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Miley Cyrus

Salvia Was a 'Bad Decision'

2/9/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus says she made a HUGE mistake by inhaling a fat bongload of salvia at a party back in November -- and relents, "I'm disappointed in myself for disappointing my fans."

Two months after TMZ first posted the video -- Miley has told Marie Claire, "I'm not perfect ... I made a mistake."

When asked if she was judged unfairly compared to other kids her age -- the actress said, "But they're not Miley Cyrus ... They're not role models. So for me it was a bad decision, because of my fans and because of what I stand for."


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should thnk more wht u do than when you do it and not after you do it.... thats my opinion!??

1296 days ago


oi eu so brasileira eu eu intendo ingles eu acho que a miley tenuque tomar mais juiso!

1296 days ago

d s    


1296 days ago


I would think more of a mistake in friends than smoking a little salvia. Role models should not let the media put them on pedestals out of the reach of fans. You are just a teenager out to try a few things and experience life just like every other teen on the planet. You will make mistakes just don't let the media jump on you for it. Any true fan knows your only human just pick your closest friends for doing crazy **** with and they will keep you safe. Have Fun

1296 days ago


It appears that she was taken advantage of by a total &%^$# with a cell phone, and I hope that person gets what's coming to her. Who didn't act crazy when they were young?? Most people do. I am sorry she was exploited in that way.

1296 days ago


Let the poor girl have some fun!!! We've all done worse. Just b/c she's a celebrity she's not allowed to experience things for herself? wtf ever! Salvia is legal!!! get the f* over it people!

1296 days ago


She did sign up TO BE A ROLE MODEL, thats what got her famous and now every parent out there is looking down on her and cant get a job, she decides shes going to apologize... Its a load of BS! Here comes ANOTHER Lohan!

1296 days ago


Miley Who?? Emily Osment is much Hotter and a better singer in my opinion anyway. Miley and LoHo should hook up

1296 days ago


Miley you are young and beautiful, everyone makes mistakes, even if it wasn't salvia in that bong, Go get em, girlie!

1296 days ago


Miley's top 5 excuses...
1) I heard you get a free TMZ shirt when they show your face?
2) I'm sorry, I thought it was pot
3) That's not me. It was Hanna Montanna.
4) I didn't inhale
5) Cudda been worse, it could have been something else in my mouth...

1296 days ago


**** her head is ugly

1296 days ago


It's nice to know that when Lindsay get's locked away Miley will hold the train-wreck line for her. A shot out to Hollywood for continuing to destroy the youth of America!

1296 days ago


It appears that she was taken advantage of by a total &%^$# with a cell phone, and I hope that person gets what's coming to her. Who didn't act crazy when they were young?? Most people do. I am sorry she was exploited in that way.

Posted at 12:34 PM on Feb 10, 2011 by jill

Really, since Miley is desperate to be seen as an adult, a sex symbol, cool, do you really think she didn't have something to do with the leaking of that tape?! She wasn't worried about it when it came out, she laughed it off - she delighted in telling everyone oh it's o.k it's just Salivia, did anyone do a hair follicle test to check lol?!! No, who knows what was in there but Salivia was an easy cop out I'm sure she already knew all about lol!!
Her picture now tells you something else too, her next step is probably going to be the grunge look lol!! She wants to be seen to be an adult, she wants to be seen on a stripper pole, lap dancing old men in next to nothing, drinking, getting her way and having her 20 year old boyfriend when she was 16 move in, oh and yeah, the bong and now Amy Winehouse's ex?!
That if nothing else should tell you the image she's now looking for, she wants to do what all child stars do, to get rid of the image we all have of them as a child! They want to be taken seriously, they think by giving up the lucrative, high paying roles they already have they will be able to make a nifty transition to adult roles! It's not the case, they're remembered for the roles they played as kids mostly, most if not all end up on drugs or alcoholics, no work or bit parts only and unable to afford the lifestyle they became so used to! Too many die drug addicted and or alcoholics, looking like bloated, aged, cameos of themselves!! She wants to grow up NOW and not have to wait until she goes through all of the things in life that teach you what being an adult is all about!
Miley Cyrus is about being a diva now, she had the Hannah Montana series with Disney, the all American good girl image and her fans (who were all kids!) were hanging on her every word - if Miley said it was o.k, it was o.k! Everyone alive has gone through the same process, believing your hero's are
not infallible!! You can't quit a program like that, kick off the fans you had like a piece of c.r.a.p on your boots, then totally change into the nymphet, drug taking, boozy image without there being repercussions with the fan base! Adults aren't interested in Miley, she's a joke, the kids no longer look up to her as the person to be like! What a waste!!
All of Miley's diva antics caused a real strain on her parents marriage and finally it's broken up - congratulations Miley! Let's hope you feel the price is worth it!

1295 days ago


I love TMZ... I what till everyone's in bed to watch you guys. I find you guys very entertaining and very very funny!! I love all you guys. FUNNY ****

1295 days ago


She doest feel like she owes her fans anything. She treats her fans like crap. If you have ever seen one of her shows, she is dancing around with he legs gaped wide open like a stripper, not a show to take your kids to. I took my niece and had to cover her eyeys for most of the show. She is so yesterdays news.

1295 days ago
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