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Lindsay -- My WHITE Dress Stands for INNOCENCE

2/9/2011 8:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan wanted to make a statement during her arraignment today -- a fashion statement -- and consciously chose her solid WHITE dress to symbolize her innocence ... TMZ has learned.

Lindsay Lohan White Dress

Lindsay claims the white get-up -- a Kimberly Ovitz creation -- also stands for purity ... which would make a lot of sense if the damn thing weren't so short.

Innocent or not -- she looked pretty hot.



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Bill Leslie    

Innocence and boobies!

1316 days ago

Peter McCue    

The Jewellery store owner did not need to go to Police in first
instance. I'm sure Lindsay is innocent and is hardly likely to
need to steal. She is in this situation due to a lousy DUI charge
back in 2007.!! Every court official & prosecutor has just been
grandstanding since then because of free publicity and the need
to "punish" Lindsay as an example of how "tough" they are. Find some real criminals LA and leave Lindsay to get better. As one
Aussie fan, I wish you good luck Lindsay.

1316 days ago


If I were the judge, I would let her go and give her the necklace!!!! Good thing I am not a judge!

1316 days ago


when are you people going to stop making money off from her, she is trying to rid her leaches, and she keeps been put up on the pedestal to be rediculed, she had her intervention, stop giving her more problems.

1316 days ago


stop it haters...hottest thing walking...period

1316 days ago

Annoyed in MD    

Sorry, I know I am late in posting this....but Lindsay freakin Lohan is so freaking smoking hot its not even funny. I want to f-her bad.

1316 days ago


I swear I saw her on Sunset Blvd about midnight last night!

Claimed her name was "Candy" and we could party if I had a C note..

1315 days ago


C'mon TMZ

Can we see he doing the perp walk with that skirt shortened, and perhaps the stolen bling around her neck too?

1315 days ago


Ummm....nooooo...OTHER women's white dresses stand for innocence. YOURS, just stands for a desperate ploy to continue killing yourself with cocaine and whatnot...
No wait! Ummm it COULD stand for your love of the gak itself. Yeah..that's it...the dress is MADE out of coke...which is your favorite thing...and the jewels you stole? Those you mistook for rock cocaine whilst on a binge (which wasn't really a binge because it's your natural state of mine and by definition binges must occur occasionally)

1315 days ago


Hey Lindsay - NOTHING innocent ever wore anything as tight as that white sausage casing your wore to court and if you really think that sends ANY sort of message of innocence, then you really are ignorant. Girl, you'd better wake up!! That dress was more what a hooker would wear to get noticed and you accomplished that, now didn't you? Next time go with something more demure and classy if you can get "someone else" to help you find that outfit cuz yo taste is way off the mark for a court date.

1314 days ago

you're an idiot.    

STD's don't appear on your legs, and if they did I doubt she'd be showing it off to the paparazzi. Obviously you have amazing critical thinking skills.

1314 days ago


Pure as the driven slush.

1313 days ago


Really people? You're all such haters. Move on and get over it.

1313 days ago
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