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Miley Cyrus

Salvia Was a 'Bad Decision'

2/9/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus says she made a HUGE mistake by inhaling a fat bongload of salvia at a party back in November -- and relents, "I'm disappointed in myself for disappointing my fans."

Two months after TMZ first posted the video -- Miley has told Marie Claire, "I'm not perfect ... I made a mistake."

When asked if she was judged unfairly compared to other kids her age -- the actress said, "But they're not Miley Cyrus ... They're not role models. So for me it was a bad decision, because of my fans and because of what I stand for."


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How long has been apologizing to her fans for the stupid things
done? miley please respond or you'll either be a lindsai lohan!
oh no blames that your parents are divorsiaron because many
people to our past and not so drugged me .- I'm from Argentina and look always

1318 days ago


i am a huge fan of miley cyrus i am just very disapointed in her actions and choices. i hope she makes better choices and learns that she shouldn't be trying to make anybody happy she just needs to mak better shoices and learn from her mistakes. she may dress badly but a lot of my friends dress like that too. and i am only in the 6th grade!

1318 days ago


Agree with 6one9, live your life Miley! Don't regret the things you do. Have fun girl and get high! There's alot of people who should just get over themselves and shut up! What she did was technically legal and its not like the next thing she did was Lohan the night away. There is a BIG DIFF between Salvia and Heroin...!

1318 days ago

ur but    

get a life moron

1317 days ago


I never really thought much of Miley, wasn't a fan nor did I hate her. But after this, the fact she is obviously a role model to so many little kids... I don't see how she still has a job. Regardless if she's just being 'a teenager' or it 'being her life'... my kids definitely won't be into Hannah Montana now or ever. I hope she gets her act together.

1317 days ago


personally i think its a free contrey n she could do what ever she want if n e 1 else did it no 1 would care shes only human n intitled to mistakes.she was caught smoking so what i bet they all do it. jus cuz she is who she is doesnt mean she shouldnt live her life im pretty sure every 1 tried it befor y cant she.

1316 days ago


Miley is great. She's doing just great. Complaints about Miley are about unimportant things. She dresses like a skank, she lap dances with someone, even her smoking salvia was not that big a deal. She gets the important things right. Her work reputation is impeccable and people who have worked with her on shows, on tours, in the studio have praise for her. She's polite with people and they enjoy working with her. She interviews like a seasoned pro and does a good job of keeping most of her private life private. She's has two movies on the way, a tour, and things are only looking up for this exceptional young woman. Of course she makes mistakes, what teenager doesn't? But her strength is that she can rebound from it, keep her wits, and to be as self-assured and confident while being real at such a young age is nothing short of remarkable. She's impressive.

1315 days ago


Miley you are so retarded. what happened to the sweet little 13 year old with a dream? she turned into a fake ass hillbilly whore who thinks she can sing with her squealy pig voice and her ugly as **** horse teeth.

1315 days ago


personally i think she didnt do ne thing wrong she was smoking so what shes only human and intitled 2 her own mistakes i bet every 1 tried it at least once or they will if it was n e 1 else they wouldnt care let her live

1315 days ago


Miley, your way to talented to let this happen to you. honestly, i think ur a good person. but what are you inhaling next time? ?Crystal Meth? no! well, if you cared you wouldnt

1314 days ago


So what about the kids that where 7 years old and want to grow up to be like you and look up to you are you just going to push them to the ground and let drugs and drinking come first because i wanted to be like you when I was 7 but not anymore

1314 days ago


waaauuuu me invitas miley a tu casa para ir a una de esas fiestas por que se ve bien padre!!.

1313 days ago


Reading what every she made a mistake so everyone on this site as never done one thing wrong your life must suck

1312 days ago


so she smoked some pot. who cares, its not like she had her kids taken cause shes a bad parent or got caught with blow like britney or lohan. she smoked some pot big deal.

1312 days ago


wooooow, miley... bad move. man, im her age, and i remember watching her shows when it first came out. thats terrible. her father seriously needs to kick her in the ass. come on! my little sisters still watch your show! i dont want them seeing this thinking its ok to do all of this illegal crap.

1312 days ago
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