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Lindsay Lohan Tweets -- 'I Would Never Steal'

2/10/2011 9:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is finally lashing out about her court case -- and her skin-tight court attire -- in a mini-rant on Twitter ... stating, "I would never steal, in case people are wondering."

Lindsay added, "In case people are wondering, I was not raised to lie, cheat, or steal."

Just a reminder -- she was raised by Michael Lohan.

Anyway, Lindsay concluded, "Also, what i wear to court shouldnt be front page news. it's just absurd. god bless xox L"



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Was she raised to use drugs and drive drunk?!? She's already proven to be a liar. She may have not been "raised" to "lie, cheat, and steal", but she picked-up those bad habits just like the drugs and alcohol. And btw, Lindsay, you're parents are not good role models to be saying you were not raised that way when they are suspect of the things that you are doing now. Monkey see, monkey do? Lindsay, since you are throwing around God blesses, go do some soul-searching and turn your life over to Christ. You're not going to find peace any other way.

1165 days ago


Just about every prisoner in prison says he or she is innocent. Amazing system we have of incarcerating only innocent people.

Something about Lindsay just turns people against her. I think it is her inflated ego and sense of entitlement.

I thought the dress was borderline obscene. And why do her boobs sag to her waist? If she's not wearing a bra, she needs to start. The white dress was not flattering at all, nor did I think it was attractive. Reminded me of something worn in the seventies.

1165 days ago


She's a parody of herself.

1165 days ago


Did she really just say that she doesn't lie?? Um, "the pants aren't mine". "It was the kid in the striped shirt". "They spilled a drink on my scram bracelet".

Did she really just say that she doesn't steal?? There are pictures of you in the fur coat that you stole AND you settled out of court!

And the only person you're cheating, is yourself. Start admitting your mistakes Lindsay... take responsibility. It's the first step in your recovery!

1165 days ago


Right. Because people with drug addictions seldom lie, cheat, or steal. It's just so RARE. Hardly ever happens.

1165 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...UM LINDSAY, the public loves to watch trainwrecks..THAT is why you are front page news..and NATURALLY, you dress for the occasion , after all, your use to walking the cement carpet!

1165 days ago


"... the cement carpet".
LOL! I'm still laughing. That was good.

1165 days ago


"I would never steal". Right and the sky isnt blue and you are actually a natural blonde.

1165 days ago


Wah,Wah, F*%#king Wah,Wah, SO TIRED OF SEEING HER IN THE NEWS. If she were the average person, we would not be subjected to her nonsense and she would have been in jail already serving time for the hundreds of crimes she commited before this one!,.....Ughhhhhh, OVER IT!

1165 days ago


no bitch you were raised to be the biggest a-hole on the planet. Please just overdose and die already.

1165 days ago


who is she expecting to convince with that crap? Actions say so much more than words.

1165 days ago


Some one done lied to you, sister!! You need to sit yourself down.

1165 days ago

john smith    

There's a bunch of jealous haters on here who are probably a hundred pounds overweight and have boring lives and can only imagine living in Los Angeles and working in Hollywood. Don't be a hater, just make sure you take your insulin injections and your heart and blood pressure meds and try not to look at your ugly spouse too much or think about your crappy boring life and tedious job. Lindsay looks great and people are jealous of her glamorous lifestyle and her fame and modeling and acting career.

1165 days ago



If you want people to believe you would never steal, you have to address the issue of the fur coat. Also, did you fill a bag with clothes from someone's closet and hand it to a bodyguard? When people read things like this, it's not hard to imagine you're deluded about not having stolen the necklace.

Regarding your statement that you don't lie, everyone remembers your not reporting to work on Georgia Rule, costing the production millions, claiming you were exhausted, but, apparently, not too exhausted to go clubbing.

A lot of damage to your reputation has already been done. If you want people to trust your words, you need to clear up these rumors about past thefts and behavior. Sadly, I don't believe they are rumors.

1165 days ago


Those arent my pants, thats not my coke, I dont do drugs, the black kid was driving, everyone is out to get me, my passport was stolen, I've never set foot in that store, I borrowed it, I dont do paperwork.

1165 days ago
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