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Ashlee and Pete -- They Were In Different Marriages

2/11/2011 5:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's as if Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz were in two different marriages ... sources connected with the couple tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... Ashlee filed for divorce Wednesday. Turns out she's been "extremely unhappy for a long time," so says one source familiar with the situation.  Ashlee has wanted out of the marriage for a while.

Meanwhile, Pete was happy with the marriage and had no idea Ashlee had reservations about the union. 

When Ashlee told Pete she wanted out, he begged her to change her mind, our sources say.  As recently as yesterday, Pete has been crying, asking Ashlee to give the marriage another try.

We're told Ashlee isn't budging.  As we already reported, she feels Pete's "erratic behavior" has made the marriage impossible.



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This is why you date a person without sex and the risk of getting knocked up. This is why you learn who this person is..what do they want in a spouse,what do you want in a spouse? Do you have the same goals for family and career. Then get married and wait to have kids til you pretty sure this might work. After a baby- you make it work and keep a two-parent mom and dad family. This applies to all couples not just the rich and famous who have seemed to set the standard for stupidity that the common folk seems to aspire to....

1347 days ago


Of course he thought things were fine. Marriage is GREAT when you're away from home all the time!

1347 days ago


Im not a fan of hers, but the fact is the marriage wasnt gonna last because the only thing that they have in common is the love of c0#k ..... he is a piece of ****

1347 days ago


She just looks like somebody who has awful morning breath. Yuk.

1347 days ago


Ashlee is an insecure bimbo. I can't wait until we find out the next troll she dates. Guys, let this be a lesson, don't be desperate for a fame wh0re

1347 days ago


She is unhappy because she has no talent, and, thus, no one cares in the least about her.
She could get married a hundred times and have a thousand babies, but no one would give a ****e,
no more than they would care if the cashier in the local diner got married.

1347 days ago


noneofyourbusiness, having no career prospects forced her to stay at home, not the baby. she isn't the most talented of whatever the hell she does.

Posted at 12:42 PM on Feb 11, 2011 by Chef Jack Tripper

I agree with the she isn't the most talented person-but I'm sure it caused resentment that she was sitting home while he was on the road. It happens.

1347 days ago


Marriage in a nutshell: Men marry women expecting them to stay the same, and they change. Women marry men expecting them to change, and the stay the same.

Why do so many young women think it's better to say they're divorced than never married? Like the fact they got married means they're not defective or something.

I feel sorry for the guys who get hoodwinked into marrying girls who want a wedding, not a marriage. I'm female, and it bothers me how often I see men treated badly by their mates for the most paltry of reasons.

1347 days ago


She's a selfish b***h! It was ok when she had to work ? Dumb

1347 days ago


she says he is a minute man and god left him a little short changed in the umm department..she needs a real man

1347 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...marriages usually fail over sex or money troubles...I say she is bored in the sex department...

1347 days ago


He had no idea she was unhappy with their marriage?
Was communication maybe a problem? :)

1347 days ago

Sad sad    

She probably was no longer attracted to him. He's kinda fug and his head is 3x the size of hers.

1347 days ago

Jen have a guy begging to get this straight, work on it, something..and you don't budge. Most women unhappy in marriage would only be glad to hear their husband say hey lets fix this! Some arent worth fixing but still..Team Pete on this one.

1347 days ago


Sounds like Pete has the same PR person as Nick. They want you to believe there innocent guys & its all ASH & Jess fault. They were there etc.. Go back & look at Nicks ANTICs before the split with Jessica & run them parrallel to Pete's antics. Very similar. loves to party,be gone from home lead a single life but when he gets home & if he gets home he likes it normal. Who the f--k wants to live like that. Nick was a cheater & we have instances where Pete appears to have messed around himself.
This is all PR for Pete & if Perez a buisness partner thinks Pete wasn't a good boy it might be one of the few times Perez has been right about anything.
Pete appears to be a great dad but husband material doesn't look like it.

1347 days ago
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