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Gayle King -- It Doesn't Pay to Be Oprah's Half-Sister

2/10/2011 12:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey isn't going to cut a huge check to her newly discovered half-sister Patricia just because they're related ... at least not yet ... because Gayle King says "that isn't how Oprah operates."

Gayle was out in New York City last night, where she told us Oprah and Patricia were off to "a really good start ... and they're both taking it very slow."

Gayle says Patricia earned serious points by not exploiting the fact that she was Oprah's half-sister -- despite knowing about the relationship since 2007.


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well you can always become a Crack Ho....Charlie Sheen's always looking for a deadbeat crack freeride seeking chickie, drop by his rehabParty palace and blow him an application...

1320 days ago


Like I've said before ... why does race have to come into this conversation ... when will everyone just look at each other as humans And not what color we are .. we are pathetic as a human race and have learned nothing and never will as long as race keeps coming up ...

1320 days ago


Jack. Thanks for pointing out the good work Oprah has done with her money to all the HATERS and JEALOUS people commenting on this website. It just explains how people comment without facts because they just HATE the person.

1320 days ago


How does TMZ, ABC or all you haters know WHAT Oprah is going to do for her sister? I'm sure whatever Oprah does we won't know. No one would turn down an opportunity to be her sister. It will pay off in the end and none of you haters will ever know.

1320 days ago


Hey Jack, take it down a notch or two. I'm pretty sure there are people, both black and white, who dislike Oprah and aren't racist. Everyone, let's try to take a more civil tone.

1319 days ago


Wow, I wasn't surprised at the negative comments towards Oprah, everybody's a critic, right? But the people who seem to appreciate Oprah, keep throwing out the racist card! I think Oprah stands pretty tall on her own merits but to say the ONLY reason to hate her is because you're a racist? Wow, pretty harsh! As a white person, who luuuvs Oprah, your argument loses a bit of credibility when that's the only card you've got to play.

1319 days ago


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1319 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Gay le did it ever occur to you the sister WANTS NO PART OF Oprahs life or money. Damm, everyone does not like the smell of Oprah's stink. Are you feeling threatened?

1319 days ago


Gail is a long way from Channel 3, but had to fall back on Oprah when she couldn't make it on her own.

1319 days ago


Id love to get into a chocolate threesome with Gayle and Whitney Houston. Yummy.

1319 days ago


Thank you donna for your level headed comments, they are much needed, race does not enter into every persons mind when tey see a black person and why does it have to be that way, like there are no black people who hate whites and say awful things about them?
I am so sick of the race card being thrown every time someone criticizes a black person. Learn to take the criticism the same as anyone else and quit thinking every bad comment or action is motivated by race. But when you have al sharpton and jesse jackson runnin round doing the same (because their careers and money flow depend on it) people will believe what they say....
I agree with Morgan Freeman Racism will never disappear until we stop talking about there done!

1319 days ago


Jack, where is anyone racist? The were simply pointing out that she has know her half sister for over 5 years and has to anyones knowledge done nothing to help her, while helping thousand of strangers, she has done many good deeds in her life but using the half sister to get viewers for anew station and not treating her own family as she does her friend Gayle, that seems a little off, and another thing how do you know what color any of these people are? Isn't that something you would need to know before using such an awful epithet? Racism is a very serious real problem in some areas that has in the past cost many lives, so to use it in this form is rather immature,people that find racism where it does not exist are many times only reacting to a person feeling instead of what is put in front of them, go back and look in the comments there is no mention of her color only her DEEDS and as they say actions speak louder than any word you can mutter....

1319 days ago

Journey Girl    

@Jack #15
Tell It! Bullseye!

1319 days ago


She is definitely not a celebrity. Just someone riding on Oprah's fame!

1319 days ago


WOW! GAYLE..what were you thinking? I remember watching the expression on the lovely woman's face as Oprah cried about how grateful she was that the tabloids hadn't scooped her. She looked sad. Imagin having been regetted by her birth mother 3 times...once because she couldn't take of you..and twice because it would have embarrased her wealthy ,important sister. And yet she sat there with such courage and grace. I hope her life is such that she won't need Oprah's money.I pray that she goes on as the loving person she seems to be. And Oprah..may you and Gayle and Stedman keep on your path as well..

1306 days ago
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