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Miley Cyrus

Salvia Was a 'Bad Decision'

2/9/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus says she made a HUGE mistake by inhaling a fat bongload of salvia at a party back in November -- and relents, "I'm disappointed in myself for disappointing my fans."

Two months after TMZ first posted the video -- Miley has told Marie Claire, "I'm not perfect ... I made a mistake."

When asked if she was judged unfairly compared to other kids her age -- the actress said, "But they're not Miley Cyrus ... They're not role models. So for me it was a bad decision, because of my fans and because of what I stand for."


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Why Miley, Why you doin'g it :( I'm you'r fan and I Will say: Live you life for good something, Not bad..

1340 days ago


Whoever was filming this was a really bad friend. She shouldn't have been encouraging her and funny how this video leaked? I bet her friend is just using her for things like this..

1337 days ago


sexy lady in the world.

1333 days ago


wow shes high in this

1332 days ago


Wow. Thank god my daughter hates miley cuz she is the worst role model ever. she didn't sign up to be anybodys role model. Oh! please. She should have never become famouse then. She is patetic.

1332 days ago

Miley Cyrus    

I'm a dumb ****ing whore!(Miley_One)
yeah we are! Miley_Two)
We can sing.(Miley_One)
We sing beter than Stevie Nicks and Sinead O'Conner put together! Miley_Two)
Thats NOT Salvia Thats Weed!(Miley_One)
Tony The Tiger! Miley_Two)

Was that Bush in thta backround?
yes it was.
I talk to myself!
Miley is so cool! Miley is the best!

1329 days ago


She is a train wreck. A pathetic and sad train wreck. She looked absolutely ridiculous in that video. There is nothing funny or cool about that. And if it is funny or cool, I hope my kids never are those things.

1324 days ago


I knows everyone makes mistakes,but we, as human beings which we are not perfect, have to learn from them and keeping moving forward to the brighter future. Miley made a mistake smoking, what is a big deal of a former "Hannah Montana" star which she educated children to dealing different situation in their every-day lives was found smoking ,Smoking is real bad for our bodies but at least she knows what she did before was wrong so give Miley a break she just turned 18 and she is my one of my favorite actresses and i will pray for her to do better throughout her life and i will always be her fan :)I Love Miley Cyrus!!!!!!

1324 days ago


OMG! If you are a role model for thousnds of kids they'll follow you! Smoking is bad! If Miley CYrus was a big big super star and everyone loved her I think she should be fired from life! That smoking wasn't a mistake! YOu were laughing when you did it! People like you don't deserve a life! I am sorry to say this to (Miley Cyrus), but if you are like that you are leading other kids in the worng direction! My duaghter used to love everything about Miley Cyrus, but now she hates her/ you! So .................. stop or leave your job! Miley's dad is doing the wring thing protecting his daugghter! HE should be saying why did you do that and ground! I hope now everyone understands that its bad to be a big star to little children and you do bad things! Its just not right!

1323 days ago

Tia Fleming    

all teens make mistakes and do stupid things, it shouldn't matter whether your famous or not. If people look up to you, that's their choice. Do what you want and let people say what they want, just be yourself (:

1316 days ago


leave the kid alone we all make our own mistakes threw life just because she is a pop sensation doesnt mean that she should have to completly give her life to us or anyone for that matter all of you are hipocrites in one way or another all of you so chew on that she is going to make mistakes she is a human

1312 days ago


salvia shows you your imagination, and takes you to other dimensions of reality. i'm glad miley had a hit.

1303 days ago

B Raw    

Who gives a ****? A. A ton of young girls are whores these days (I slept with a bunch...winning) B. Salvia is completely legal and thank the ****in lord. Too many people in this country are so uptight about plants with psychoactive properties. It's a plant. Use it. Enjoy it. Who GIVES A ****?! Miley Cyrus is still a kid and she should be able to do with kid's do. If I had a nickel for all the times I got blazed or enjoyed a rip of salvia and thought my friend's new gf put me in a dresser drawer I'd have a **** load o nickels. Well done sexy.

1296 days ago

Miley Cyrus    

I'm so sorry guys I know I made a mistake but everyone does!!! It's not different just because I'm famous!!!

1288 days ago


Hey...she have 18's young...everybody makes mistakes...nobody is perfect like she is saiyng...why is it all just fallen into his eyes that he had "fired" a few puffs? Children under ethnobotanical smokes at the corner of the street and no one noticed ... I think this is really tragic ...sorry for my bad English,I'm from Romania, eventually you have no right to judge her is her life... 10x for listening me

1287 days ago
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