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Lindsay -- My WHITE Dress Stands for INNOCENCE

2/9/2011 8:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan wanted to make a statement during her arraignment today -- a fashion statement -- and consciously chose her solid WHITE dress to symbolize her innocence ... TMZ has learned.

Lindsay Lohan White Dress

Lindsay claims the white get-up -- a Kimberly Ovitz creation -- also stands for purity ... which would make a lot of sense if the damn thing weren't so short.

Innocent or not -- she looked pretty hot.



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marknyc, if you think that hair looks great you don't have much fashion sense. And, as a man, I'm sure you like that call girl look. Doesn't mean it looks good or is appropriate for the venue or makes her look like a star.

If you even are a "fashion photographer" and not Dina/Ali/Cody

1289 days ago


You say you're not jealous of her but you know her Mom's name Dad's name're just a stalker.

Yea she made some mistakes, but she is not a lousy actress nor is she ugly and to say she is, is just stupid and immature.

1289 days ago


in response 170 by yomama

why this violent response? I know who I am, why you have to ridicule me?

are you fat and ugly and always mad?

1289 days ago


this time Shawn did everything right. I had doubts about her first performance but after the shapiro guy debacle Shawn has been a first class Lawyer

The choice of the looks , the statemets : even the Judge gave her a well deserved credit between the lines

Shawn Chapman Holley is a shining star !

well done, so far she was perfect!

1289 days ago


You have been charged with a felony.... and you wear an outfit that says a "statement"????? I would think that would be the last thing on my mind.

1289 days ago


lol at Lindsay's family... 'violent' reaction? I feel sorry for her. She has no sense. It's like she was raised by wolves. And as far as being a stalker (btw, you need to remember to switch your id's before posting next time).... her mother is on my news feed about every other day, and when I was looking up to see if the poor thing ever even finished high school I saw the name of her sister and brother.

I actually feel sorry for her because she has been so warped. She's never really had a chance to understand how she fits in with the world.... she's completely socially retarded.

1289 days ago


In my court I find her HOT!

1289 days ago


But what do her fingernails stand for this time?

1289 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Wonder where she stole the white dress? Has Lindsay been an Egomaniac and Nutty as a Fruitcake all of her life? She is demented and loves all of this attention.

1289 days ago


Guessing no panties under the innocence skirt and no crossed legs in front of the judge. Too bad the judge had thick glasses and was old so no bail reduction. Might work in for you in jail though, so keep it up LL.

1289 days ago


Maybe we are on the wrong track here...just maybe it is the only dress in her closet that she actually DID pay for. That would make it her "innocent dress"

1289 days ago


Today Lindsay was formally charged with a felony grand theft.

Last night she had her hair done for the occasion.
She wanted to look good for her 1st felony mug shot.

Lindsay choose a short figure forming party dress to wear at this very special Lohan event.
Lindsay has proven herself to be a true Lohan/Sullivan

1289 days ago


response to 174 by cmmom

you said "and you wear an outfit that says a "statement"????? I would think that would be the last thing on my mind. "

OK , please follow me for a sec.

here's why I believe that Shawn did a great job selecting the looks for Lindsay:

the story is a bout a store and a perceived (and kinda normal for celebrities) request of a loan of the overpriced item in exchange of publicity:

are you still with me?

good. Now what would you do? make the defendant look like a regular girl or make her look exactly how she is in real life: a celebrity.

get it now?

again Shawn did a perfect job here.

1289 days ago


What do you call a cat that swallows a duck?

A duck-filled-fatty-pus

Thought this was appropriate :P

1289 days ago


I admit that if it was up to me then I would have picked a different look for Lindsay : innocent , fragile, a regular girl.. something like that.

But Shawn did (indeed) surprise everybody, and that's why she's a talented Lawyer and I'm just a photographer!

Shawn knows what shes doing, no doubt.

hats off to Shawn!

1289 days ago
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