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Miley Cyrus

Salvia Was a 'Bad Decision'

2/9/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus says she made a HUGE mistake by inhaling a fat bongload of salvia at a party back in November -- and relents, "I'm disappointed in myself for disappointing my fans."

Two months after TMZ first posted the video -- Miley has told Marie Claire, "I'm not perfect ... I made a mistake."

When asked if she was judged unfairly compared to other kids her age -- the actress said, "But they're not Miley Cyrus ... They're not role models. So for me it was a bad decision, because of my fans and because of what I stand for."


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Salvia isn't a good idea for anyone. It messes with your brain hard. I still can't see right after smoking that. I never been freaked out like that, scary. it's not a good habit to get into like most others.

1315 days ago


There has to be an angel here. She a ****y teenager and she is not sorry. I think maybe she is working on a movie and will soon have to go out and promote it. This was just the first step in a PR move to sell the movie.
She is dating the ex of Amy Winehouse. Do you really think she has stopped doing drugs and is sorry?

1315 days ago


All that extra-curricular activity is normal growing-up stuff...BUT...copping the "what I stand for...role model" BS is cowardly. Worse yet, if she actually believes she is more than just another person maiing a living, and taking the star status too seriously...she's in trouble.

1315 days ago


I'm tired of everyone bashing Miley it is so easy to bash her because she's a celebrity than to just look at your own problems and fix them accordingly. A big deal so what she smokes and drinks she's 18 I bet everyone on this page did worst things than this. So what right now she is experimenting and that is what we all did at her age or did it younger. I'm not saying what she did wasn't wrong, what I'm saying is that we need to kind of stay out of her personal life just a little bit. Maybe all these a-holes are stressing her out and are pushing her to the edge

1315 days ago


I'm only Eighteen years old, so I don't know much about life, but I obviously have better manners than some of you people. My parents raised my siblings and I in a drug free environment. I'm so thankful to have had the raising I did. I never will have anything to do with drugs. I'm not looking to throw my life way for some feel good high. Also I've watched this video more than once and watching her smoking from a bong and giggling, does not make me want to try Salvia or Marijuana.

So this brings me to my biggest irk: People who blame celebrities for their children's behavior. No Miley Cyrus is not a role model, the parents are. It sickens me to read comments on here from people stating "I've banned her from my household. I don't let my children watch anything she partakes in" You are raising your child, not Miley Cyrus. You control your own kids, and worry about them. Teenagers are naturally curious when it comes to trying new things, that's why you should talk to them about those certain things. Instead of sitting here on your computer’s complaining about this public figures behavior, worry about yourself and your children.

1315 days ago


ROLE MODEL??? HAHAHAH!!! I think she lost that role after she started dressing like a complete slut!

1315 days ago


kinda crappy person to video it and egg her on. and whats worse I think is the people who are negatively commenting on her as a person when I'm sure you've all done stupid things at some point....oh ya and you don't know her!

1315 days ago


Love you, Miley! Forget about the haters!

1315 days ago


I really hate the girl filming! She`s NOT a good friend at all!!! She entirely took profit of Miley! Miley should not rely on these people! Like seriously!!!I mean, she's young, she only has 1 life to live! Nobody's perfect! This doesn't do any harm until she knows her limits! People should really concentrate on her talents and other great stuff that she does! Otherwise it's nobody's effing business! Miley doesn't owe anybody! That's HER life and she does whatever she wants to do with it!
WHO are all of you to judge?! And the girl who filmed really thought she would come out of it nicely and easily! B****... U'll get nada in the end! U won't become famous because you filmed Miley smoking, u won't get tipped by the Papz or tabloids...You won't get a friggin medal... you won't get whatever talent or fame Miley already got...bottom line you won't get ISH!!! You've just abased your level of dignity, respect and integrity... Congratulations!

It's like she's selling Miley like an animal to the slaughterhouse!!! NO FREAKING HUMANITY AT ALL!!! That's what this world is turning into! People eating people!

Miley should really stop hanging with these kind of people that will try to suck her to the bones until she turns into dust just like Lindsay who have also been influenced in the past... and stop being gullable and stupid by letting some random talentless-haters and so-called "friends" film you on their cellphones "just for the fun of the moment" while you guys are having fun... I mean, You're Miley Cyrus... ANYBODY would do anything to find you in an embarassing situation! They would sell their soul just for a little more cash that won't even last!
It's really revolting!

1315 days ago


Is she 18 yet?

1315 days ago


You Learn From Your Mistakes Every Body Does Something Wrong In Their Live, You Can't Help Your Self If You Was Just Having Fun . Don't Listen To Any one Out There Just What You Believe !

1315 days ago


Mann i love t.m.z there in everyones buisness!! 4real! and I love yhis video it makes me think of this (lmao) BE YOUNG n BE Free!! Im not famous but I get Hi as ever . Im a 2000 Hippie.

1315 days ago


Too little too late, Miley. When this story first broke, you didn't seem to care about the impact it had on your fans, so why now all of a sudden? I highly suspect this apology only comes now because this scandal is starting to hurt you where it really hurts--your pocket book--since parents are now boycotting you and not allowing their little girls to go to any more of your concerts or buy any more of your merchandise.

And yet you still think of yourself as a role model and different than everyone else because you're Miley Cyrus? Ha! You WISH, honey. You USED to be a role model and all-important to the little girls who idolized you, but you willingly threw all of that away, and took great pleasure in doing so might I add! You wanted SO desperately to shake the Disney child star image and prove to the world how "adult" you are without realizing that true adulthood is about behaving with maturity and class, not about legalized sleazy living. You will never again be what you once were and that is a FACT, so you might as well get used to it. Once your innocence is gone, it's gone forever, and there's no getting it back. You are now what you made yourself into and there's no going back now.

However, if you want some free and well-intended advice: don't waste too many of those millions you made from being Disney's golden child, because you're NEVER going to get another job that pays you as much and you're going to need that money later on. That's not being mean, that's being honest. Being Hannah Montana was the biggest and best gig you will ever have had, too bad you couldn't wait to get rid of it--personally, I would have milked it for all it was worth! It's not all doom and gloom, though. You already made enough money so that you'll never actually HAVE to work again as long as you're smart about saving the money you already have and spend it wisely. I sincerely hope you take that advice and live well. I can tell you right now that this apology of yours is NOT going to win your former fans back, but that doesn't mean you have to go back to engaging in trashy antics. Be a class act from now on and find something worthwhile to do with yourself.

Personally, I can forgive you because you are only human, young, and foolish and did make some terrible mistakes which you are ultimately going to pay for (and in more than one way) as we all do, but you must realize that many others will not, especially the little girls who you let down. You're finished being their heroine, Hannah Montana, so move onto the next chapter of your life. Good luck.

1315 days ago

Chi-town Jim    

You all seem to forget what you were doing when you were 18. Plus, you're too naive to know what your kids are doing now @ 18, which I can assure you is more than what Miley is doing. Let the kid, I mean young adult, do whatever she wants. You paint her as a role model, then cricize her for calling herself one?

What a hypocritical land we live in, worry about yourselves and your own kids problems' before you start solving Miley's.

1315 days ago


Let her be..Big deal, she smoked some Salvia.. wake up people, your kids are doing it too. Don't condemn her for doing what most teens today are doing. Teach your children about the dangers and consequences of doing drugs and pray they use some judgement when they DO do it. It's no worse than alcohol..and frankly, it's alot more fun than alcohol! This hit's for you Miley!

1315 days ago
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