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Famous 'Pawn Stars' Car -- Engine Burst Into Flames

2/11/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The sleek black 1966 Imperial Crown Convertible made famous on "Pawn Stars" was NEARLY laid to rest yesterday -- after its engine suddenly burst into flames -- but TMZ has learned ... there's still hope.

Sources connected with the show tell TMZ, a production assistant was driving the car -- which belongs to Richard aka "The Old Man" -- and right before he made it back to the shop for yesterday's taping ... the engine suddenly burst into flames.

They haven't pinpointed the exact reason behind the miniature explosion -- but we're told, a loose fuel hose is probably to blame.

No word on the extent of the damage either -- but according to our source, it shouldn't be too hard to fix.


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After waiting in line for over one-hour (in the rain) with my 3 children, the Pawn "Stars" refused to take a picture with my children. Don't believe what you see on T.V., they are the most arrogant, full-of-themselves, fake ppl, who believe their own hype!!! Who ever heard of a pawn shop employee believing he's all that??? Just because you are on a reality show, doesn't make you a "Star"!!! Get over yourselves!!!

1348 days ago

keeping it real    

This time he's the one who got burned.

1348 days ago


Hey, thats the one his kids had restored for his wedding anniversary

1348 days ago


Rick can't tell you how much damage was done to the car...

but, if you don't mind waiting, he has a friend he can call to come in and give an appraisal

1348 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

Wow, I'm shocked at how many of you don't realize this is a 100% scripted show.

Yes scripted. And not only is it scripted it is the producers who find items for the "customers" to bring in.

Sad how people are so guliable that they believe anything they see on Tv as reality.

1348 days ago


Kinda hard NOT to realize it's scripted considering that Rick gives us all a short lesson on WHATEVER it is - like he'd have some idea of the paper that something from 1776 was printed on.
I actually LIKED the show the first year it was on, but then it became scripted and gross and I don't care anymore.

1348 days ago


Never fails, there always seem to be MORONS who think businesses can run on ZERO profit. Unless they make a minimum 30%.. they are in trouble, 50% is more along the lines of what they need to keep going and growing. You idiots who think they are ripping people off.. I dont see YOU out there giving 100% pawn loans to these people needing cash.. So.. SHFU.

1348 days ago


They do not rip people off! First, people CHOOSE to sell their stuff. No one has a gun to their head. How many times have you tried to get a good price for something you've bought? Always? Second, pawn shops DON'T PAY RETAIL. Retail is what they HOPE to get when they sell it--and they have to make a profit. They have to account for the business' overhead when they calculate their offer. Employees, store space, utilities, etc. doesn't come for free. Obviously a lot of people here have no idea how to run a business or even how to do basic math. All jealousy and no common sense@

1348 days ago

Brad Johnson    

Hey old man thats what ya get for doing those flaming burn outs in the parking lot!!!! LOL Glad to hear you and the car are OK, my family loves the show, my kids are facinated by what seems to be crap that people bring to you and it turns out that it worth big $$$$, it's opened their eyes. Good luck.

1348 days ago


I just watched the episode where they had this car restored. The goober that restored the car said he did a large amount of engine work on it. I guess people should avoid his shop and go to a real mechanic.

1348 days ago


I wouldn't say Pawn Stars rips people off. They seem to pay more for items than any pawn store I've ever heard of. Rick generally gives people around 50% of the appraised value. That is completely unheard of in my very limited experience. Though I think he only does that on the deals that appear on the show. I'm sure the customers who don't appear on the show get about 5% or less of the actual value of an item.

1348 days ago

Just Sayin    

I got a buddy who's an expert on engines suddenly bursting into flames, let me give a call.

1348 days ago

Thomas Kielbasinski    

Chumblee is a dumbass! He doesn't know what he is doing. He needs to go somelse and lose about a ton of pounds! I could do I better job. Its ashame about the old man's vehicle because they put money into it and a jackass has to ruin it!

Pawn shops are not collectors. They are in for the business and making money, so people quit saying they are ripping off people. Don't go to a pawn shop if you want the full price for your antiques!

1345 days ago


I love comercials I want the Pawn Star big wigs to add 5 more minutes of comercials to each show. Then the actual show would only interupt the comercials I love for 5 minutes per 30 minute show. Or maybe they could call a show Pawn Stars and have no show just have 30 minutes of comercials.

1324 days ago


Hate that show. Three blobs trying to rip people off. I'll bet the main guy smokes 3 packs a day, judging by his voice. I'd rather watch that pawn shop show from Detroit with the wimpy son and bitch of a daughter, run by the guy who needs a shampoo and a haircut.

1313 days ago
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