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Aerosmith 'Crazy' Model -- Arrested on Rape Charge

2/12/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dean Kelly -- the ripped ex-model who skinny dips with Alicia Silverstone in Aerosmith's 1994 music video for "Crazy" -- was arrested on Monday on suspicion of rape ... TMZ has learned.

Dean Kelly Arrested

Law enforcement sources tell us, 39-year-old Kelly allegedly lured an unidentified woman into his New Orleans home last November ... where he got her drunk, and then raped her.


The incident wasn't reported until last Friday, which explains the belated arrest. Kelly was released on $35,000 bail.

The Tulane University Police Dept. had been looking for Dean Kelly, aka Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt's character in "Fight Club"), who allegedly had been trying to get girls on campus to pose for nude photos. The Tulane P.D. helped capture Kelly and now authorities in the rape case want info from the Tulane students.


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The people posting these crude remarks need to do their homework. This kid was turned out by Hollywood. Chewed up and spit back out and he has suffered with a severe identity crisis. Google his name and you will find a laundry list of accusations. He did have his year of fame but then he got old and had to settle back in Nola with nothing to fall back on and he began to attempt to lure females into his home for nude photo shoots. He has many fake names and identities. He stalks a massive number of females via emails, phone calls and text messages in hopes to get one vulnerable girl to respond. He uses his good looks to manipulate young girls and poses as a photographer that can get them a modeling contract. He has made up an entire fake life and actually believes his own lies. He even went so far as to superimpose his face in pictures with numerous famous actors and actresses on his former myspace page. He is a psychopath that needs some very serious mental help and I will be surprised if many more women do not come forth. He has been kicked off of many college campuses too. Please read this article! This guy is beyond creepy and I have known him for many years and he gets creepier by the minute.

1345 days ago


Google his name "Dean Kelly" he has been doing this for years to girls.

1344 days ago


On countless occasions over a period of 10 years (AT THE VERY LEAST), Dean Kelly, who resides at his parent’s home located at 4000 St Charles Ave in New Orleans, LA has used:
1. FAKE identification cards
2. FAKE press passes
3. FAKE references
4. FAKE names
5. FAKE modeling web sites,
6. and endless different phone numbers
in attempts to have sex with young women. Dean has even gotten other 7. naïve young girls or boys to convince his victims that he means them no harm. If Dean actually succeeded in getting these women to go to his home on false pretenses he immediately started serving them alcoholic beverages (some beverages are thought to have been spiked with numerous date rape drugs or sedatives) and began the process of having sexual intercourse with them. Dean has done this even too girls he KNEW were underage and in some cases unconscious from the large amounts of drugs, alcohol, and god knows what else to them. He tells these young women he is10-15 years younger than he really is, and sweet talks them far enough to get them alone and away from the crowd. In every attempt the law enforcement has made to arrest Dean Kelly for any of the following crimes, Kelly was able to bail himself out of prison. The source behind this bond money are his parents who now reside in Mississippi probably due to the embarrassment of their son.
There are so many blogs and girls complaining on the internet about Dean, now is your chance to actually do something about it. Dean Kelly was arrested on February 8 for a rape in New Orleans. He has since been bailed out of jail for $35,000 paid by his parents. The New Orleans police have not given up on putting Dean away for life. Louisiana is not the only State Dean has committed crimes in. Detective Merrick’s is currently working on Dean’s case in New Orleans but need more victims to come forward in order to build a stronger case. Please do not be afraid to come forward, you can remain 100% anonymous. The funny part is that Dean has done this to SO MANY women – he does not even know who filed the most recent rape claims in February.
Soon Dean will be doing this to your own children. It is assumed that he is hiding out during the day at his parent’s home on St Charles Street in New Orleans, LA. All the blinds in the home are shut and the lights are off. However there are many vehicles, including vans, trucks, and cars that are coming in and out of the home. It is also assumed that at night he is continuing to do what he has done for the last 10 years plus and continues to hunt more victims.
Below are only a few webpages with crimes Dean has committed:

Arrested for rape:
Impersonating and trespassing at businesses and UNIVERSITIES:

1344 days ago


More evidence for DEAN KELLY'S CRIMES: (TMZ will only let me post 3 at a time):

Impersonating and trespassing at businesses and UNIVERSITIES:

1344 days ago


Modeling scams:

1344 days ago



YEARS of harassments and stalking from different phone numbers:

1344 days ago


I met Dean nearly 15 yrs ago as a model in NYC. I've seen him lie, steal, assault, stalk, break and enter in three different cities NYC, South Beach, and Los Angeles. He is a compulsive liar and a psycho/sociopath. He should be put away. He has been scheming and scamming for over two decades. I've never met a darker soul. He has no conscience. He is a dangerous predator and I've been waiting 15 years for it all to catch up with him. I would most definitely testify against him in a court of law, and I know about a dozen other girls who would as well.

1344 days ago

Old friend    

MD, Chill out w defending this guy. Google his name. He has been at this for 20 years. I personal know him since HS and this dude should of been caught so long ago. He's a theif and a molester. Know for a fact he has forced dozens of women to have sex w him. Glad he's caught, just hope enough girls come forward so the charge sticks and he can see how it feels to be raped.

1344 days ago


According to this morning's police report in New Orleans, a rape in the 4000 block of St. Charles (same at the other rape and his parents' home), occurring in 2005. I think maybe other victims are coming forward now, and rightly so.

1344 days ago


I live in New Orleans and personally know that he is a crazed idiot rapist. If that helps ease anyone's doubts. He's been known for this kind of behavior for a long time.

1344 days ago


I knew Dean from Miami staring back to 1994. He was a prowler back then. He really enjoyed seizing upon vulnerable new models. I don't know if he raped them, but he sure did brag all the time about having his way with them. I saw him in Los Angeles about 10 years ago. He was out with a couple of friends. His friends said that he told them that he coerced a girl back to his LA home and then locked her in the closet. He was laughing about the fact that she couldn't get out and would be there ready for him after he was done partying for the night. The last time I heard about him was a few years ago and he was in LA "producing" something. He was bragging about having a kid and not having to pay child support. He said his kid's mother's new man agreed to adopt the baby, so long as Dean agreed never to be in the picture again. He was so happy about this. I think Dean has serious mental problems. He clearly needs help. I think with some good, deep therapy, even he can see all the bad he has done. Maybe then he can start to seek forgiveness.

1344 days ago


This story made the news today in New Orleans and in Dallas....... several women have come forward from the time of his arrest. This has been going on for a long time now. It's all over Facebook in the New Orleans area and hundreds of women and some men are confirming that this guy is a "wacko". New Orleans is very small city..... if we don't know you, your only one degree of separation from knowing your whole life and YOUR PARENTS!

1344 days ago


This guy is a rapist! He raped a friend of mine in Louisiana over 15 years ago and noone believed her becuase of his physical appearance. Make no mistake...he's a rapist and hopefully he'll get his in jail.

1344 days ago


It's about time!!! Finally, Dean Kelly is getting what he deserves! He has been doing this for over 20 years to girls all over the County. More girls will come forward for sure! FINALLY!!!!

1344 days ago


Whats sad is that I contacted NOPD (New Orleans P.D) to tell them of the expeirence I had with Dean in Gulfport Mississippi and they told me I would have to call the P.D in Gulfport. Thats so sad, she just kept trying to get off of the phone.

1344 days ago
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