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Aerosmith 'Crazy' Model -- Arrested on Rape Charge

2/12/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dean Kelly -- the ripped ex-model who skinny dips with Alicia Silverstone in Aerosmith's 1994 music video for "Crazy" -- was arrested on Monday on suspicion of rape ... TMZ has learned.

Dean Kelly Arrested

Law enforcement sources tell us, 39-year-old Kelly allegedly lured an unidentified woman into his New Orleans home last November ... where he got her drunk, and then raped her.


The incident wasn't reported until last Friday, which explains the belated arrest. Kelly was released on $35,000 bail.

The Tulane University Police Dept. had been looking for Dean Kelly, aka Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt's character in "Fight Club"), who allegedly had been trying to get girls on campus to pose for nude photos. The Tulane P.D. helped capture Kelly and now authorities in the rape case want info from the Tulane students.


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Annoyed in MD    

18.Annoyed in Md? You sound like a pig yourself. It's people like you who make it hard for a rape victim to come forward. That's why it took this girl a few weeks. You think it's normal to pretend you work for MTV and trying to get girls to pose nude once you're alone with them? Guys like this end up murderers. It's a fact

- Why are you automatically thinking he is guilty? Just because TMZ says so? You make a lot of conclusions....#1 - I am a pig, no I am a huge woman's rights supporter and believe legitimate rapes should have the guy in jail for life. #2 - Automatically he is convicted before he even has a know no more about the case then I do. Wait until you have the facts 3. Yeah, he is probably a perv with the pics and all....but did he force these women to pose nude? I think you assume all women can't speak up for themselves and make their own decisions.

1353 days ago


google this dude!!!!! u'll find out some sick info on this guy!!!!!!!

1353 days ago

Annoyed in MD    

N.O.Lady - you are absolutely right. I did google him and I see the connection with your screen name that you are local and saw a lot more about the guy. Cops clearly have probable cause.

I just have heard so many stories of guys being wrongly accused of this stuff and it ruins their lives because they are convicted in the press. I do feel for the actual legitimate rape victims. I also feel for the guys wrongly accused.

1353 days ago


I would hate to be a guy. Any girl can scream rape and ruin his life. If he is guilty then he needs to go to jail but if he is innocent then she needs to be put in jail.

1353 days ago


Oh my gosh! I know Dean! If this happened a year ago why is it coming out now?? If it actually happened?? Dean had no problem getting the ladies!

1353 days ago



Are you Dean? In googling his name I see that Dean loves to find any link saying bad things about him. He then posts as a "friend" or "girlfriend" claiming all the bad things are lies. Anyway, you don't have to convince us, you need to convince a judge and jury. Good luck when it is obvious there are tons of women out there that can testify to your personality.

1353 days ago

Tiredofthe BS    

Doesn't look like he would have a problem getting anyone to agree to have sex. So not buying the rape allogations.

1353 days ago


So many rapists are considered "good looking." It's odd.

1353 days ago


And just HOW did HE get her drunk???

1353 days ago


THREE months later? And she was intoxicated?

This is laughable.

It's pure BS.

1353 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Maybe she didn't think his tractor was sexy.

1353 days ago



1353 days ago


Dean was the scariest person I ever met. He posed as a photographer and told me he would do a photo shoot for free, which is a naive and stupid thing to agree with anyway, but he seemed so legit. He is totally guilty. And totally scary, and if you look up his number-- it's all over the internet.

1353 days ago


Dean, or as he would commonly introduce himself, DK, was and has always been a creep. He would go from college bar to college bar in New Orleans telling young women he was an editor at Maxim and that he was throwing a party. He would ask for their number, so he could put them "on the list." Obviously, there was never a party. He would harass via text messages and beg the girls to "come meet up"... he would say he was a casting director and try to get girls to meet him on the set. I realized he was a creep right away and uncomfortably gave him my number, wishing later I had made up a fake. He begged and begged me to go out on his boat, it was the creepiest, scariest thing. I never answered the message, and yet he continued to text. I googled his name and number and sure enough, HUNDREDS of other girls reported the same behavior. It is no surprise to me he was charged with rape, I am surprised it isn't worse. He is capable of murder, I am sure. A very sick, sick individual.

1353 days ago


And TMZ(stupid) is reporting this why? I thought TMZ only reported on NON now down graded yet another notch???? Like WHO CARES ABOUT THIS NOBODY!

1353 days ago
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