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Gayle King -- It Doesn't Pay to Be Oprah's Half-Sister

2/10/2011 12:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey isn't going to cut a huge check to her newly discovered half-sister Patricia just because they're related ... at least not yet ... because Gayle King says "that isn't how Oprah operates."

Gayle was out in New York City last night, where she told us Oprah and Patricia were off to "a really good start ... and they're both taking it very slow."

Gayle says Patricia earned serious points by not exploiting the fact that she was Oprah's half-sister -- despite knowing about the relationship since 2007.


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She should know, she has been riding the coat tails picking up the big O's table scraps for years. Id say Gayle feels a bit challenged now. Her meal ticket might dry up

1314 days ago


Yeah the sister was classy enough not to exploit Oprah. What about Oprah explioting her sister for ratings? Opran never changes. ME ME ME ME ME ME

1314 days ago


What did you expect, "Oh, hai, you're my sister? Great. Here, have some money?" That wouldn't be weird.

1314 days ago


yeah Oprah and her girlfriend gail will talk about it..because in all relation ships you must talk to your partner before ponying up money.

1314 days ago


Yeah Oprah gets to expiot her new sister for ratings. Yet, doesn't have to pay up for the sisters appearence? Yeah, we know how Oprah operates. Just likes to put on dispaly her "good" deeds. Take a lesson from "some" other stars who give without the need for a pat on the back.

1314 days ago

Gayle the lover of Oprah, should know her better than anyone else.

1314 days ago


Jerry Springer never exploited his family for ratings.

1314 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Gayle just needs to shut up and mind her own business. I am sure she puts things into Oprah's head.

1314 days ago

Sure, Oprah gave a whole studio of strangers hundreds of new cars, but zip for her own sister who suffered all her life, and then exploited on national TV.

1314 days ago


pat isn't the one doing the exploiting.

no one exploits better than orca.

1314 days ago



LOL! I was about to tell Gayle to shut the hell up & mind hers until I read your comment. Gayle is just looking out for the best interest of her lover, so I understand.

1314 days ago


This is sad...what has Oprah done with her money....Nothing...oh yes, that horrible school in Afica, where the kids are abused!!
Her sister is used and exploited but not Oprah!!! I hope her channel fails!! Enough of the selfish behavior...we are beyond that !! Oprah you will die poor, yes with money, bur poor!

1314 days ago


Why does the sister have to prove anything? Sounds like she kept her mouth shut for 5yrs. Where was Oprah for that 5yrs? Oh that's right she had to wait till she launched her 'OWN' network first then use the sister as a 'big family' secret reveal to get viewers? Please she spends millions on strangers and audience members if this 'family' is so important she should share her good fortune.

1314 days ago


I have so much respect for Oprah, Gayle, and the half-sister. Gayle has been so loyal to Oprah years before she was rich or famous and Oprah is extremely lucky to have such a loyal and intimate friendship. Patricia also showed great integrity is not exploiting Oprah. As to the racists who are saying Oprah exploited her sister; how is introducing the world to your half-sister exploitation? A black woman can't even introduce a family member without being accused of exploitation? You're so pathetic and desperate to find any excuse to demonize a successful black woman that you have no clue what real exploitation is. Oprah's half-sister agreed to go on Oprah to tell her own story with her own words before the tabloids told it without their consent. Exploitation is when you tell someone's story without their consent and permission, morons!

1314 days ago


To that racist piece of trash Margo who asks what's Oprah done with her money. What have you done with your money, racist? You were born with more opportunity than Oprah but Oprah has given over $306 million of her OWN hard earned money to charity (and raised tens of millions more through sponsors and donations) but you attack her because you don't like a dark skinned black woman having money and power.

Oprah sent 250 black men through Morehouse college

She's given millions to a better chance which gets kids from the inner-city to better schools

She's built entire neigborhoods in New Orleans after Katrina

She had the courage to build a school in a country with the highest rape rate in the world, and when alleged abuse took place, instead of pushing it under the rug like every other school does, she had the completely cleaned house, held a press conference and answered all questions, launched an investigation, and convinced the girls to testify in court despite the negative publicity a trial would bring. Oprah is a woman of TOWERING courage and integrity, but you refuse to see it because you're a RACIST PIG who can't see past your disgust for a black woman with money.

1314 days ago
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