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Famous 'Pawn Stars' Car -- Engine Burst Into Flames

2/11/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The sleek black 1966 Imperial Crown Convertible made famous on "Pawn Stars" was NEARLY laid to rest yesterday -- after its engine suddenly burst into flames -- but TMZ has learned ... there's still hope.

Sources connected with the show tell TMZ, a production assistant was driving the car -- which belongs to Richard aka "The Old Man" -- and right before he made it back to the shop for yesterday's taping ... the engine suddenly burst into flames.

They haven't pinpointed the exact reason behind the miniature explosion -- but we're told, a loose fuel hose is probably to blame.

No word on the extent of the damage either -- but according to our source, it shouldn't be too hard to fix.


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show should be called rip off stars.they are for ever trying to rip people off..basis of the show brings in expensive item they call an expert in to see how much its worth and if its real.if its not worth much then they dont offer much..if the item is worth 20k then they claim that there isnt a market for it so they will over 10k and play the no one ever comes in looking for stuff like this.then it will show the bald guy in his interview segment beaming about how much money he will make off of said item.

1349 days ago


Karma....Yawn Stars Suck...That whip routinely hauls around multiple 400+ pounders, of course the engine is spitting fire!!!

1349 days ago


The sellers on this show aren't robbed at gunpoint tgrfan42069. They make a choice to sell their stuff to the PawnStars people. Rick is no angel, but the people that sell their stuff to him aren't victims either. But thanks for the laugh anyway.

1349 days ago


Oh God, that's a real tragedy! :\

1349 days ago


So they are out the entire $150 they gave for it. Big whoop.

1349 days ago

Gloria Unread    

So they are out the entire $150 they gave for it. Big whoop.

Posted at 12:59 AM on Feb 11, 2011 by Cartman
Even if they initially paid nothing for the car, it wasn't cheap to restore it. The interior alone was over 10k!

1349 days ago


We are from Vegas and that show sucks... My husband likes it, but that is one ugly family!

1349 days ago


Thats impressive, im gonna scrape the **** out of that account and start following them all myself, thanx for the share.


1349 days ago


Stupid scripted show concocted by brainless suits trying to rip off Orange county Choppers.

Now there's a second show trying to rip off the rip off! How people can sit through scripted shows whose only appeal is that they're supposed to be reality is beyond me.
TMZ, why don't you start going after these phony reality tv shows and expose them for what they really are? Poorly acted bull crap with failed actors fame whores. Save the world of television from going completely down the drain!

1349 days ago


Nice car!

1349 days ago


You all might be right but two things to remember.
#1 Pawn shops have been around forever.
#2 People go to sell for 1 of 2 reasons they either stole it, or they need money and they know up front what there going to get for what they sell no one twisting there arms.
And for hardcore pawn that's not really phoney but I live very close to there and I must tell you as bad as that place is the whole city of Detroit is just as bad. And I dare say 99% of all that stuff was stolen

1349 days ago


First of all horrible show where a white trash family tries to act smart while ripping people off.

I would be shocked for one second if one of the family members was trying to knock the "old man" off and he was supposed to be driving that car when it burst into flames.

There's nothing funny about their horrible show. Bad jokes, lame scripting and in the end it's a show about a pawn shop which is not a happy place whatsoever.

1349 days ago


@tgrfan42069....doesn't sound like you know how retail works! Yeah, an expert can put a value on something but something is only worth what someone is willing to spend. They buy something that could potentially sit in their shop for years! Just HATE when people say they are "ripping people off"...makes you look like a MORON!

1349 days ago


that totally sucks!!!

1349 days ago


I love this show. May the car rest in peace. Who cares what they paid for it. They offer cash to people for their things not their souls. They don't force people to sell their stuff.

1349 days ago
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