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Aerosmith 'Crazy' Model -- Arrested on Rape Charge

2/12/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dean Kelly -- the ripped ex-model who skinny dips with Alicia Silverstone in Aerosmith's 1994 music video for "Crazy" -- was arrested on Monday on suspicion of rape ... TMZ has learned.

Dean Kelly Arrested

Law enforcement sources tell us, 39-year-old Kelly allegedly lured an unidentified woman into his New Orleans home last November ... where he got her drunk, and then raped her.


The incident wasn't reported until last Friday, which explains the belated arrest. Kelly was released on $35,000 bail.

The Tulane University Police Dept. had been looking for Dean Kelly, aka Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt's character in "Fight Club"), who allegedly had been trying to get girls on campus to pose for nude photos. The Tulane P.D. helped capture Kelly and now authorities in the rape case want info from the Tulane students.


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#11....that's a very dangerous thing to say...alot of rapist look like your (figuratively) father, your brother, your son, etc.....never underestimate the possibility....just stay safe

1356 days ago


Man has he aged,All that HIGH PROFILING HAS PUT SOME WEAR ON HIM!!! GO GET EM Dean !!! Well wait a minute,DONT DO THAT,THATS WHY YOUR ON HERED!!!(LoL)!!!!

1356 days ago


I remember hanging out with this guy. His family was very nice, and he didnt do anything to me nor even make a move on me, but I knew some girls whom he tried to get with. He was very nice to me thank God but I knew something was "not right" with this guy. He was always super hyper and constantly on his computer trying to get girls to come over for photo shoots...some would drive in as far as florida. He lived in his parents mansion on St. Charles Ave. I dont know how they didnt know something was up, because his father was constantly home sittin on the recliner downstairs while these girls were in and out the house.....

1356 days ago


@everyone's comments. I KNOW this guy, and he would always send one everyday that said "wakey wakey eggs n bakey" and he would ALWAYS try to make me come over and act like I was his "make up artist". I usually sat downstairs with his parents because they were so nice....I dont know of any girls he tried to rape but I know that he was ALWAYS ALWAYS picking up random girls in upper NOLA area. Even at the whole foods market...and for some reason they got lured in and would do photo shoots....this is serious. Im glad he finally got caught but thankful he didn't try anything on me.

1356 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

yeah, i bet the 'getting laid easy' magic dies off fast these days when you gotta try and explain to the waaay younger than you chick who aerosmith is/was and that that 'crazy' video was a real big hit, and you were the star in it....pretty frustrating, huh?

1356 days ago


I have personally had terrible experiences with this man, he is out of his mind. How dare any of you say that "women do this stuff all the time" how about men like Dean Kelly exist. He held me for 3 days at his boat house, no cellphone or car. He is a monster and I hope that anyone who sees this and had a similar experience please contacts the NOPD , he must be stopped! PLEASE! He is toxic and needs to be kept away from society. He is a serious sociopath. I got shivers when I saw this article.

1356 days ago


Yep, she didn't get the call back --- one night stand, girlfriend, tough luck. You go to his house and drink wine - right...

1356 days ago


Come on women call anything the can find to be called raped.
The law says if your drunk and she's drunk and you have sex with her it's rape, if she's a sleep and you have sex it's rape, Some of these women know what their getting in to. The funny thing is after u have sex with her and then ditch her she is going to call rape.
What about us men it's not rape when i female gets us drunk and have sex with us!!

But idk the whole story anyway.....
don't cry wolf ladies and don't have drunk sex then call rape the next week cause he's not returning ur dam phone calls.....

1356 days ago


A friend of mine had the same (rape) experience with Dean Kelly. I went with her to a police station and talked to an officer at the desk about reporting the rape, she was told it would be her word against his. She left without filing a complaint. I understand why the student waited so long to tell the police. Just read the comments here, no girl wants to deal with this. He is dangerous. The dam is now broken and women are coming forward from all over the country. If Dean has assaulted you or threatened you please call Detective Merricks at 504-658-5523. I don't think you have to be in New Orleans to give them information, he's done this in Dallas, New York, Los Angeles and New Orleans.

1356 days ago


One of the MANY things that you idiots who don't believe this report don't know is that Mr. Kelly has a nasty habit of videoing his encounters with these girls and then using the vids for blackmail, "you tell, I'll post". This is well known by girls who have unfortunately gotten into any situation with this guy. He is almost perfect at convincing girls of anything, can cry on cue, even had his momma talk to my friend frequently on the phone to tell her how "Dean just loves you darlin". Ask his last live-in Lauren, a model who was also a med student and not stupid but who believed his lies for over a year, moved in with him and still never saw it. Ask the 15 year old girl in NY he "connected" with and subsequently was thrown out of the apartment building by the Hudson due to that behavior. Ask the police officers in NY who arrested him. Ask the photographer in Miami who had multiple girls crying on his shoulder about the s***bag and when he tried to talk to the police there, again it was "he said, she said". If you don't know this guy and those of us do, then you don't have a clue as to what you're rambling on about. He is a predator--plain and simple. Hopefully justice will be served. By the way, his favorite flavor is 15 to 19 year olds, but he will settle for older as long as you aren't past college-age.

1356 days ago

Atty in Miami    

Let me start by saying that I am a defense attorney. People are innocent until being PROVEN guilty. That being said, people on here need to STOP blaming these women. I know Dean personally. I have hung out with him a few times, and he has even stayed with me. I willingly slept with him. That doesn't mean that these women are lying. I actually stopped hanging out with him after I googled his name and all of this negative information came up. Although I obviously give people the benefit of the doubt, there were just too many stories online that bothered me. For those of you who know him, you can attest that something is just "not right." I can't explain what it is, but he's not all there. I believe in rehabilitation when possible, and I would say that I hope he gets the help he needs, but I don't know that he can be helped. To all the women who have come forward, stay strong. The truth will come out.

1356 days ago


Glad to hear the defense attorney at least attempt to give credence to what these girls are saying. However, Dean is guilty, not innocent. People are PRESUMED innocent until being proven guilty. Presumption is often wrong. Proof in court as I'm sure she is aware is often very subjective. I hope the prosecutor is prepared and that there is no bias either way in the jury panel. If that be true, I'm sure a guilty verdict will be forthcoming. What began as a small cry has become a deafening shout from the girls, their friends and parents who have been fooled, hurt and ruined by this man. He believes himself to be invincible. I hope he is wrong.

1356 days ago


this person is evil he tried to this to me , he should be put in jail for ever , there will be more girls that will come out against him

1356 days ago


Man all thoes years has surely caught up with him !!! GO GET EM Dean!!! No wait a minute,DONT GO GET EM !!! Thats why you are on here in the 1st place !!! (LoL)

1356 days ago


i know this guy. he IS a creep ball. he found me in lakeside mall and asked me to pose nude. gross .hes the grandson of gene kelly( singin in the rain) if i remember correctly.

1355 days ago
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