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Police Report: How Lindsay Walked Out with Necklace

2/10/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was trying on a slew of jewelry before walking out of the store with the $2,500 necklace ... this according to the police report obtained by TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan Necklace
The report outlines Lindsay's every move -- from the time she walked into the store to the time she left -- and it's all on surveillance video.

According to the report, Lindsay walked in and removed her necklaces and placed them on the counter.  The report says, "Ms. Lohan then proceeds to try on numerous rings and three different necklaces including the missing yellow diamond necklace."

The police report then says Lindsay continued shopping while wearing the yellow necklace.

Then, at 6:12 PM, the owner locked the store but let Lindsay and her friend Patrick continue to shop.  That's when Lindsay tried negotiating a ring she had been eyeing, but she didn't like the $3,600 price tag.  Lindsay took $3,000 cash out of her purse and offered it in exchange for the ring, but the owner said no.  Lindsay then said, "Ok, we'll come back tomorrow."

When Lindsay prepared to leave the store, she put her own necklaces back on her neck, along with the yellow necklace in question ... then walked out of the store.

The owner noticed a short time after Lindsay left that the yellow necklace was missing, but figured she took it by mistake and would bring it back the next day.  Lindsay never returned to the store.


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Put Lindsay Lohan in jail for at least a year.

1317 days ago


I'd like to know if she wore that inappropriate skin tight white dress after she'd read here that some of predicted she'd do just that or if was her own idea. She seems to ignore any advice Ms. Holly gives her. LL did manage to get a smirk in and appeared to be wearing the UGLY long brown necklace under the white dress. Investigate where she got that and what is in it. Looks like white powder to me.

1317 days ago


Where is the outrage? She returned the item, so lets just all move on. Like a majority of folks on this site, I feel that we should stop harassing celebrities simply because they are well-known.

1316 days ago


It's amazing how many people here are willing to make excuses for a celebrity. Consider this one: "We all have lapses in judgement for petes sake she gave the necklace back!"

Are you kidding me. Lindsay took a necklace. She didn't borrow it, and she carefully separated her own necklaces right from the start. In other words, she knew exactly what she was doing. She knew what was hers, and what wasn't.

Lindsay couldn't get them to go for her lowball offer on that ring, but she sure got them back by walking off with one of their necklaces, didn't she. It's quite clear what happened here.

Let's face it, celebrities are human, too. Stop elevating them to moral platforms they're incapable of reaching as long as you apologists keep kissing their collective asses. In this case, if you steal a $2,500 piece of jewelry and you get caught, you go to jail.

Lindsay Lohan better start worrying about the three strikes law. I'd tell her to get her act together if she can, because at this point she's got no act at all, and that says a lot about a person who purports to be an actress.

1316 days ago


About post 350. You must be a fowl looking woman commenting hatred, speaking abusively about the people whom comment without even knowing Jack from Adam about anyone especially LINDSAY LOHAN. How dare you? Lindsay is a beauty and so talented in her line of work. No one is making excuses, all we are doing is sharing opinions. I for one think people whom dwell in making drastic hateful comments such as yours, exhibit no merit nor logic. You have not even thought about the ten commandments: You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. That being UNDERSTOOD, opiniate but no more comments based on hatred re: Lindsay Lohan.
AND GET A LIFE! We at home wish for her return to the silver screen and soon because she is well liked by my entire family as well as others. Thankyou Lindsay Lohan for your work and your hardships will soon end and you'll graduate from all this mess and be living peacefull, rightoutsly and working freely through out this GLOBE. THATS RIGHT!!!

1316 days ago

Sick of Lindsay    

If you scroll on over to X17 online, Ms. Samantha Ronson has on the exact same pouch necklace that Ms. Lindsay has on coupled with the stolen one.....Coincidence....?

1316 days ago


Lindsay is innocent. This is such a ridiculous case. What a way to waste taxpayers money.The jewelry store is a joke too.They could of handled this discreetly. She has bought from them before and they knew her. What a crock!!! I smell wanting publicity for their store. I say boycott the jewelry store.

1316 days ago


TO: No. 353. [johnny] who wrote:
"Lindsay is innocent. This is such a ridiculous case. What a way to waste taxpayers money.The jewelry store is a joke too.They could of handled this discreetly..."


Lindsay could have handled it discreetly too, either by not shoplifting or by returning the merchandize on her own. Lindsay did neither, and it's not the jewelry's store fault that Lindsay was already on probation, which is why Lindsay will have to do jail time.

Lindsay has already agreed to plead guilty to felony grand theft for this incident if they promise not to send her to jail.

You think we ought to boycott ALL of the places Lindsay has stolen things from, or just this one place?

1316 days ago


TO: 349. [ANDREW] who wrote:
"Where is the outrage? She returned the item, so lets just all move on. Like a majority of folks on this site, I feel that we should stop harassing celebrities simply because they are well-known."


Too bad no one "harassed" Lindsay before this. She might not be on the hook. People have obviously been turning their back on Lindsay's poor behavior for a long time, and people are just not willing to let her walk into their businesses and steal anything she wants.

Instead of preaching to us, maybe you should be schooling Lindsay.

1316 days ago


all of you goody 2 shoes...if you went to grocery store and came home with an extra item that you didnt pay for would you return it???hell no!!!!its the same principle!!!!

1316 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Wow CAT@356
Are you serious?
How bout you go to your local jewelry store, pick out a nice diamond necklace and walk out with it and run that logic up the flag pole and see what happens.

1316 days ago

Sal Ferrari    

She's in need of a good 'ol fashioned beating to smack some sense into her.

After really hearing multiple sides of this story, I don't believe that Lindsey 'made a mistake' and accidentally walked out with the necklace. I've determined my theory for a number of factual reasons:

1) She planned on flashing the $3K in cash. Speaking of which, someone needs to piss test her again because in the Hollywood I know, most celebrities use credit cards. Unless she's taking cash for her roles in movies lately, or unless she's hooking on the side, what excuse would you believe from your 24 year old daughter who walks around with that wad of dough.

2) She was there with 'Patrick'; she didn't have 'the balls' to even try this on her own.

3) I don't believe that she was going back & forth with the owner on a $3,60...0 item that she had her eye on & in the end let a measly $60......0 stop her from loathing herself.
This was clearly a front to distract the owner from what she really had her eyes on, the yellow diamond necklace. The only thing I can't figure out is how a dimwit like her even thought of such a retarded plan.

4) Let's actually believe for a minute that this 'price conscious' Lohan was coherent enough to value the meaning of $60......0. If you take that appreciation for money & add her selfish & heartless ethical values, you'll see what motivated her to even try to pull off a moronic move like this one. She thinks, "what's the worst that could happen; either I'll walk out of there with this yellow diamond necklace & my wad of coke money, or at worst, I am stopped by the store and reminded to remove the necklace in a friendly manner, or even at the very worst, busted at the door, in which case she'd pull her 'Lindsey Lohan' magic, and possibly barter an appearance at their kid's birthday party in exchange for forgetting the incident."

5) What the hell would have stopped her from returning the necklace? Could she possibly have thought the owner would be cool with her keeping it, even after he wouldn't sell her the friekin' ring for nearly 20% off? (by the way, no sane negotiator would give in to her knowing she's likely going to cave & pay asking price, given her celebrity status).

I don't think that the cops and judicial system is actually targeting Lindsey. I think that aside from a lot of bad choices she's made, she still doesn't understand that we live in a real world which actually has consequences. It's not chance that she needs a lawyer's dream customer, and as soon as she realizes that already, she'll be a step further than she's unfortunately sunken to. She really needs to realize that there aint too many more steps for her to sink anymore; she's really screwing herself, her name, reputation, and any chance of a future in show biz.

I really hope that they throw the book at her for this. Then again, she'll be back in court for something else before they can wrap this up; you'll see.

1316 days ago


Seriously I don't get it, is bad publicity still good or what? Singer, actress, great body, hot scene in Machete why does she do this. She could easily top over Natalie Portman if she changes her ways and stops acting like a DIVA.

We love you Lindsay but grow up.

1316 days ago

bex a celeb 'borrows' jewelry from a store, isn't it usually for some event where the store will actually get some publicity for their item? and aren't the items borrowed usually something a bit more attention worthy than a dinky little chain? that's the whole point of loaner jewelry. publicity for a nicely crafted piece. this is why i don't believe her b.s. that the store loaned it to her...the store would have nothing to gain from it--no one would ever look at that piece and say: 'omg, i have got to get one of those...where is that from?' nor was she obtaining it to wear to any event where it would be noticed. common one on either side had anything to gain from the loan. even lohan would have nothing to gain from it.....only from a theft. i think that it is disgusting that there are people serving two year sentences on first offences for rediculous things--ex. a little bit of pot, driving offences (and there are), and this girl runs around the globe pilfering hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stuff from jewelers, other actresses, etc.....and she still has idiots like y'all standing up for her. nor has she ever had to do any time.....a normal person living in cali doing what she's done would've hit their three shot drop by now and be serving life. what a friggin shame.

1315 days ago


Jewelry store wants publicity.
Lindsay is immature, foolish, missing brain cells from drinking and druggin, and likely did walk out without a thought.

I forget I have jewelry on all the time. Not hard.

Why did the store not simply bill her for the necklace, then take her to court since they couldn't reach her instead of turning around and saying she stole from us...Lohan is an easy target.

1315 days ago
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