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Lindsay Lohan Wants Plea Deal

2/10/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan insists she's innocent but still desperately wants to plea bargain her felony grand theft case because she's terrified of being locked up ... sources connected with the case tell TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan Court

Judge Keith Schwartz set a court hearing for February 23, so the lawyers can talk plea bargain.  We've learned Lindsay is willing to plead guilty to make the case go away, provided she doesn't get any jail or prison time.

Sources say the prosecutor wants jail time so there's an impasse.

But there's another way Lindsay can make this case go away.  When there is only one charge on the table -- as there is here -- the defendant can essentially cut a deal with the judge, cutting the D.A. out of the picture.  If Shawn Chapman Holley offers to plead guilty to felony grand theft, with the judge's assurance he won't put her behind bars, the case could go away.

And, it's common in cases like this for the judge to reduce the offense to a misdemeanor if Lindsay stays out of trouble for 12 months.


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What judge, who deals with the DA's office all day long, wants to undermine what the prosecutor requests in a matter like this? If he doesn't jail her, he looks like a very bad judge who is star struck or weak after all this and the DA hates him for it.

Why allow this young woman to be in a perpetual habit of doing these things? She doesn't even care that she violated her probation! We are in a continuous loop with Lindsay. She can break laws and just escape any consequences. This is getting sickening to me.

On another note, I am really tired of it taking so damn long to load this website with all it's kiddie plug-ins. It's just worse and worse all the time.

1315 days ago


If she pleads guilty to anything on this case, that's automatic revocation of her probation and 180 days in jail. The only chance she has of staying out of jail is (a) to be found innocent in the theft AND (b) to not violate any other terms of her probation (fat chance) AND (c) for the Betty Ford assault investigation to be dropped w/no charges filed.

The only place Lohan can *probably* stay out of trouble is if she's in jail. Otherwise, she's going to re-offend, one way or another. She just won't stop unless she's locked away. Sad but she's the one who painted herself into this corner and I have no sympathy for her at this point.

1315 days ago



If you're using firefox as your browser there is a free plug-in which allows you to selectively turn individual scripts on and off. It's called "NoScript" and it is available through firefox's website. It makes TMZ and other script-crazy websites more usable.

1315 days ago


Be careful, Judge Schwartz. The world is watching and waiting for you to apply the law as you would with anyone.

Your tough demeanor isn't enough. We need more than a show in the courtroom. How about some justice for this repeat offender. Do the right thing.

1315 days ago


Lindsay, You are NOT a Felon....Let Shawn 'real deal' Chapman Holley do her thing!!!

1315 days ago


I blame Lindsay's parents, her family and friends. Who is there taking care of her besides people she has to pay, ie. lawyers and assistants and managers...she is so lost...where are the people who love her..she needs you..she needs her mom and your daughter...she is on a downward spiral

1315 days ago


There is no way she can stay out of trouble for 12 months.
Taking that plea would be the same as agreeing to go to jail.

1315 days ago


@poster 18 - Carvey.

Thank you and yes, I am using Firefox. Thank you very much. I'll do it.

1315 days ago


It doesn't seem as though Lindsay Lohan would be a good candidate for such leniency considering her past history. She always seems to find a way to avoid learning from her mistakes. She'll never change unless she's forced to deal with some severe consequences. It sends the wrong message to our youth when the justice system continually gives her chance after chance to rehabilitate her behavior and she keeps throwing them away. It's time for it to stop.

1315 days ago



@poster 18 - Carvey.

Thank you and yes, I am using Firefox. Thank you very much. I'll do it.

Posted at 1:17 AM on Feb 10, 2011 by JLS


It makes a huge difference. Right now I have TMZ set at "allowed' and the other 13 scripts running on this page turned off. If I want to watch videos here I just allow the scripts to run temporarily and then turn them back off when I'm done. It's all done with a single click of the mouse so it isn't troublesome.

1315 days ago


Good Lord, what's it gonna take before the courts decide to throw the book at this pathetic girl? Once a "star", her resume now includes the titles Cleptomaniac and Drug Addict. The judge ought to give "Stickyfingers" jail time just like they did to her pal Paris.

1315 days ago


Innocent people with expensive (though not very successful in this case) lawyers don't plead guilty. I really hope this judge gives her some jail time. She is sick and she keeps disrespecting the judicial system, and most importantly--she's guilty. I disagree with one thing the judge said--she isn't like everyone else--she is beneath us.

1315 days ago


Does LiLo has any money left at this point? I wonder how her lawyer is getting paid to represent LiLo. Does she get paid in gold?

1315 days ago


Frankly, the police report doesn't necessarily help her.

She may have been checking for an alarm, the earings she left behind could have been CZ's.

Anywho, she walked out with the necklace, obviously saw it at home several times perhaps taking it off then putting it back on. Blows off their calls and only returns it once she hears of a search warrant.

1315 days ago


I want to know how she stole the necklace. The owner(s) would have to take the necklace out of the display case to show it to her. No one leaves $2500 jewelry in the open. She put it on. Then what? The owner(s) simply walked away totally ignoring her - a customer - and she walked out? Doesn't make sense.

1315 days ago
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