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No On Crack,

Yes On Chocolate Milk

2/11/2011 3:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen got a standing ovation Thursday after delivering a stirring, anti-drug speech to the UCLA baseball team -- "Stay off the crack. Drink a chocolate milk."

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So he basically just admitted to being a crackhead. Of course, one of his whores said he was smoking coke so there you have it. This isn't surprising seeing that Brooke is also a crackhead. Her mouth used to bug the hell out of me until it dawned on me that it's crooked from the pipe. Telltale sign. Charlie's gonna wind up dead. He just doesn't get it...

1245 days ago

Hey Now    

I just watched Charlie Sheen in "WallStreet" - from '87. I thought it was really good. What Charlie's character went through and learned throughout this movie was most valuable.

It also made me sad overall because I'm sure that is how things really are.. I am a person who never seems to have money and its not due to any legit reason. I went to school (a top school too). I have a BA, MA and I still have trouble finding work. I do some temp here and some there because there are no full time jobs available.

So of course this movie also made me feel bad about not having a job. Not being able to connect with people "who know people." I just don't know anybody. My parents & siblings certainly don't know anyone that could offer up something legal. I can't really do dishonest things as easy as others can.

I'm kinda tired of job searching.

Back to the movie - Charlie Sheen - In a way he could apply that lesson to his life now - about money and having so much you don't know what to do with it. Don't let the money demons make all of your other demons become more likely (for example -smoking crack more often, cigarettes, drinking shots of vodka, writing random checks to porn stars for really no reason)


1244 days ago

Hey Now    

Movies like that (Wallstreet) always get me. I start thinking if I'm too nice and if maybe I haven't done enough to get out there. But I don't want to get out there and rip people off - that's what much of the movie was about. Lying, cheating, dishonesty, information and how you can use that information to make you rich or to remain poor but keep your morals & values.

I don't know. I wouldn't even know how to sell my soul to the devil like many in Hollywood and New York do.

I'm a good person from a poor family. So maybe that means I'm screwed no matter what. I remember Michael Douglas in the movie was saying he was looking for people young, smart, and that had no feelings. lol I have feelings - I feel guilty and I have empathy for people.. so I wouldn't be ablt to work with that crazy character (Gekko -- Gordon Gekko).

Oh well. But it did make me want to see what they did with the 2010 movie Wallstreet. Like if its more of a remake or more of a sequel.

1244 days ago

Hey Now    

I did like the interaction between Martin and Charlie in the movie. Martin plays his dad (a very practical pro-union dad (who I like)). So I just thought they played that well. It was sweet to see real father real son.

And if you stopped to think of Charlie's issues today, it could make you a little sad to see them act together and discuss the type of issues they discussed in the movie.

That movie has a lot of meaning in it.

1244 days ago


I am very proud of charlie and give him a standing ovation :) Makes me upset and sad to read some of the comments.Wish people would not put Charlie down so much.I will always defend him.He loves his children and is doing the best he can.We all have faults.Seems like a lot of people just can't stop being so negative when it comes to Charlie.I'm going to be positive and keeping him and his family in my prayers.You have no idea what he has been through or what pain he has experienced.Only he knows it and God.Please give him a break.For the ones who don't believe in him.Can hardly wait when he surprises you for the better :)

Have a good weekend.


Charlie's fan

1244 days ago


Charlie Sheen isn't going to die from drugs.He has cleaned up his act.I believe in him 100 percent no matter what anyone else may think.Keeping him in my prayers and will always defend him.


Charlie's fan

1244 days ago

belau seun kazeem    

Think health not drugs
you dont heroin
to be a hero
aim for the sky not your arms

1244 days ago


I want to semi quote Jane Fonda ,from years ago: Its like putting Dracula in charge of a blood bank!!!!

1244 days ago

Hey Now    

Does anyone here wanna loan me $3500 so I can do this local weight loss program I found online? lwish45@yahoo.com I know I should've never went to the seminar.

1244 days ago

Hey Now    

Or if anyone knows of anyone hiring! (lwish45@yahoo.com) Looking for someone with a masters. Damn - it's hard to find a job especially when you don't have money to relocate anywhere.

1244 days ago

Hey Now    

Next Charlie Sheen movie I'm going see (maybe in a few days) is 'Platoon'. I can't remember if I saw that one either. Maybe I saw part of it.

He was good in Wall Street (looked so damned young! lol)

And I loved 'Men at Work' - so funny. Both Estevez brothers were very hot in that one. I loved that it was funnier than I remembered.

I'm gonna get the 2010 Wallstreet too. Sheen is not in that one but I wanna see it since Michael Douglas is in it - whether its a remake or a sequel or whatever. I guess maybe its about the recent Wallstreet shena****ns that caused the financial crisis.

1243 days ago


Dear Hey Now, Post #135

Charlie is in the movie for Wall Street 2010 in case you didn't know.He only has a small cameo I heard.E-Mail me please at debs3577@yahoo.com if you're interested.

Your Friend,

Charlie Fan

1243 days ago

Hey Now    

Thanks! Ok - yeah I already had it in my queue - but didn't think Charlie was in it.

But I came back to say that I can't mention that Men at Work movie without mentioning that guy who played the guy who went along to 'supervise' Charlie & Emilio's characters. Too f**king hilarious. His name is Keith David. I loved his character so much.

I actually remember one time - when I was a freshman in college - I could not sleep (didn't know about stuff like Ambien back then & I don't think I could've gotten it anyway) so I went down to the exercise room to watch TV. That was the closest room I could find a TV in. I just went in there and sat on the floor and turned on the TV and 'Men at Work' was on. I had seen it long before and was just delighted it was on in the middle of the night to keep me entertained.

But anyhow, I watched a lot of the movie until a security guard came by and told me I had to get out. I guess the exercise room was only open a certain time but I paid my tuition (or my student loans did which I have too many of to pay back before I die) so they should've kept it open 24 hours.

So anyway, not a remarkable story or one to remember but I just remember that for some reason. I guess I hated college and the stuff I remember most from the experience is either when I was watching something on TV or eating out at some restaurant that I could only find in that area.

So watching 'Men at Work' in the dorm exercise room in the middle of the night and getting kicked out by the security guard - one of my college experiences. Maybe I should've just skipped college and watched Men at Work. Either way I'd probably still be sitting here typing this message on TMZ Lol

1243 days ago

Hey Now    

There were no drugs or alcohol involved in that story. It was just boredom. With how much that school costs its a shame I had to go down to the basement to the exercise room to find a damned TV.

1243 days ago

Hey Now    

Since Emilio Estevez directed 'Men at Work' - I wondered where he came up with the name "James St. James" for the character that he played. Sounds like there is some kind of joke there.

1243 days ago
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