a living

oh my ... I can't believe this ...

why are you here spending your time commenting on Lindsay Lohan? Because she's a talented star! that's why

look: it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out, no?
Well, since it is her job to entertain, I'm not sure why you're here criticizing me for being entertained.

She is not a talented star. If she was she would be entertaining me in some legitimate screen or television performance. Performances wich are in the far far past except for Ugly Betty from which she was fired.

Her only entertainment value is as saggy boobed balding scofflaw who still claims to be special. In fact her fashion choices today are as juvenile as her alleged behavior.

1331 days ago


There is NOTHING innocent about this girl. Not even the freckles on her firecrotch.

1331 days ago


Everything she is wearing was stolen.

Posted at 5:27 PM on Feb 9, 2011 by anonymous

Possibly, but I'm sure she put a lot of thought into it. She didn't just steal stuff from the first store she went to.

1331 days ago


Actually, that's the best she's looked in years. I think she knows she's toast, so she might as well dress up nice now, cause for the next few years it might be nothing but orange jumpsuits.

1331 days ago


yes she looked great and I agree with the white=innocence but it still wasn't an appropriate outfit for court. Even if it is LA, court is court and Judges prefer if you show up looking serious and conservative. My hubby spends a lot of time with his clients discusscing what they should/shouldn't wear to court. It was like Lindsay was on the runway. I wouldn't be OK with that if I was a prosecutor or a judge.

1331 days ago


Whatta dumb outfit to wear to court! The drugs must've killed a lot of Lindsay's brain cells if she thinks that get up signifies purity...

And the swollen lips to boot...UGH.

1331 days ago


I wonder what that leather necklace, that goes down in her her 'innocence&purity'dress, has to hide. Could it be another FY-sign?

1331 days ago


put on a bra and wear a skirt 4-6 inches shorter and MAY it will signify innocence. At this point it just screams "look at me and maybe you might see something"

1331 days ago


She looked like monkey poo.

1331 days ago


TO #139:
"The majority of you on here talking trash are jealous of her, why else would you bother even reading the story, let alone the comments?"
Posted at 5:25 PM on Feb 9, 2011 by Becky
JEALOUS OF WHAT??? Her duck-billed lips...Her drug addiction, her lost soul? Her criminal charges? Her washed up career? What's there to be jealous of?? Get your head outta your ass...Lindsay has nothing that classy upstanding citizens want...LoL!

1331 days ago


As usual,Lohan fails to take other things into consideration.The cut of the dress--length and shape--all add up.Too short and too tight does not equate innocence.

1331 days ago


I have to repeat myself:

Lindsay Lohan please GET OUT of LA!

come to NYC

everything is a joke over there: don't believe me? look at the face of Bill O'Reilly when the kids with TMZ commented as "awesome" the pre-match interview to the President of the United States(Harvey is smart, he does it for the money, playing da teen kid I mean) but the other guy saying "hanging out with the President" ? look at the face of Bill O'Reilly after those comments.

LA is a place for teens at play. You are from New York, come back home. We have professionals here, not amateurs playing tricks to get free publicity like the jewelry store over there.

1331 days ago


Does her mouth not even close anymore? On those rare occasions when she isn't photographed with her fingers in her mouth she walks around like an inbred mouth-breather. Just more supporting evidence to my theory that Dina and Michael are siblings.

1331 days ago


Well she's not much of an actress these days. But damn look at that chest in those pics. As long as she's got those t*ts on her, she'll never be short of money.

1331 days ago
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