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No On Crack,

Yes On Chocolate Milk

2/11/2011 3:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen got a standing ovation Thursday after delivering a stirring, anti-drug speech to the UCLA baseball team -- "Stay off the crack. Drink a chocolate milk."

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Seriously, he very suddenly took on that "crackhead" look. If you've ever seen or known anyone who does it. Wow! It doesn't take long for that look to kick in. No food, smoking, drinking, no sleep. Not good. I hope he figures it out before it's too late.

1348 days ago


Funny, chocolate milk is commonly used by crack addicts to make coming down just a little easier..something about it calms the nerves a bit..

1348 days ago


this will be SO HILARIOUS at his drug overdose funeral won't it? He can go say hi to Elvis, Anna Nicole, Heath, Brittany, Mama Cass, etc etc etc. I'm sick of him!

1348 days ago

Sad sad    

He thinks the whole situations funny. He's an idiot.

1348 days ago


Oh. My. Gawd. Whoever is in charge of cleaning up Charlie Sheen's public image is an epic fail. A brief improve appearance making a half-hearted anti crack (or was it pro chocolate milk?) comment is their idea of positive PR for this man? Really?

Perhaps his PR person is a plant from CW's "Gossip Girl?" That would at least explain a few things.

1348 days ago


Stay off crack and drink chocolate milk?? WTH.

Was he high when he made that statement or is that statement some sort of code to his dealer on what he would prefer tonight?

1348 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    


1348 days ago


What a hypocrite! Who and why would they allow him to speak publicly regarding drugs. Unreal!

1348 days ago

I Was About To Say    


1348 days ago

Hey Now    

Maybe his handlers told him that he had to make some sort of public service announcement in order for him to be there? Which of course they should've known would be some sort of wise crack.

Anyways, I'm about to watch "Walstreet" - the 1st one that Charlie was in. I can't remember if I saw it but I don't think I did. Michael Douglass is very good in most of the movies he's in so it should be good.

I still wish Sheen all the best (despite his serious charater flaws I've been hearing about). Hate to see someone OD and die so young.

In a way, Sheen's story is 'somewhat fascinating' because its another one of those stories that make you wonder. Millions of bucks and nothing constructive to do. No motivation to even think about doing anything constructive despite the amount of help you could bring to others. It just makes you wonder how and why people end up like that - It seems kinda sad. Like 'what happened buddy?' and 'was whatever happened over the course of however long really that bad to want to give up and throw it all away?'

1348 days ago


Does he really think anyone would listen to his BS? He was just busted, what, a week ago? What a crock of s^!t!

1348 days ago


I'm thinking that if the Bruins want to maintain their #1 spot once the season starts up they'd better steer clear of this guy!

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1348 days ago


Chuck..get your ship together. Too much time x too much money = a buncha BS. Hang tight and soul search. Be strong.

Nothing but the best,


1348 days ago


TMZ.... So Sheen treats your reporters ( poor choice of definition ) right, makes sure you get a few photos and you start behaving like a bunch of star-struck groupies. His barely understandable shout-out is far from a stirring anti-drug speech and is totally void of any real substance whatsoever. Dear Lord... are you kidding me... anti drug speech??? Stirring??? I used to think Goodtime Charlie was a pretty hip guy but sadly he's turned himself into a pathetic version of his TV character. This man is not taking any of this seriously. He continues to provide photo opps to keep himself in the media and his lack of commitment to bring positive change into his life is evident to anyone with even half of a brain. Give it a break Charlie... commit yourself into a long-term rehab facility and stop acting like everything's just sooooo damn cool. Dude, you've aged ten years in the past two months alone!!! Enjoy it while you can, because I'm afraid that your acting career is soon to be over. You had the world by the b a l l s and ya screwed it up!!! Truly, I'd like to say that it's not too late but you've been doing this for far too long for that to be a reality. Forget about the career, clean-up and move on. The best thing for you would be to adopt the motto; " Good time Charlie don't get around much anymore " and make it stick from this point forward...

1348 days ago


I remember one time years ago when he got caught at something he was singing the praises of the "McFlurry." We've seen this bull**** a million times.

1348 days ago
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