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Lindsay Lohan Tweets -- 'I Would Never Steal'

2/10/2011 9:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is finally lashing out about her court case -- and her skin-tight court attire -- in a mini-rant on Twitter ... stating, "I would never steal, in case people are wondering."

Lindsay added, "In case people are wondering, I was not raised to lie, cheat, or steal."

Just a reminder -- she was raised by Michael Lohan.

Anyway, Lindsay concluded, "Also, what i wear to court shouldnt be front page news. it's just absurd. god bless xox L"



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She has an excuse for EVERYTHING doesn't she? She keeps saying she is surrounding herself with good people...Of course you can't just get rid of your mother but seriously....she needs to get as far away from that user of a mother as she can and see her on occassion. Her mother is her biggest problem - that woman is a joke.

1296 days ago


Lindsay, until you make the decision to own up to your mistakes the best thing you can do is just to shut up! You are like Sarah Palin in that everytime you open your mouth you make yourself appear more ridiculous.

1296 days ago


What career, John? Name something worthwhile she's done in the last 5 years. We're waiting. She's a career criminal who still takes zero - that's NULL - responsibility just like you.

1296 days ago


Thank you for those.
Hilarious tweet Jimmy Fallon:

The video game Guitar Hero is being discontinued. But I’ll have more time to play my new favorite video game: Grand Theft Lohan.

@KKBensimon on @LindsayLohan's court attire "You should dress like you are going to a funeral, not a club"

Harvey's response to Dr. Drew.
@drdrew To be fair…people see she brought $6k to a jewelry store and walked out with necklace w/o paying… people have a right to comment”.

@ Rose6491
Poor Shawn Chapman Holley.... I wouldn't want her job for the world....

Me either, sounds like she has had it too and can't wait to get off Lindsay's crazy train.

1296 days ago


I really don't think she realizes she does things wrong. Too Sad. I'm sorry Lindsay, but you weren't raised to think you are like everybody else. You were raised to think you don't have to follow the rules everyone else has to follow. Your parents miserably failed you. You can't just keep "borrowing" things from people who aren't lending them to you. That is called stealing. You might want to share that with your parents.

1296 days ago


One has to wonder how SCH can keep a straight face in court.

I'd love to know what she has to say to Ms. Meyers and the judge in chambers...... that would be priceless.... lol

1296 days ago


Um, only someone who does those things would make a statement like that. All she's been doing is lie, cheat, & steal for the last couple years. It's hard for me to believe that there are actually people out there who don't see how delusional she is and honestly believe she is innocent. She didn't steal the necklace, she didn't steal other things, she didn't know she was moving right next door to Sam R., the drugs weren't hers, those weren't her pants, she doesn't have a drug problem, blah blah blah blah blah. She's either a liar, crazy, or the most unlucky person on the planet.

1296 days ago


She's a true sociopath! To lie, cheat and steal is the ONLY thing she has been taught.

Her acting career is over. Has no one informed her of this yet? Real stars have a hard time getting roles and she thinks directors are just dying to work with her? Why, so she can not show up on set, throw tantrums and steal from the studio? She's going to have to do porn to pay those legal bills.

There is no cure for crazy.

1296 days ago


Her career is done she is a washed out has been that no director even will touch. Insurance company's won't have a thing to do with her either.The only thing she is famous for in the last 6 years is stealing, lying, dressing like a ho, doing drugs, driving drunk....who wants to be famous for that? She needs to go back to school and graduate and go to college clean up and get a education.

1296 days ago


Lindsay, STAY STRONG and remember if people are HATING on you, be happy, because you're still ALL THAT!!

1296 days ago


Lindsay needs to go back to Long Island and live a normal life and FORGET about a Hollywood career. It is not going to happen! Who would go to see a movie she is headlining? It is too bad she does not have decent people in her life to tell her this. Sad, very sad.

Posted at 4:40 PM on Feb 10, 2011 by hopevalley

Your so Right..

#8 i'm not for sure, i didnt even know who she was till tmz shoved her to may face everyhour now. It funny that she type she wanned to left alone! lol yeah guys lets this woman ALONE nobody go and watch nothing she's in it..

1296 days ago


Kill the skank! Somebody please!!!

1296 days ago


Obviously Lindsay needs to look up the definition of stealing. Forgetting to pay for something, forgetting to take off an item before walking out of the store, not having permission from the rightful owner to take or "borrow" an item are all examples of stealing.

Give us all a break Lindsay and be honest for once with yourself. Accept responsibility for your actions, stop blaming others and trying to downplace your current situation.

Suggestion to your probation officer....random drug and alcohol tests between now and Feb. 23rd. and Feb. 25th. Lindsay you have an addictive personality and stealing has only been added to your list of "accomplishments".

Please don't patronize us by saying "God Bless and XO"'re behavior needs to change not just follow a "script".

God bless the young men and women who know the difference between right and wrong and live it everyday.

1296 days ago


Did she actually say she doesn't lie? And I'm supposed to believe that?

1296 days ago


I've been to court a few times, unfortunetly. Don't dare show up in shorts, jeans, gansta wear or in Lilo's case a sorta skin tight short white dress. This does not impress the judges here in New England. Hang your head, hands behind your back, yes your Honor, being subservient is interpeted as showing respect to authority.Dress in a conservative fashion, like borderline funeral. Trust me, this will help you in the long run! Oh that dumb girl!!!!

1296 days ago
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