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Famous 'Pawn Stars' Car -- Engine Burst Into Flames

2/11/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The sleek black 1966 Imperial Crown Convertible made famous on "Pawn Stars" was NEARLY laid to rest yesterday -- after its engine suddenly burst into flames -- but TMZ has learned ... there's still hope.

Sources connected with the show tell TMZ, a production assistant was driving the car -- which belongs to Richard aka "The Old Man" -- and right before he made it back to the shop for yesterday's taping ... the engine suddenly burst into flames.

They haven't pinpointed the exact reason behind the miniature explosion -- but we're told, a loose fuel hose is probably to blame.

No word on the extent of the damage either -- but according to our source, it shouldn't be too hard to fix.


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Pawn shops (and Casinos) are in the business of making money, not giving money away. People go to pawn shops because they're desperate. If you want the amount the item is actually worth, you don't go to a pawn shop, you go to ebay or an auction house or conduct the sale yourself. They aren't ripping people off, they're resellers, again, not a charity.

1319 days ago


love the old car, my father had a 2 dr coupe when i was a kid. pawn shop, jewelry store (selling gold or diamonds) are no different, you know when you walk in you are going to get if you are so lucky to get 1/2 of what it is worth. You take it to an auction house you might do a little better but the auction house is going to take 30%.
These kind of shows are gaining viewers YUK

1319 days ago



show should be called rip off stars.they are for ever trying to rip people off..basis of the show brings in expensive item they call an expert in to see how much its worth and if its real.if its not worth much then they dont offer much..if the item is worth 20k then they claim that there isnt a market for it so they will over 10k and play the no one ever comes in looking for stuff like this.then it will show the bald guy in his interview segment beaming about how much money he will make off of said item.

Posted at 12:41 AM on Feb 11, 2011 by tgrfan42069
If you open a pawn or used goods store please let me know
firstly most pawn shops pay 50% the pawn stars routinely pay 60-70%
secondly they are in business cost of item + operating costs(employees lights etc.) < Sale price you get that wrong and your out of business and lastly the number the experts give is often top dollar at an auction or retail shop not a pawn shop

1319 days ago



1319 days ago


You are gaining the ability to convert an item into cash instantly at a Pawn Shop and for that it will cost you in the amount of money the dealer will give you. As is said on the show many times, if you want to try to get full retail price just open up a store and sell it. The Pawn Shop has to cover the cost of the building and staff and still make a profit. Anyone who says they are "ripped-off" is clueless.

CHUMLEE FOR PRESIDENT -- couldn't be much worse.

1319 days ago


To the people who think they rip people off, you obviously don't pay attention. 40-60...% of a reasonable sales price is the going rate for buying items like that. For them the reasonable sale price is always going to be the low ind of what it appraises for. I have seen them on more than one occasion give them MORE than they originally wanted because they knew it was worth a lot more. They generally try to do right by the people that they buy from, but they also have to make a profit.

1319 days ago


Oh no I absolutely LOVE that car. The Imperial is the base car for the car used in the new Green Hornet movie.
As for their business practices, hey I wouldn't sell anything to them myself but I'm not hard up for money. People know what they're getting into when they go to a pawn broker. If they want the expert price valuation then they should walk away and sell their item at auction.

1319 days ago


people go into pawn b/c they need money quick or out of desperation or stolen goods.
if you are complaining how these guys do business, then don't watch...
but they are in this to make money, it is business..and for someone to ask full 10k for something worth 10k is preposterous since these guys have to make money and sometimes they don't even get the full 10k on the re-sale...
i have never stepped foot in a pawn shop, but i sure do know about business! and if you don't like how much they are willing to give, then don't sell there!

1319 days ago


Pawn Stars rips off ppl by making them wait to get into the store!! There is a one-hour wait line in front of their store with a bouncer??!! My children wanted a picture with one of the "Stars," Chumlee/Rick/Old Man and I was shocked by how rude the place treated us. Don't waste your money or time going to their Pawn Shop.

1319 days ago


Wow, Kim - sorry to hear that. As much as I am addicted to this show, I may just stop watching because they were rude to you and your family! It doesn't cost anything to be nice....but apparently for them, it's a high price to pay!!

1319 days ago


Has Chumlee been working on the car recently?

1319 days ago


Don't like it? Don't ****ing watch it ! Is it that hard to understand? To difficult for some of you numb skulls to do?

NO ONE is forced at gun point to SELL there **** to them. They tell em what they will pay for the item and IF it IS REALLY valuable, when an expert looks over the item, the morons selling the item IS NOT FORCED to sell it.

STFU.....if you don't understand the program! Shut up, change the channel, do not watch. Stupid morons.

1319 days ago

Dr Awesome    

Rick's not sure how much it'll cost to fix it, but he's got a friend who's an expert in 1966 Imperial Crown Convertible fuel hoses who he can call up.

1319 days ago


I dont think they rip you off at all.When you go into a pawn shop you can pawn it and pick it back up.I think only a fool would go into a pawn shop to sell a high dollar item and think they are going to gets its full warth.There is a ton of overhead to run that shop.I still see stuff setting around the shop that was there on the first show,when they say it may set here for years,its no lie.So to the ones that think its a rip off you need to keep your 40 hr a week jobs,punching the

1319 days ago


My husband & brother-in-law are so disappointed!

1319 days ago
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