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'Teen Mom' Amber Lays A Hand on Baby Daddy

2/10/2011 7:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Moments after a judge lifted the ex-couple's no-contact order -- "Teen Mom" Amber Portwood once again got extremely physical with her baby daddy Gary Shirley ... holding the guy's hand like a boss.

Although the two arrived to the Indiana court separately -- the on-again off-again parents quickly joined forces after the judge modified the existing order ... finally allowing the couple to hang out as they please.

But as we first reported, there's a slight catch -- Amber and Gary still can't be in the same room with their daughter Leah ... unless they're trading custody.

Amber still faces two felony counts of domestic battery, one felony count of neglect of a dependent, and one misdemeanor count of domestic battery ... for unleashing an ungodly beatdown on G-man.


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that guy is one bloated piece of crap.

1349 days ago

Conservatives are Cowards    

Jeebus...she's supposedly a "teen" mom? She looks more like a hard-livin' mid-30s. And he's a hideous lard-ace. The poor kid definitely drew the short straw in the gene-pool lottery.

1349 days ago


Haha #34- so true! Is that beard supposed to give the illusion of a smaller face???

1348 days ago


Man that dude is UGLY. Look at his hair?? Jesus and his head is shape odd. PUKE. Plus his figure is so amazing (YIKES) man, please stop posting these two hideous creatures.

1348 days ago


I still don't understand why TMZ continues posting about these people. They are not celebrities.

1348 days ago


Why dont people stop hating on what they look like and worry about the child they have together. The child should be everyone's major concern so she is not messed up and all this drama.

1348 days ago


One should put a hat on so that one can break up the outline of one's peculiar shaped head and face. Thanks.
Ugly people deserve each other.
Looks like fat boy is making another call to his associates to finalize that deal in taking over the Maersk Company not to mention the deal with owning Microsoft outright and NASA rights to Mars and the Universe. Busy busy phone bee.

1348 days ago


Quite the couple!! They are less than stellar. Feel sorry for the child!!!!

1348 days ago

Brooke Neylan    

I don't really understand why you are all hating Gary - yeah he's not perfect but he's much better than her. Do you know how easy it would've been for him to be like a lot of guys out there and smack her silly after the way she attacked him, but he didn't cause he's a bigger better person. She's the problem in all of this not Gary.

1348 days ago


Holy Christ that dude is one fat Fu*k. If he is that fat pre 30's dude will be 400+ by 30. Earth to little trailer trash chik, dude is a pig, even trash like you can do better.

1348 days ago


Oh yeah forgot to add, when is he expecting?

1348 days ago

Bill Leslie    

He's either calling a drug dealer or a pizza place, right?

1348 days ago

Damon Jones    

I actually live in anderson and I heard someone say tmz was saying he was the pimp of anderson.I think from what I have seen he is a decent guy cause he let a crzy chick beat on him several times without laying her out,but he is far below the pimp median in Anderson.Our community is suffering majorly cause of our loss of all the auto manufacturing jobs.I want to put it out there that I would be more than happy to follow gary around and slap twinkies out of his hands for 40k a year.

1348 days ago


Way to go to Brooke Neylan, you hit it the nail right on the head. Most guys would have beat the **** out of her for hitting him like that but he did not touch her. That toke a lot of restraint on his part and shows a lot of character. Why don't people stop hating on his size, I guess you all are perfect. We all need to worry about Leah not the couple. Make comments that really mean something- instead of being shallow and saying he is a fat pig.

1347 days ago


Sorry I am guessing you are all pretty young because I have to wonder why his weight made him a bad person...I don't care how big or small abuse isn't alright so I would think that u would all be on his u realize that over 90% of abuse cases are against women and it never has anything to do with how the person looks or their weight..wake up and get a clue before talking about weight...he might not be the worlds most perfect man but no one deserves the be abused in anyway

1346 days ago
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