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Gayle King -- It Doesn't Pay to Be Oprah's Half-Sister

2/10/2011 12:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey isn't going to cut a huge check to her newly discovered half-sister Patricia just because they're related ... at least not yet ... because Gayle King says "that isn't how Oprah operates."

Gayle was out in New York City last night, where she told us Oprah and Patricia were off to "a really good start ... and they're both taking it very slow."

Gayle says Patricia earned serious points by not exploiting the fact that she was Oprah's half-sister -- despite knowing about the relationship since 2007.


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I have nothing but the highest respect for Oprah. Her show is so positive and inspirational, and she's created so many jobs for Americans.

1319 days ago

Room Monitor    

Stuff it Jack
Oprah has ten thousand million and she gave 300 away
just stuff it jack
matter of fact, go jack off a can of chili

1319 days ago


Oprah has more money than she will ever need. I sure hope she shares with her sister. Sometimes celebrities are wary of giving family money, because they don't want to be "used" just for that. But I think it's wrong. If you have enough money, why shouldn't everyone in the family live comfortably?

1319 days ago


She has a bad wig and a bad attitude. No wonder Oprah's network is declining in ratings.

1319 days ago


Gayle shouldn't talk for Oprah. Oprah should speak for herself. What a neck twirling snippy bimbo.

1319 days ago

Capt Clow    

It's Oprah's world, we just live in it.

1319 days ago


Room Monitor, Oprah earns about $300 million a year, so giving over $306 million is giving away an ENTIRE year's salary. And unlike the white people you worship, Oprah started her life with nothing, a poor pregnant 14 year old girl, and she had to work for every penny, overcoming racist, sexist, fat phobic bigots like the posters here, to earn the money she so generously gives away. It's HER money. She earned it, and has paid HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS in taxes to provide you bigots with free education, hospitals, police protection, fire men, roads, and all you can do is attack her for daring to live the American dream. None of you bigoted posters are worthy of walking Oprah's dog. How dare you sit on your smelly behinds and trash a black woman who has accomplished a billion times more than every single one you combined, despite having less opportunity.

1319 days ago


I can't stand anything Oprah, please. I don't even know who this dummy is. I don't care about her half sister and I certainly don't care about Oprah. You're a relic Oprah and just a fat nobody in my world.

1319 days ago


Sugarbutt: True about OWN. There was an article out just yesterday that said OWN's ratings have dropped again. In the past week alone their ratings dropped 34%.

1319 days ago


Oprah wouldnt share any of her money with anyone. She never has, she always gets sponsers and anybody else to donate her give aways on her show. Its not her doing the giving away, she just takes credit for it. Shes worth around 2 billion, I dont know why she dont give away a billion and a half to charities or some other worthwhile cause. Cant she live on 500 million? She dont have any children, nor is she married, (hate to spend some of that money on someone else).

1319 days ago


some body is jealooooouss hahah

1319 days ago


The ratings for Oprah's talk show are sky high. Not only is she still the #1 talk show in America, but she's now even CRUSHING the top court show Judge Judy. As for her network OWN, none of the exciting shows have started yet except for "Your OWN show" and "Season 25". Oprah's interview show hasn't started and niether have shows with the Judds, Fergie or Rosie. Once those shows start I expect OWN's ratings will improve, but even if OWN flops, Oprah's still the highest rated talk show in American history and you bigots can't stand a black woman being a powerful billionaire so you're hoping to see her fail. What a bunch of pathetic bigots, rooting for a black woman's failure all because you're too lazy to achieve anything yourself.

1319 days ago


The 1/2 sister seems sweet and she didn't ask Oprah for anything...and if she didn't want to tell her story to the world in front of Oprah, she wouldn't have. They both seem very humble and gracious of all the life has to give...KUDOS TO BOTH OF THEM!!!

1319 days ago


If I had a sister I would take care of her for sure..thats what family is all about...

1319 days ago


To the racist bigot Tommy15616 who said Oprah doesn't share her wealth. She's given over $306 million of her own hard earned money to charity according to Business Week. Yes she brilliantly raises money through sponsors, but that's IN ADDITION to the hundreds of millions she has given out of her own pocket, money she EARNED while you sit on your stinking behind trashing successful black people who work for a living unlike you.

1319 days ago
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